All is Set for 2010 ICAS-Science on June 19

The University of New South Wales Educational Assessment Australia (EAA) through the MTG, Philippines will be conducting the 2010 International Competitions and Assessment for Schools-Science on Saturday June 19, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. in various venues across the country.

This contest aims to gauge or assess their scientific skills in the subject contexts drawn from four Science knowledge areas: 1. Earth and Beyond (incorporating the Earth Sciences and Astronomy) 2. Natural and Processed Materials (incorporating Chemistry), 3. Life and Living (incorporating Biology and Ecology), and 4. Energy and Change (incorporating Physics) including Knowledge, Measuring and Observing, Interpreting Data, Predicting/Concluding from Data, Investigating, Reasoning and Problem Solving.

The record shows that over 1.7 million students from across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region participate in ICAS each year, with an additional 700,000 entries internationally from countries including Philippines, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA.
ICAS is the most comprehensive assessment program available to schools for it caters for students of all abilities. ICAS questions use meaningful examples and authentic contexts, its test books are presented in a visually appealing way to capture student attention and interest. The ICAS test questions are related back to the curriculum documents that teachers use to develop their teaching and learning programs, so all parents and teachers can be confident that the tests are meaningful and relevant.

The ICAS-Science participants must bring a pencil- 2B or B (not Pen) and an eraser during the competition. Calculators and rulers may be used. Bringing of dictionaries, thesaurus, mobile phones, pagers and other personal electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the contest. The participants are expected to be in their complete school uniform.

Any participants who are interested of the previous competition materials, they may log on at Paper A is intended for grade 3; Paper B for grade 4; Paper C for grade 5; Paper D for grade 6; Paper E for grade 7/1st year; Paper F for 2nd year high school; Paper G for 3rd year HS and Paper H for 4th year high school level.

Registration is still open until June 11, 2010 to any interested high school students and Grade 6 pupils who wish to participate in this year’s ICAS-Science. Please follow the registration procedure to avoid any inconvenience.

Please download below the lists of official participants of 2010 ICAS-Science and the names of schools which serve as the contest venues. Any registered participant whose name is not reflected in the list, please contact Mr. Ronnie Apari at his mobile phone No. 0905-630-1151 or email at on or before June 11, 2010. The venue for the participants of Cagayan De Oro will be announced later in this website.

Download here: 2010 ICAS SCIENCE (updated June 16 2010)