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7 math aces win medals in 2012 ICAS

Having attained an outstanding performance and medal-winning achievement in any math contests will do you a world of good. In this case, the latest achievement of seven Filipino math wizards in the 2012 International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) – Mathematics is a quantum leap forward for mathematical excellence.

The medal is awarded to students with the top score in each year level, that is, their scores have been judged as sufficiently meritorious, thus eligible for the UNSW medals.

Reaping such an outstanding honor are Clyde Wesley Ang, Year 7, Andrew Brandon Ong, Year 8, and Raenelle Ean Ngo, Year 10 of Chiang Kai Shek College; Adrian Reginald Sy, Year 8, Tiffany Chong, Year 9, and Austin Edrich Chua of St. Jude Catholic School; and Reine Jiana Reynoso, Year 9, of Philippine Science High School-Main. They will also receive medal winners’ certificates and the high distinction certificates for being in the top 1% of high achieving students.

Furthermore, bound and determined mathletes, 95 of them, share the same recognition as the 7 others, making it in the top 1%. 281 manage to be in the top 10%, thus receiving distinction certificates and 523 participants get credit certificates for succeeding to be in the top 25%.

The following are the recipients of high distinction certificates:

 Names GradeSchools
1STED MICAHCHENGGrade 3Hope Christian High School
2IMMANUEL JOSIAHBALETEGrade 3St.Stephen's High School
4JOSE MIGUELPALITOG GGrade 3San Beda College Alabang
5HIRAYASY MARCOSGrade 3Philippine Cultural College Manila Campus
6EIONCHUAGrade 5MGC New Life Christian Academy
7KAYLLIESYGrade 4Philippine Cultural College Manila Campus
8DAN ALDENBATERISNAGrade 4Colegio San Agustin - Makati
9LAILA DENISEDYGrade 4Saint Jude Catholic School
10BEATRICE MAE AMALVARGrade 4Elizabeth Seton School - South
11KRISTIN ANGELA TNARAGGrade 4Colegio San Agustin - Bi–an
12DION STEPHANONGGrade 4Ateneo de Manila
13JOSEPH RYANONGGrade 4Xavier School
14ALEXANDERPINO JRGrade 4Colegio San Agustin - Makati
15STEVENREYESGrade 4Saint Jude Catholic School
16NATALIA BEATRICEDYGrade 5St. John's Institute
17RAJO CHRISTIANCADORNAGrade 5Puerto Princesa Pilot Elementary School
18LEEGUN WOOGrade 5San Beda College Alabang
19JOSE IGNACIOLOCSINGrade 5St. John's Institute
20JOHN HENRYMARQUEZGrade 5UP Integrated School
21AUDREYSYGrade 5Saint Jude Catholic School
22MATTHEW ERICTANGrade 5St.Stephen's High School
23LUKE MATTHEWSBERNARDOGrade 6Philadelphia Hihg School
24ADAM CHRISTOPHERCHANGrade 6Grace Christian College
25JINGERCHONGGrade 6Saint Jude Catholic School
26CRIS JERICHOCRUZGrade 6Puerto Princesa Pilot Elementary School
27MARK EDWARDGONZALESGrade 6St. Paul College of Makati
28LANCE CHRISTOPHERLELISGrade 6Blessed Lights International Christian Academy
29JAN VINCENTSIMBOLGrade 6BHC Educational Institution, Inc.
30EASONWONGGrade 6Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan
31RAPHAELYNIESTAGrade 6Colegio San Agustin - Makati
32ALFONSO MIGUELABELLAGrade 7Grace Christian College
33AIMEE GIZELLEBRAGANZAGrade 7BHC Educational Institution, Inc
34MIKO JOHNSON ONGCOGrade 7St.Stephen's High School
35ASTON JIMCUAGrade 7Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan
