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An Open Letter to Parents of MTG Trainees

Dear Parents,

The power crisis in Mindanao has captured the headlines of most local and national broadsheets and televisions.  These rotating brownouts which last from 6 to 8 hours a day have been destabilizing local economy. The power supply situation further slides down due to low water elevation as a result of the dry spell in summer.

The MTG Philippines national office based in Zamboanga City is not spared from this very despairing circumstance. Despairing in the sense, brownouts do not follow specific schedule, that is, lights go off in the least of our expectation, hence the interruption of our operation.

In as much as MTG wants to be punctual in its production of the lesson materials, to answer emails and to update information in websites, the national office is helpless just as every resident/institution with no generator unit is in Zamboanga City. Imagine our office hours have to be cut short and manpower has to be trimmed down since power interruption makes the whole operation and production down by more or less 40% of our efficiency.

Furthermore, the present set-up of Yahoo is it rejects and even blocks when group messages are sent in large number for fear that our emails are scammed letters. This set-up certainly affects our communication with you.

That is why, we request some parents and trainees to look around and be more sensitive about the whole surrounding rather than to focus on one’s personal interest. Instead of being reactive, why not be proactive. As such, we request some parents to be more patient because we do not only have your son or daughter with us, we have the nation’s best young mathematicians under our care and your son/daughter is one of them.

Indeed, it is nice that many parents out there have something to say but a few really have to say something. Our appeal to all parents is to please bear with us because we will really reach out to all of your kids whom we always place in the center of our training.

Thank you.


Erratum: The number of qualifiers from two venues (Cebu and Tagaytay) in the Youngster Group was only 137 and not 158 as posted earlier. These 137 qualifiers were the ones whose names were announced during the closing program. The inadvertent inclusion of names of other participants was a lapse in the communication department of which we regretfully appeal for understanding from those whom the news had caused much inconvenience.

137 math kids chosen as qualifiers for the Youngster Group

The country’s youngest mathematicians from grades 1 and 2 forming the youngster group gathered to participate in the 2013 Young Mathematicians In-house Intensive Training Program (YMIITP) held in venues: Cebu for Visayas and Mindanao trainees and Tagaytay for NCR and Luzon trainees last March 23-26, 2013 and April 1-4, 2013 respectively.

The youngster group where sessions lasted in the evening wrestled with topics ranging from easy to difficult included Stick and Puzzle, Magic Sum, Missing Digits, Odd and Even Numbers, pictorial Algebra, Cut and Paste, Finding the Value of Shapes and Counting Parts 1 and 2 to mention a few.
Though so tender in age, yet these little math wizards to the delight of many showed their resilience to be under pressure by waking up on time, being on the dot during sessions, jotting down notes, asking questions, queuing during meal time and behaving in the class. Most if not all were so inquisitive to learn mathematics of international standard, that is, most lessons were not of regular classroom topics.

From close to 300 math kiddies, some 137 of them made it to list of qualifiers. This means, these qualifiers are now the possible members of the Philippine delegations for the following international math contests which will be held in Hong Kong this year:

a. Environmental Mathematics Competition
b. Search for Math Wizards
c. Math Asia Cup

All youngster qualifiers must be ready with their passport before the month of MAY. Contest organizers abroad strictly require group flight booking for the entire Philippine delegations. Meaning, making his/her own booking is not advisable.

It must be noted that the qualifiers of the youngster group DO NOT HAVE SUMMER TRAINING; instead the training review materials will be emailed to them. This means that it is NOT NECESSARY for the youngster group to attend the 2013 MOSTP. Therefore, parents need not to ask nor be concerned about 2013 MOSTP for their children in the youngster group. Parents are advised to transact only with this email address, in order to be entertained. There is NO final exam for the qualifiers of the youngster group.

All news related to the youngster group and MDAP shall be posted in this website,

Furthermore, the Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines (MDAP)- a group of MTG elite is tasked to look after the sending of review materials to qualifiers of grades 1 and 2 only if parents of the youngster group make a request through this email address: Parents have to make the request just once, following this format:

Name of Child:
Grade Level as of School Year 2012-2013:
Name of School:
Place where the child attended the 2013 YMITP:
Passport Number: / Expiry Date:
Name of Parent who will accompany the child abroad:
Contact Number:
Passport Number: / Expiry Date:

The complete lists of qualifiers from Cebu and Tagaytay training are as follow:

