Filipino students invited to Science training camp

The Philippine Board of Studies Foundation (PBOSF) Inc. has identified a close to 500 science wizards to join the 4-day Science Selection Training Camp in Tagaytay City on  April 1 – 4, 2019. 

The invited participants are awardees of the High Distinction (HD) and Distinction (D) certificates in the 2018 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) –Science. 

This year, the Philippines has been invited to send participants to join in the science category of the 2019 Asian Science and Math Olympiad (ASMO) which will be held in Malaysia and of the 2019 International  Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) for Primary Schools in Vietnam. 

From these trainees of the Science Training Camp, PBOSF will choose to represent the Philippines in the science division of both contests.

The interested trainees have until February 16, 2019 to send their confirmation of participation with the subject Header, “2019 Science Training Camp” at this email address,

After making the confirmation, the interested trainees will receive registration procedures for compliance to make their participation official, since the invitation is on ‘first come, first served’ basis. 

The following are the students invited to join the 2019 Science Training Camp:

 NameGrade School
1Montales, Maria Aurora4Adriatico Memorial School
2Barcenas, Wilhelm Colin5Ateneo de Davao University
3Acelar, Martisa Lois5Ateneo de Davao University
4Panerio, Julian Miles L5Ateneo de Iloilo
5Cristobal, Maria Samantha4Ateneo de IloIlo
6Panganiban, Periel Matthew6Ateneo de Naga Univesity-Grade School
7Go, Veronica Katharine7Ateneo de Zamboanga University
8Vargas, Chantal Paige6Ateneo de Zamboanga University
9Hadjirul, Khyra Shazaadee6Ateneo de Zamboanga University
10Victoracion, Kimon5Ateneo de Zamboanga University
11Vargas, Hans Emmanuel4Ateneo de Zamboanga University
12Hadjirul, Arshad Zaeed4Ateneo de Zamboanga University
13Bazan, Jaela Benisse4Ateneo de Zamboanga University
14Dormal, Leanne Joy5Bethel International School
15Machica, Mylka Angel5Bethel International School
16Bonavitacola, Amalia Christina4Bethel International School
17Palada, Juliene Nissi6BHC Educational Institution Inc.
18Costales, Joven Augustus6BHC Educational Institution Inc.
19Diamante, Gian Hector6Blessed Lights International Christian School
20Villareal, Wystan6Blessed Lights International Christian School
21Obina, Karylle5Blessed Lights International Christian School
22Abilay, Carljun5Blessed Lights International Christian School
23Hallare, Francis Xavierick5Blessed Lights International Christian School
24Cepe, Jessica4Blessed Lights International Christian School
25Mana-Ay, Kate Dominique6Cabatuan Central Elementary School
26Tanedo, Jeremy Joseph6Cabatuan Central Elementary School
27Villasenor, Armand Jhacobo G6Calamba Elementary School
28Gabriel F, Princess Victoria5Calamba Institute Halang
29Bagayao, Leo Lance Antonio4Cherished Moments School
30Herrera, Raphael Jobonavent5Chiang Kai Shek College
31Ang, Josiah Cody5Chiang Kai Shek College
32Calio, Prince Janino6City Central School
33Cartagena, William Dustin6City Central School
34Tabasan, Marc Yul Emmanuel6City Central School
35Onyot, Kurt Andrey4City Central School
36Abella, Zeth Kevin4City Central School
37Abdul, Sehanor4City Central School
38Baguhin, Azel Christi4City Central School
39Ellezo, Elisha Mae4City Central School
40Guillero, Neeka Ella4City Central School
41Baluyut, Marl Harry Angelo6Colegio de San Juan de Letran
42Arce, Giesel5Colegio de San Juan de Letran