36ALLEN JOSHUA SDALANGINGrade 7San Beda College Alabang
37KRISTINE ASHLEYDOBLEGrade 7Philippine Science High School - Central Luzon Campuz
38XAVIER JEFFERSON RAYGOGrade 7Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
39LOU IRISHGONZALESGrade 7Pasig Catholic College
40JOHN ARIES CEAZARHINGANGrade 7San Beda College Alabang
41GRANT AARONKINGGrade 7Grace Christian College
42GERRICK SPENCERLIMSIYGrade 7Grace Christian College
43RHOMEL ISAACMARCOJOSGrade 7Colegio San Agustin - Makati
44JONATHANMURGAGrade 7Philippine Science High School-WVS
46ENGELBERG JEREMYSEEGrade 7Jubilee Christian Academy
48MAXIM GRACESORONGONGrade 7Philippine Science High School - Western Visayas Campus
49ERROL JOHNSUAREZGrade 7Aquinas University of Legaspi
50ANGELIKA JOIETAGUPAGrade 7Colegio San Agustin - Makati
51TERENCE BRIANTSAIGrade 7Chiang Kai Shek College
52RAPHAELVILLALUZGrade 7Philippine Science High School - Main
53FARRELL ELDRIANWUGrade 7MGC New Life Christian Academy
54HYEONG SEONYOOGrade 7Colegio San Agustin - Makati
55SAMANTHAAMANTEGrade 8Colegio San Agustin - Bi–an
56LESLEYBALETEGrade 8Grace Christian College
57GABRIELESTAMPADORGrade 8San Beda College Alabang
58RAMON IIIGALVANGrade 8Iloilo Central Commercial High School - Ledesco Campus
59THAMANIA KEITHGUMILAOGrade 8Pasig Catholic College
60JUNGWONHONGGrade 8St. Paul College - Pasig
61TANISABELLAGrade 8Saint Jude Catholic School
62ANDREAJABAGrade 8Saint Jude Catholic School
63MIN CHANJEONGGrade 8Grace Christian College
64ANTON RAPHAELLIMGrade 8St. John's Institute
65KELSEYLIM TIONG SOONGrade 8Grace Christian College
66NADINEMACALALADGrade 8St. Paul College - Pasig
67JAN KENDRICKONGGrade 8Chiang Kai Shek College
68ANDREA KRISTINAONGLAOGrade 8St. Paul College - Pasig
69GEN MARKTANNOGrade 8Southville International School and Colleges
70DANIELTONGrade 8Hope Christian High School
71JASON CARLOCARRANCEJAGrade 9Grace Christian College
72JOHN THOMASCHUATAKGrade 9St. Stephen's High School
73FRANCISCONCEPCIONGrade 9Philippine Cultural College Manila Campus
74ALLEN CEDRICKDOMINGOGrade 9Philippine Science High School
75JASON JOSEPHFERNANDEZGrade 9Philippine Science High School-Main Campus
76MA CZARINA ANGELALAOGrade 9Saint Jude Catholic School
77MATTHEW RYANTANGrade 9Saint Jude Catholic School
78BENEDICTTIUGrade 9St. Stephen's High School
79KARLIANGGrade 10Philippine Institute of Quezon City
80NATHANIEL RYANANGGrade 10Xavier School
81ALJANBALBUENAGrade 10Sen. Renato "Compa–ero" Cayetano MS &THS
82DEANY HENDRICKCHENGGrade 10Grace Christian College
83JEAN BERNADETTECHENGGrade 10Grace Christian College
84JERVISCHUAGrade 10Philippine Cultural College Manila Campus
85SONNYGUANZONGrade 10Integrated Montessori Center - Taguig
86DARREN ANTHONYKHOWGrade 10Saint Jude Catholic School
87MARTIN LEWISKOAGrade 10Saint Jude Catholic School
88CHARLESLUIGrade 10Saint Jude Catholic School
89HIMIGMARCOSGrade 10Philippine Cultural College Manila Campus
90EDGAR LAURRENCE AOSISGrade 10Colegio San Agustin - Bi–an
91RAPHAEL CECILIORODOLFOGrade 10Colegio San Agustin - Makati
92RACHELROJOGrade 10Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
93DIELLETIOGrade 10St. Stephen's High School
94STERLING ALVINTIUGrade 10St. Stephen's High School
95MIKAELA ANGELINAUYGrade 10Saint Jude Catholic School