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489 Filipino students succeed in 2010 ICAS-English

The Educational Assessment Australia (EAA) of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) released the results of the 2010 International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) – English conducted simultaneously nationwide on August 21, 2010. From a close to 1000 participants of which more than 600 were elementary pupils and around 350 were high students representing a total of 47 schools across the Philippines, 56 garnered High Distinction, 138 received Distinction and 295 got Credit certificates. The ICAS-English test is developed by Educational Assessment Australia (EAA), UNSW Global Pty Limited and is conducted annually in 12 countries. The test which is for students from Years 3 to 12, assesses their academic ability in reading and language. The participants have been tested to locate, identify, interpret, infer and synthesize information in and about the texts, focusing on the aspects of reading for meaning in literary texts, reading for meaning in factual texts, textual devices, syntax and vocabulary. The ICAS provides extensive independent evaluations of students’ skills, knowledge and understanding in the core learning areas. These skills and understanding are important indicators of success in school and beyond,” said Dr. Sofia Kesidou, General Manager- Assessment and Research at EAA. “All participants from the Philippines are to be congratulated on their significant achievements”, she added. The recipients of the High Distinction, Distinction and Credit certificates are as follow: 2010-icas-english-results