43Mariano, Joshua Miguel7Colegio San Agustin-Binan
44Reyes, Janelle6Colegio San Agustin-Binan
45Ventenilla, Natalie Kaitlyn R6Colegio San Agustin-Binan
46Atienza, Maria Serena6Colegio San Agustin-Binan
47Mendoza, Theya Moriah6Colegio San Agustin-Binan
48Mariano, Charlize Gabrielle5Colegio San Agustin-Binan
49Aquino, Lemuel5Colegio San Agustin-Binan
50Joseph, Rika Giana T5Colegio San Agustin-Binan
51Bergantinos, Audrey Marielle L5Colegio San Agustin-Binan
52Bono, Jillian Rose5Colegio San Agustin-Binan
53Estole M, Eliana Sophia4Colegio San Agustin-Binan
54Maximo, Julian Gabriel T4Colegio San Agustin-Binan
55Morales B, Samantha Denise4Colegio San Agustin-Binan
56Olivera R, Miguel4Colegio San Agustin-Binan
57Vega Jr, Arthur John A4Colegio San Agustin-Binan
58Amin, Darsh7Colegio San Agustin-Makati
59Escobido, Michael Earl6Colegio San Agustin-Makati
60Daguno, Dominic6Colegio San Agustin-Makati
61Ababon, Iris Lexi5Colegio San Agustin-Makati
62Abgelina, Dana Francesca5Colegio San Agustin-Makati
63Angeles, Maria Caitlin5Colegio San Agustin-Makati
64Francisco, Sean Omar5Colegio San Agustin-Makati
65Reclosado, Rafhaela5Colegio San Agustin-Makati
66Dagsa, Jayden Riley5Colegio San Agustin-Makati
67Enriquez, Justine5Colegio San Agustin-Makati
68Salonga, Emigliana Maria5Colegio San Agustin-Makati
69Delena, Yelena Maria4Colegio San Agustin-Makati
70Magpantay, Mika Antonette4Colegio San Agustin-Makati
71Guanzon, Gabriel4Colegio San Agustin-Makati
72Dicang, Veniz Andrea4Colegio San Agustin-Makati
73Meneses, Elizabeth Sky4Colegio San Agustin-Makati
74Requilme, Jedd Ezra4Davao City Special School
75Santelices, Angela6De La Salle Lipa
76Uy, Naomi Ashley6De La Salle Lipa Integrated School
77Felix, Reuben Joseph5De La Salle Lipa Integrated School
78Bercilla, Aiden Jomiel5De La Salle Lipa Integrated School
79Urrea, Gillienne Nicole4De La Salle Lipa Integrated School
80Hizon, Allen7De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
81Kimwell, Athena Gabrielle6De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
82Jang, Chaeeun6De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
83Ventura, Alfred Matthew6De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
84Ocho, Ma Tricia Jasmin6De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
85Casimiro, Gian4De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
86Hizon, Aldrei Carlo Cole4De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
87Kimwell, Aldrich Johan4De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
88Jang, Hyoju4De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
89Savellano, Emmanuel Jace4De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
90Ilas, Enrique Armando4De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
91Calimlim, David Addison7De La Salle University-Integrated School
92Reyes, Isabella Marie7De La Salle University-Integrated School
93Kasilag, Lorenzo Franco6Diliman Preparatory School
94Odulio, Robert Joshua4Diliman Preparatory School Commonwealth
95Dela Cruz, Arielle Francene E4Diliman Preparatory School Commonwealth
96Ables, Aydan Gabriel6Diliman Preparatory School-Main
97Tumanan, Abren Marner5Diliman Preparatory School-Main
98Ubanos, Francis Jeremiah6Elizabeth Seton School
99Briones, Kody5Emmanuel Christian School
100Lacuesta, John Louis6Falcon School
101Palomar, Satya Venice5Falcon School
102Miguel, Justin Jay5Falcon School
103Sardanas, Aran Benz6Gordon Heights I Elementary School SPED
104Cheng, Josh7Grace Christian College
105Lim Tiong Soon, Krystal7Grace Christian College
106Sy, Kylie Danielle7Grace Christian College
107Sy, Luke6Grace Christian College