Abon, Jastine EdritzGr. 1Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Alfonso, Ruzh Anthony O.Gr. 1Ateneo de Iloilo
Ambatali, Jan BertsonGr. 2School of St. James the Apostle
Ang, Vince DexterGr. 2Philippine Cultural College
Bacomo, Hannah DeniseGr. 2Dela Salle Canlubang
Baguio, Biannca ShenelleGr. 2St. Mary's College, Quezon City
Balinas, Julline Grace T.Gr. 2St. Scholastica's Academy
Banagan, Jezreel Rhodni A.Gr. 2Butuan City SPED Center
Bautista, Evan Gabriel F.Gr. 2Special Education Center for the Gifted
Beltran, Julian Patrick NoelGr. 2Butuan City SPED Center
Bersabal, Chryss AnikaGr. 2Colegio San Agustin - Makati
Bonifacio, Anika BettinaGr. 2Mother Goose Special School System
Bonifacio, Julianne FayeGr. 2Ateneo de Davao University
Cabanilla, Sofia YsabelGr. 2Falcon School
Calica, Lorraine JoyGr. 2BHC Educational Institute, Inc.
Calubayan, Phylline CristelGr. 2BHC Educational Institute, Inc.
Camello, Zach KenshinGr. 1Mary Help of Christians School
Ca_edo, Alexis MiguelGr. 2Agusan del Sur Pilot Laboratory School
Cardenas, Mia AiyanaGR. 2Meridian international Learning Experience
Castillo, Clarence Nathan JobeGr. 2Colegio San Agustin - Makati
Castillo, Elise ClaireGr. 2St. Paul College of Makati
Castro, Alfred EnriqueGr. 2Ateneo de Davao University
Cerna, Jozil Donne D.Gr. 2University of Negros Occidental - Recoletos
Chamen, Dash Constantine S.Gr. 1Rainbow of Angels Learning Center
Chan, Sean AustinGr. 2Philippine Cultural College
Chavez, Renjiro NathanielGr. 1Philippine Cultural College
Ching, Lyonel Justin L.Gr. 2Jubilee Christian Academy
Chua, Jay Miguel O.Gr. 2St. John Institute
Chua, Roxanne Alexandra SadiyaGr. 2Philippine Tong Ho Institute
Co, Bea Jaine Kiara Y.Gr. 1Oro Christian Grace School
Co, Bianz Jann Kenrick Y.Gr. 2Oro Christian Grace School
Colasito, Chynna Eirene M.Gr. 2Sto. Ni_o Sped Center - Tacloban City
Consebido, CarlyneGr. 1Chiang Kai Shek College
Cordova, Joaquin J.Gr. 1Ateneo de Iloilo
Cruz, Jose Gabriel AGr. 2Don Bosco College - Canlubang
Cueto, Karil AndreiGr. 2Colegio San Agustin - Bi_an
De Silva, Ma. Ana Isabel N.Gr. 2St. Paul College Pasig
Dela Paz, Joey Emmanuel S.Gr. 2Special Education Center for the Gifted
Dela Cruz, Cris LoraineGr. 1Bolinao Integrated School
Dela Cruz, Rovi Gabriel L.Gr. 1Pasig Catholic College
Dequito, Noel StephenGr. 2De La Salle - Canlubang
Dimapilis, Alexa AmayaGr. 1First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities
Duyag, Princess AnnGr. 1Children Integrated School of Alta Tierra
Dy, Journey ChristianGr. 2Jubilee Christian Academy
Dy, Nathan Mayer Q.Gr. 2St. John Institute
Espino, Mary GraceGr. 2Ateneo de Davao University
Federigan, Laurence MatheuGr. 1Bethany Christian School
Fiel, Zoe AndreaGr. 2Oro Christian Grace School
Gaffud, Jiro GabrielGr. 1Colegio San Agustin - Makati
Ganzon, LykaGr. 2School of Saint Anthony of Quezon City
Genetiano, Charles JCGr. 2Union Institute of Rosario
Gonzales, Lewis IanGr. 2Pasig Catholic College
Guadayo, Aj Jorich E.Gr. 2Liceo Del Verbo Divino - Tacloban City
Guevara, Trent Lee R.Gr. 2Liceo Del Verbo Divino - Tacloban City
Gutierrez, Keshia Lanthe B.Gr. 2Special Education Center for the Gifted
Ho, Josef AlphonseGr. 2Holy Cross High School
Jacob, Trey Josh A.Gr. 2Goa Central School
Jagorin, Kristian AaronGr. 2St. Mary's College, Quezon City
Jaranilla, Kyle Francis D.Gr. 1Solomon Integrated School de Iloilo
Jesena, Franz Joseph M.Gr. 2University of St. La Salle - Integrated School
Ko, Margarita Dominique T.Gr. 2St. John Institute
Kwan, Sigfred KerwayneGr. 1Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Larisma, XyrusGr. 2St. Mary's College, Quezon City
Laurio, Bea Veronica C.Gr. 2St. Louis College of Valenzuela
Lee, Charisse Nicole A.Gr. 2St. John Institute
Lim, Eliana MariGr. 1Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Limbaga, Jahaziel D.Gr. 1SPED Center
London, Jarvey MeejelGr. 1Integrated Montessori Center
Lopez, Martin GabrielGr. 1First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities
Lozada, Denzelle Andre C.Gr. 1Agusan del Sur Pilot Laboratory School
