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Filipino mathletes score in 2009 ICAS-Math

Pinoy math wizards reaped awards from the 2009 International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS)- mathematics which was conducted simultaneously across the Philippines and around the world last August 29, 2009.The cream of the crop of the math classes of the Philippines’ top private and public schools had converged to exhibit their math prowess as the competition assesses their mathematical skills in a range of contexts. The content of the papers is divided into the strands of Number and Arithmetic, Algebra and Patterns, Measures and Units, Space and Geometry, Chance and Data. The content of the papers changes gradually from Paper A to Paper J, and the test questions become more complex and require greater thought at higher levels.

The ICAS-Math is developed by the Educational Assessment Australia (EAA), UNSW Global Pty Limited and is conducted annually in Australia and in 12 other countries including the Philippines. The ICAS-Math provides extensive independent evaluations of students’ skills, knowledge and understandings.

This year, two of the Filipino participants successfully survive the challenge of the ICAS-Math. As such, they have been conferred with Certificates of Distinction. They are Matthew Isidro (Grade 5) of St. Jude Catholic School and Shamira Sharlyne Liao (Grade 5) of Saint Stephen’s High School.

More than a dozen others have achieved to obtain the Certificates of Credit. Most of them come from St. Jude Catholic School such as Joaquin Mayo (Grade 3), Ralph Mayo (Grade 3), Belinda Corrine So (Grade 3), Kiefer Matthew Lao (Grade 4), Hans Leighton Liu (Grade 4), and Ryan Sy (Grade 4). The other credit awardees are as follow: from St. Stephen’s High School- Gabriel Joseph Pua (Grade 4), Matthew Eric Tan (Grade 4), Thomas Balete (Grade 5), Carl Jericho Tan (Grade 3)- Trinity Christian School, Daryll Kevin Uygongco (Grade 4)- Iloilo Central commercial High School, Darrell Erick Tan (Grade 5)- The Master’s Academy, Lance Christopher Lelis and Christian Michael Moneda (Grade 5) of Blessed Lights International Academy.