108So, Sergei Matteo6Grace Christian College
109Sy, Aries Ariella5Grace Christian College
110Sangalang, Gwyneth5Grace Christian College
111Ng, Wynshanelle4Grace Christian College
112Magnaye, John David7Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas
113Jerafusco, Trisha6Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas
114Valdez, Ronald Kadine6Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas
115Minoc, Khalliya Sephina6Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas
116Tiamzon, Arra Jhane6Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas
117Tolentino, Johann Haree6Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas
118Morata, Gian Hendich Lloyd5Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas
119Lorenzo, Shan Gabriel4Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas
120Hernandez, Nathaniel4Holy Rosary Academy of Las Pinas
121Chua, Edrian Ashton John6Hope Christian High School
122Cheng, Icarus6Hope Christian High School
123Te, Marian Helaene6Hope Christian High School
124Lu, Jasmine Szyann6Hope Christian High School
125Taguinod, Hailey Gail6Hope Christian High School
126Cheng, Edley Stan5Hope Christian High School
127Martinez, Simon Jaxith5Hope Christian High School
128Sze, Chael Matthew4Hope Christian High School
129Gutierrez, Avi Claire4Hope Christian High School
130Laco, Caeley Alexyss4Hope Christian High School
131Doromal, Reysheil Anne6Hua Siong College of Iloilo
132Pama, Hans Kenzo6Hua Siong College of IloIlo
133Uygongco, Ashley Nicole6Hua Siong College of Iloilo
134Clarito, Bianca Micole7IloIlo National High School
135Timtiman, Jacques Simon7IloIlo Scholastic Academy
136Ang, Julia Alessandra6IloIlo Scholastic Academy
137Goonetilleke, Tracy Joanne6IloIlo Scholastic Academy
138Juantong, Ashley Frances6IloIlo Scholastic Academy
139Geolingo, Sofia6IloIlo Scholastic Academy
140Timtiman, Joachim Santino6IloIlo Scholastic Academy
141Anas, Dwayne Angelo6IloIlo Scholastic Academy
142Patrimonio, Cosette Sasha5IloIlo Scholastic Academy
143Bolivar, Stanley5IloIlo Scholastic Academy
144Tubongbanua, Serromah Kim5IloIlo Scholastic Academy
145Panelo, Catherine Anne5Immaculate Conception Academy
146Valencia, Alessandra Gabrielle4Immaculate Conception Academy
147Ong, Kayla Angela6Immaculate Conception Academy Greenhills
148Lim, Gabrielle Margaux6Immaculate Conception Academy Greenhills
149Tan, Alessandra Gyzane6Immaculate Conception Academy Greenhills
150Tiu, Arianna Victoria6Immaculate Conception Academy-Greenhills
151Lai, Samantha Rae5Immaculate Conception Academy-Greenhills
152Sajorne, Heineken Joyce5Immaculate Conception Parochial School Inc
153Gelacio, Andrew Ray6Immaculate Heart of Mary College Paranaque
154Pascua, Christian Angelo4Immaculate Heart of Mary College Paranaque
155Valois, Carl Andrew7Immaculate Heart of Mary College-Paranaque
156Fabula, Sofia7Immaculate Heart of Mary College-Paranaque
157Carandang, Raianna Amihan6Immaculate Heart of Mary College-Paranaque
158Silvederio, Sebastian6Integrated Montessori Center
159Berenguer, Felix Cyrille Bajado6Integrated Montessori Center
160Yawan, Reynald Benjamin6Integrated Montessori Center
161Pecson, Rien Lewis5Integrated Montessori Center
162Bernardo, Simone Nathania R5Integrated Montessori Center
163Rui, Jeeogn Dlein5Integrated Montessori Center
164Suzuki, Ayame5Integrated Montessori Center
165Caindoc, Caridee Colleen5Integrated Montessori Center
166Cabiao, Tyrone4Integrated Montessori Center
167Condino, Jia Ruth Lauren4Integrated Montessori Center
168Peraren, Precious Mia4Integrated Montessori Center
169Orpilla, Kohleen4Integrated Montessori Center