Macatangay, Gian Andrei M.Gr. 2Pasig Catholic College
Madrazo, Angelene ErikaGr. 1Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Mayuga, Adrian RainielGr. 2Colegio San Agustin - Makati
Mendoza, Anthony GabrielGr. 2BHC Educational Institute, Inc.
Milado, Sophia Claire Joy M.Gr. 2Sto. Ni_o Sped Center - Tacloban City
Monsalve, Aaron ZuelGr. 1St. Peter the Apostle School
Montales, Celine AmandaGr. 2Colegio San Agustin - Makati
Monteclaro, Jeremiah Karl D.Gr. 1Solomon Integrated School de Iloilo
Muldez, Lineth Julia B.Gr. 2St. Francis of Assisi College - Bayanan
Nacario, RoiselieGr. 2Mary Help of Christians School
Nasvik, Peter Martin O.Gr. 2Silliman University - SBE
Niu, Jana CharlizeGr. 2Grace Christian College
Noceda, Erin Christen L.Gr. 2Special Education Center for the Gifted
Obrero, Jennah SophiaGr. 2Colegio San Agustin - Bi_an
Olivar, Arianna LarisseGr. 2Palm Spring Montessori Integrated School
Olivar, Francesca LoraineGr. 2Palm Spring Montessori Integrated School
Orchangon, Ysabella Norma AngelaGr. 2St. Paul College of Makati
Orpilla, Uriel NathanGr. 2De La Salle Greenhills
Pagcaliwagan, GeraldGr. 2De La Salle - Lipa
Palma, Samantha JoiGr. 2Santiago Cultural Institute
Palomar, Arizia CleaGr. 2Falcon School
Panaligan, Maegan Rexzel C.Gr. 1Doane Brilliant Child Learning Haven
Pastrana, Kriztine Mae GGr. 2St. Simon Montessori School
Pe_a, Janssen ReignGr. 2Mother Goose Special School System
Quijano, Caitlin RaeGr. 1Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Quintanilla, Aldrik Job D.T.Gr. 2Elizabeth Seton School - South
Quintanilla, Alistair Jon D.T.Gr. 2Elizabeth Seton School - South
Ramos, Charles EdisonGr. 1Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Ramos, Erika ClaireGr. 1Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Relato, James RafaelGr. 2La Immaculada Concepcion School
Rivera, MarcGr. 2Merryland Montessori High School, Inc.
Roales, Anne Margarette B.Gr. 2Small World Christian School Foundation
Rojo, Chauncey Rayle M.Gr. 2Mary Infant Jesus School
Rubico, Mico Xander DCGr. 1Montessori House of Learning
Sacramento, Bianca Marie G.Gr. 1Special Education Center for the Gifted
Salazar, Carlos Miguel AngeloGr. 2Silliman University - SBE
Saluta, James Ryan C.Gr. 1Butuan City SPED Center
Segubre, Rod RaphaelGr. 2Placido del Mundo Elementary School
Seva, Maria Antonina Anaielle S.Gr. 2Special Education Center for the Gifted
Sio, Megan Marie B.Gr. 1Ateneo de Iloilo
Siosana, Isaac MelchorGr. 2Sto. Ni_o Sped Center - Tacloban City
Sy, Richelle JasmineGr. 2Chiang Kai Shek College
Tabanao, Theah Grachella T.Gr. 2Mary Infant Jesus School
Taguba, Renz Paul R.Gr. 2St. Francis of Assisi College - Bayanan
Tan, Enzo RandallGr. 2Meridian International Learning Experience
Tan, Joshua AndreiGr. 1St. Stephen's High School
Tan, Liam Isaac ChingGr. 2Oro Christian Grace School
Tan, Patricia AngelicaGr. 2Chiang Kai Shek College
Tang, Keean NathanielGr. 2UNO High School
Tee, Marcelline L.Gr. 2Jubilee Christian Academy
Teng, John RaphaelGr. 2Philippine Cultural College
Tenizo, Jeaniely Grace P.Gr. 1Sta. Barbara Central Elementary School
Toledo, January VeniceGr. 2Mary Help of Christians School
Toma Cruz, Lei Pojoan S.Gr. 2Dee Hwa Liong Academy
Torreon, Ambrose JamesGr. 1Rainbow of Angels Learning Center
Torres, Jev UlricGr. 2Silliman University - SBE
Triumfante, Recsan M.Gr. 1Kinaadman Elementary School
Ugalino, Jerome EmmanuelGr. 2Falcon School
Uy, Timothy TylerGr. 2Grace Christian College
Uygongco-Pama, Lance GavinGr. 1Iloilo Central Commercial High School
Uygongco, Justin TimothyGr. 1Iloilo Central Commercial High School
Uyvico, Angelyne Kurtney A.Gr. 2Sto. Ni_o Sped Center - Tacloban City
Velasco, Ivan LuigiGr. 2St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
Vinluan, Anton MarieGr. 2De La Salle - Canlubang
Vitor, GwynethGr. 2Butuan City SPED Center
Wee, Riane StefiGr. 1Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Wu, Filbert Ephraim S.Gr. 2MGC New Life Christian Academy
Young, James Martin Gr. 1SPED - Integrated School
Yu, Bienne ReeseGr. 2Chiang Kai Shek College