170Oseo, Mary Beatriz Villanueva4Integrated Montessori Center
171Abdao, Djiren Riel4Integrated Montessori Center
172Cordova, Julia4Integrated Montessori Center
173Taberdo, Andrei4Integrated Montessori Center
174Rebenito, Armand Peter5Integrated Montessori Center
175Lofamia, Rhensis Benedict5Jean Baptiste of Reims College
176Cabilangan S, Magnus Alexander5Jubilee Christian Academy
177Te, Jerome Austin Ng5Jubilee Christian Academy
178Dy, Gregory Daniel5Jubilee Christian Academy
179Sahagun, Shekinah Sheena6Kalalake Elementary School Centex
180Bolanos A, Ralph Benedict4Kalalake Elementary School Centex
181Basobas, Alessandra5Kalalake Elementary School-Centex
182So, Kaleena Clarice5Keys School Manila
183Cheng, Lerwin Chester6La Marea Academy
184Dy Sy, Sydney Kaede6Lanao Chung Hua School
185Guiuo Diaz, Jayden Elysze6Lanao Chung Hua School
186Diaz, Joelliane Elishah4Lanao Chung Hua School
187Veloso, Sarah Shace Karlette6Leyte Normal University Integrated Laboratory School
188Albarece, Jaina Ayu7Liceo de Cagayan University
189Taglinao, James Kieffer6Liceo de Cagayan University
190Amintao, Basher Iii4Liceo de Cagayan University
191Galvez, Matthew Ivan7Makati Science High School
192Sy, Sandrene Rylie6MGC New Life Christian Academy
193Yu, Derriel Martina5MGC New Life Christian Academy
194Carambas, Ron Chelo6Morning Star Montessori School Inc.
195Carambas M, Maricier Vily4Morning Star Montessori School Inc.
196Samson, Samantha Louise4Mother Goose Special School System
197Ramos, Hannah6Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
198Conte, Adryan6Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
199Pinlac, William Yohan6Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
200Laforteza, Emmanuel James5Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
201Mendoza, Von Mark5Mother Goose Special School System Inc.
202Dinos, Ron Matheus5Mother Goose Special School System-Urdaneta
203Pado, Arvin Aldrei6Naga City Montessori School Inc.
204Brecio, John Andrei A4Naga City Montessori School Inc.
205Bermejo, Venus Edmary T4Naga City Montessori School Inc.
206Celebrado, Athena M4Naga City Montessori School Inc.
207Alonto Panolong, Imran Jibril4Oro Christian Grace School
208Encarnacion, Arielle Victoria6Our Lady of Caysasay Academy
209Co, Sophie Jill5Pace Academy
210Tan, George Sander7Pangasinan Universal Institute
211Jabanes, Jeffrey Jan7Pangasinan Universal Institute
212Cua, Kaye Monique4Pangasinan Universal Institute
213Dela Cruz, Rovi Gabriel7Pasig Catholic College
214Madrid, Sid Matthew6Pasig Catholic College
215Tan, Braejann6Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan
216Senas, Jerry6Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan
217Yu, Jay6Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan
218Go, Junky Xavier5Philippine Cultural College-Manila
219Seco, Kenneth5Philippine Cultural College-Manila
220Zhang, Jake Valentin5Philippine Cultural College-Manila
221Go, Angeline Anne5Philippine Cultural College-Manila
222Wu, Don Ericsson4Philippine Cultural College-Manila
223Co, Emerson Miguel4Philippine Cultural College-Manila
224Uy, Myles Spencer4Philippine Cultural College-Manila
225Calderon, Sebastian5Philippine Institute of Quezon City
226Januszewski, Vittoria Nikolai4Philippine Institute of Quezon City
227Dizon, John Florence7Philippine Science High School
228Gabriel, Emille Angelie7Philippine Science High School
229Son, Karylle Alessandra7Philippine Science High School Bicol Region Campus
230Morana, Claire Amythess7Philippine Science High School Bicol Region Campus
231Yet, Juan Jaime7Philippine Science High School Bicol Region Campus
232Yague, Lenard Adam7Philippine Science High School Cagayan Valley Campus
233De Guzman, John Michael7Philippine Science High School Cagayan Valley Campus
234Mercado, Chelcia Ara Diane F7Philippine Science High School Cagayan Valley Campus
235Tibay, John Michael7Philippine Science High School CARAGA Region Campus
236Abrea, Cris Adrielle7Philippine Science High School CARAGA Region Campus
237Noceda, Erin Christen7Philippine Science High School Central Luzon Campus
238Santos, Danielle Andrea7Philippine Science High School Central Luzon Campus
239Talaid, Aeithazsa Prym7Philippine Science High School Central Mindanao Campus
240Yangson, Marc Gabriel7Philippine Science High School Central Visayas Campus
241Flores, Miguel7Philippine Science High School Cordillera Administrative Region Campus
242Garce, Janina Klaire7Philippine Science High School Cordillera Administrative Region Campus
243Encarnado, Mark Joseph7Philippine Science High School Eastern Visayas Campus
244Mari, Teddy Nino7Philippine Science High School Eastern Visayas Campus
245Isaguirre, Jairus Carle7Philippine Science High School Ilocos Region Campus
246Ablan, Sophia Isabelle7Philippine Science High School Ilocos Region Campus
247Marbibi, Ian Brenard7Philippine Science High School MIMAROPA Region Campus
248Fetalvero, Lia Faith7Philippine Science High School MIMAROPA Region Campus
249Uson, Sherwinn Sophia7Philippine Science High School SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus
250Lim, Veah Vernadete7Philippine Science High School SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus
251Samson, Sophia Dominique Ann7Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus
252Dela Victoria, Charles7Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus
253Martelino, Reav Andrei7Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus
254Valaquio, Ziron John7Philippine Science High School Western Visayas Campus
255Deodores, Kristen Anne7Philippine Science High School-Calabarzon
256Reyes, Keith Railey7Philippine Science High School-Central Luzon Campus
257Cao, Daniela Almarie7Philippine Science High School-Central Mindanao Campus
258Cura, Dasha Andre Louis7Philippine Science High School-GOA
259Tropicales, Bert Jacob7Philippine Science High School-Main
260Dela Rama, Katrina Isabelle7Philippine Science High School-Main
261Jacob, Benjamin7Philippine Science High School-Main
262Cuadro, Jonathan Gabriel7Philippine Science High School-Main
263Rubico, Mico Xander7Philippine Science High School-Main
264Penullar, Kathleen Gabrielle7Philippine Science High School-Main
265Argame, Denise Pauleen7Philippine Science High School-Southern Mindanao Campus
266Espino, Mary Grace7Philippine Science High School-Southern Mindanao Campus
267Felix, Nina Gianna7Philippine Science High School-Southern Mindanao Campus
268Nevado, Jim Allyson7Philippine Yuh Chiau School
269Ong, Joaquin Adrien7Philippine Yuh Chiau School
270Pua, Tyron Lenard7Philippine Yuh Chiau School
271Razon, Chloe Ysabel Anne4Philippine Yuh Chiau School
272Costa, Mischa Kennice6Precious International School of Davao
273Dalian, Zuleika Lou5Precious International School of Davao
274Emin, Mich Angeline5Precious International School of Davao
275Dominguez, Calvin Job Alejandro4Precious International School of Davao
276Makig-Angay, Hanzen Brent4Precious International School of Davao
277Torrena, Christopher John4Precious International School of Davao
278Namit, Cyra Zelene6Putatan Elementary School
279Padilla, Skye Andrei5Rainbow of Angels Learning Center
280Guinto, Keane Mikah5S.V. Montessori Puerto Princesa City
281Chiu, Nathan Lucas6Saint John's Institute
282Santiago, Trenthon Clay6Saint Joseph College-Elem. Department
283Munoz, Dane Cherryl5Saint Joseph School Naga
284Chan, Kei Hang Derek7Saint Jude Catholic School
285Letran, Walsh Nico Adrian7Saint Jude Catholic School
286Ong, Vin Cedric7Saint Jude Catholic School
287Uy, Zoe Angeli7Saint Jude Catholic School
288Yu, Nathan Clarence7Saint Jude Catholic School
289Gochian, Alexandra Brianne7Saint Jude Catholic School
290Ong, Eiress Bassey7Saint Jude Catholic School
291Bernardo, Casey Lauren6Saint Jude Catholic School
292Chua, Joshua Peyton6Saint Jude Catholic School
293Siaco, Danielle Anne6Saint Jude Catholic School
294To, Francine Reyna6Saint Jude Catholic School
295Sze, Ralph Justin6Saint Jude Catholic School
296Yu, David Curtis6Saint Jude Catholic School
297Angsanto, Ghenelle Melanie6Saint Jude Catholic School
298Santos, Jian Kyle6Saint Jude Catholic School
299Tan, Aaron Matthew6Saint Jude Catholic School
300Adiong, Ivie Nyrelle6Saint Jude Catholic School
301Asperin, Elaiah6Saint Jude Catholic School
302Lei, Tracy Lauren6Saint Jude Catholic School
303Yu, Clare Bernice5Saint Jude Catholic School
304Chua, Kolby Carter5Saint Jude Catholic School
305Lao, Gabrielle Denise5Saint Jude Catholic School
306Yu, Renee Therese5Saint Jude Catholic School
307Borbe, Mikhaela Sabelle5Saint Jude Catholic School
308Ang, Ellison Matthew Siajuat4Saint Jude Catholic School
309Cheng, Ethan James4Saint Jude Catholic School
310Co, Justine Aaron4Saint Jude Catholic School
311Acosta, Claire Mitzi4Saint Jude Catholic School
312Siaco, Kate Dominique4Saint Jude Catholic School
313Ang, Josh Sebastian4Saint Jude Catholic School
314Jao, Daren Angelo4Saint Jude Catholic School
315Lim, Brionn4Saint Jude Catholic School
316Sotelo, Vianca Lexine4Saint Jude Catholic School
317Uy Young, Rachael Cassidy4Saint Jude Catholic School
318Valera, Janzenburg4Saint Jude Catholic School
319Cai, Jaden4Saint Jude Catholic School
320Rustia, Dominique Joy7Saint Theresa's College
321Reyes, Claire Angela Sophia7San Beda College Alabang
322De Ocampo, Axel7San Beda College Alabang
323Alingod, Lorraine Aisha7San Beda College Alabang
324Lim, Gef Eigen7San Beda College Alabang
325Forneas, Benedict Reinel7San Beda College Alabang
326Roque Iv, Zoilo7San Beda College Alabang
327Gomos, Jose Ma Alfonso6San Beda College Alabang
328Taoatao, Julianne Dominique6San Beda College Alabang
329Moreno, Reese Christene6San Beda College Alabang
330Villadolid, Isabella Kristen L6San Beda College Alabang
331Parojinog, Joaquin6San Beda College Alabang
332Yu, Jan6San Beda College Alabang
333Oxales, Jayson Nathan6San Beda College Alabang
334Tugaoen, Marcus Jay6San Beda College Alabang
335Buaquena, Bernice Marie5San Beda College Alabang
336Ilagan, Felize Riona5San Beda College Alabang
337Saludo, Kristner Sheyn5San Beda College Alabang
338Tan, Joshua Miguel5San Beda College Alabang
339De Luna Gutierrez, Juliana Sabine5San Beda College Alabang
340Rodriguez, Joaquin Gabriel A5San Beda College Alabang
341Luya, Aurelio Nicolas5San Beda College Alabang
342Torres M, Harish Jansen5San Beda College Alabang
343Jayme R, Marionne Elouise4San Beda College Alabang
344Ferreria, Aidan D4San Beda College Alabang
345Petilla, Mary Joyce L4San Beda College Alabang
346Acuna, Luiz Miguel B4San Beda College Alabang
347Baskinas, Gavin Jonah R4San Beda College Alabang
348Radaza, Josh P4San Beda College Alabang
349Siega, Pris Kylehj S4San Beda College Alabang
350Villaroya, Benjamin M4San Beda College Alabang
351Garingo, Paolo Miguel S4San Beda College Alabang
352Gomos, Kristina Marie D4San Beda College Alabang
353Espino, John Willian6Santa Barbara Central Elementary School
354Gaje, Mier Eliezer4Santa Barbara Central Elementary School
355Sanico, John Benedict7Santa Rosa Science And Technology High School
356Banza, John Benedict5Solomon Integrated School de IloIlo
357Gayomali, Aaron Raphael5Solomon Integrated School de IloIlo
358Narido, Joshua Isaac Isaiah5Solomon Integrated School de IloIlo
359Defensor, Matthew4Solomon Integrated School de IloIlo
360Rivera, Robert Jeremiah7Southville International School and Colleges
361Maat, Raven Breanna7Southville International School and Colleges
362Bautista, Ervin Joshua6Southville International School and Colleges
363Masilungan, Jose Antonio6Southville International School and Colleges
364Santos, Vince Kristian6Southville International School and Colleges
365Suresh, Rovan6Southville International School and Colleges
366Liong, Jyrus Ian6Special Education Center for the Gifted
367Custodio, Hannah Melody5Special Education Center for the Gifted
368Lao, Laureano5Special Education Center for the Gifted
369Chan, Ena Danice Lou5Special Education Center for the Gifted
370Pangan, Serg Ansel5Special Education Center for the Gifted
371Miclat, Ely Exekiel4Special Education Center for the Gifted
372Merin C, Jamaria Denise4Special Education Center for the Gifted
373Edejer D, Crisyhan4Special Education Center for the Gifted
374Vicente V, Vanna Genica4Special Education Center for the Gifted
375Mestidio, Hans Mathew6SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
376Barlas, Crisha Marielle6SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
377Bayate, Gideone Rey5SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
378Dedase, Arnold Michael5SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
379Dedase, Jessica Marie5SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
380Tunguia, Sophia Kirsten5SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
381Valaquio, Lanz Arancis5SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
382Balopenos, Joana Nicole4SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
383Valaquio, Ma Zoephia4SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
384Juan, Jassey Juen Ariana4SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
385Agana, Jayden4St. Augustines School
386Cueto, D'Rafaelle Sofia4St. Bridget College
387Salome, Charles Patrick5St. Francis of Assisi College-Bacoor
388Rongo, Alec Nathan6St. John's Institute
389Javellana, Jan Kenzo5St. Joseph College Olongapo
390Laboy, Hans Jairus5St. Joseph College-Olongapo
391Yap, Shaun Mannix6St. Jude Catholic School
392Xu, Yiqian5St. Jude Catholic School
393Amoyo, Larissa6St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
394Chan, Aleah Janelle6St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
395Sunga, Micah Gabrielle6St. Paul College Pasig
396Mendoza, Hailey Rochine Mekairi L6St. Paul College Pasig
397Alicias, Elyssia Phoebe6St. Paul College Pasig
398Gesmundo, Mary Caitlin6St. Paul College Pasig
399Tajan, Maria6St. Paul College Pasig
400Tan, Yanina6St. Paul College Pasig
401Sulit, Samantha5St. Paul College Pasig
402Orejola, Maria Raffaella5St. Paul College Pasig
403Canaleta, Cleone Eunice5St. Paul College Pasig
404Santos, Jilliane Ysabel4St. Paul College Pasig
405Goyena, Isabel4St. Paul College Pasig
406Papa, Rhianna Nicole4St. Paul College Pasig
407Cantor, Adrianne Mischa4St. Paul College Pasig
408Tiglao, Anika Ellie4St. Paul College Pasig
409Chotrani, Marteena Zuri M4St. Paul College Pasig
410Shim, Yeseul4St. Paul College Pasig
411Hiruta, Riri4St. Paul College Pasig
412Villa, Jasmine5St. Paul University Quezon City
413Lim, Rachel Ann7St. Peter the Apostle School
414Guillermo, Iain Draezen Sy7St. Peter the Apostle School
415Lim, Ivan Renzo7St. Peter the Apostle School
416Ong, Derek Tyler7St. Peter the Apostle School
417Villacorte, Paul Nathan6St. Peter the Apostle School
418Balictar, Jaylenne Ann5St. Peter the Apostle School
419Sow, Angelyn5St. Peter the Apostle School
420Chan, Json Victor4St. Peter the Apostle School
421Jacob, Ileina5St. Philomena Academy of Lipa
422Jacob, Audrik4St. Philomena Academy of Lipa
423Agbayani, Maverick6St. Robert Bellarmine Center for Learning
424Hao, Cadee7St. Stephen's High School
425Chua, Celine Angelie6St. Stephen's High School
426Salazar, Rolland Aleck Marko4Stanford School of Batangas
427Ofreneo, Alfonso Rafael7Stonyhurst Southville International School
428Landicho, Juan Rafael7Stonyhurst Southville International School
429Landicho, Maria Bernadette6Stonyhurst Southville International School
430Kaw, Julianne Ycel7Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
431Dalangin, Gadriel Symone6Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
432Tongson, Michael Gerard5Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
433Kaw, Jom Riley5Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
434Bacay, Kiesha Zheanna4Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
435Siscar, Jan Feliza4Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
436Trinidad, Jada Freyah4Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
437Dalangin, Grenier Sander4Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
438Delos Santos, Lorenzo Miguel4Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
439Jumawan, Edward Isaac6Suarez Central School
440Malinit, Daphnny Kaith6Taguig Integrated School
441Rodriguez, Keisha Nethea5Taguig Integrated School
442Cruz, Jethro Ace4Taguig Integrated School
443Escobedo, Seth4Taguig Integrated School
444Yee, Jenn Valerie6Tambo Central School
445Gonzaga, Katrina Cassandra5Tambo Central School
446Maminta, Mukhandes Lee5Tambo Central School
447Amper, Shawn Renfred5Tambo Central School
448Sanchez, Ashlyn Bless5Tambo Central School
449Salvacion, Lance Zachary4Tambo Central School
450Mamutuk, Alan Nageena4Tambo Central School
451Cao, Daniece Almarie4Tambo Central School
452Go, Juliana Elisha5Taralc Living Faith Academy
453Fernandez, Matt Garbriel4Tarlac Montessori School
454Cortez, Marianna Sabine7Trinity Christian School
455Gomez, Mark5Trinity Christian School
456Tan, Seth Kairo4Trinity Christian School
457Albon, Albrix Amadeo L4Trinity Christian School
458Cayetano, Miguel6Tuguegarao West Central School
459Camay, Denric Moses6University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi
460Martinez, Marie Emmanuelle6University of the Philippines Integrated School
461Chan, Dillion7Uno High School
462Silva, Sebastian5Xavier School San Juan
463Ogoc, Janson6Youngster Chrsitian Learning Place
464Quidilla, Milo7Zamboanga Chong hua High School
465Dela Cruz, Margaret Ellyse6Zamboanga Chong hua High School
466Galande, Hans Cedric6Zamboanga Chong hua High School
467Penaflor, Mikaela Eshe6Zamboanga Chong hua High School
468Chan, Sophia Monique O6Zamboanga Chong hua High School
469Tan, Anika Gayle5Zamboanga Chong hua High School
470Dela Cruz, Mark Ernest5Zamboanga Chong hua High School
471Penaflor, Gavin Jacob5Zamboanga Chong hua High School
472Yong, Karl Rovin5Zamboanga Chong hua High School
473Siy, Alexandra6
474Duran, Danielle Maria Mikaella6
475Tuting, Jacques Moses5
476Apuad, Adin5
477Quintos, Purple Victoria5
478Del Mundo, Catherine Miel4
479Bautista D, Ashley Gaelle4