Room & Seat Assignment for 2015 ICAS-Math Participants in Grace Christian College


The participants of the 2015 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Mathematics assigned in Grace Christian College are advised to follow the room and seat assignments prepared for them on Saturday, August 8, 2015 during the competition.

The 2015 ICAS-Mathematics will start at 9AM to 10AM and participants are requested to be at Grace Christian College early or even earlier for the registration and further instructions.

Here are the names of participants with their room and seat assignments:

1Torralba, Jeremie Keon T.Grade 5Ateneo de Manila - Grade School23236
2Valderama, Ryan Kenzo E.Grade 5Ateneo De Manila Grade School2321
3Lazaro, Lorenzo Thomas M.Grade 11Ateneo De Manila High School23521
4Ong, Dion Stephan J.Grade 8Ateneo De Manila High School23335
5Bernardo II, Jose MariaGrade 6Ateneo De Manila University2311
6Varon, Carissa Elaine F.Grade 10Falcon School3315
7Palomar, Arizia Clea G.Grade 5Falcon School23232
8Cabanilla, Sofia Ysabel M.Grade 6Falcon School2313
9Palomar, Wesley Gavin G.Grade 6Falcon School23129
10Reyes, Allyana ColeenGrade 6Falcon School23130
11Pan, LanceGrade 10Fountain International School23423
12Pan, DerickGrade 8Fountain International School23336
13Balete, Lianne ChristenGrade 10Grace Christian College2348
14Chan, Adam ChristopherGrade 10Grace Christian College23410
15Cheng, Janna FrancesGrade 10Grace Christian College23411
16Chiongson, FrederickGrade 10Grace Christian College23419
17Que, Shaquille WyanGrade 10Grace Christian College23431
18So, Chloe JennaGrade 10Grace Christian College23433
19Abella, Alfonso MiguelGrade 11Grace Christian College2357
20Ang, Kandice MaeGrade 11Grace Christian College2358
21Chiongson, Frank IIIGrade 11Grace Christian College2359
22Chiongson, Natasha ElizabethGrade 11Grace Christian College23510
23Chua, WarrenGrade 11Grace Christian College23511
24Cua, Jerickson RodneyGrade 11Grace Christian College23519
25King, Grant AaronGrade 11Grace Christian College23520
26Limsiy, Gerrick SpencerGrade 11Grace Christian College23523
27Pua, DoreenGrade 11Grace Christian College23532
28Wee, Filbert HeinrichGrade 11Grace Christian College3319
29Avelino, Shanel KateGrade 3Grace Christian College2318
30Kim, Ji EonGrade 3Grace Christian College23111
31Lui, Luigi TrevorGrade 3Grace Christian College23112
32Ngo, Justin MiguelGrade 3Grace Christian College23120
33So, Sergei MatteoGrade 3Grace Christian College23121
34Sy, Luke SebastianGrade 3Grace Christian College23122
35Caritan, Amber DorothyGrade 4Grace Christian College23132
36Cheng, Josh NielsenGrade 4Grace Christian College23133
37Domingo, Annatalia SophiaGrade 4Grace Christian College2321
38Judit, GhiyaGrade 4Grace Christian College2322
39Lim Tiong Soon, KrystalGrade 4Grace Christian College2323
40Sy, Kylie DanielleGrade 4Grace Christian College2326
41Tomas, Sophia LouiseGrade 4Grace Christian College23213
42Barandino, ZacharyGrade 5Grace Christian College2329
43King, Anika GayleGrade 5Grace Christian College23222
44Lim, ReginaldGrade 5Grace Christian College23223
45Teh, Kristen Steffi Grade 5Grace Christian College23235
46Bolima, Dave AldwinGrade 6Grace Christian College2312
47Cheng, Joie FrancesGrade 6Grace Christian College2315
48Cheng, Luke RobinGrade 6Grace Christian College2316
49Choi, YoujinGrade 6Grace Christian College23114
50Chuabio, VincentGrade 6Grace Christian College23115
51Niu, Jana CharlizeGrade 6Grace Christian College23127
52Tomas, AmsterdamGrade 6Grace Christian College23142
53Lim, RichmondGrade 7Grace Christian College23313
54Sanchez, Bryce AinsleyGrade 7Grace Christian College23327
55So, Shane FranklinGrade 7Grace Christian College23337
56So, Sofia MarianneGrade 7Grace Christian College2341
57Cheng, Justine FrancesGrade 8Grace Christian College2339
58Escolar, RacquelGrade 8Grace Christian College23321
59Ng, GabrielGrade 8Grace Christian College23334
60Shi, Erika JoGrade 8Grace Christian College23417
61Tan, Heart BerniceGrade 8Grace Christian College23426
62Chua, Anjelo JorelGrade 9Grace Christian College2353
63De Asis, Kaizer AlbertGrade 9Grace Christian College2356
64Shi, SherwinGrade 9Grace Christian College23530
65So, Sean MarcusGrade 9Grace Christian College23538
66Wee, Francine Beryl IsabelGrade 9Grace Christian College23542
67Cabigas, Andrew S.Grade 5Headway School for Giftedness23210
68Tan, Chantelle Alyssa C.Grade 11Immaculate Conception Academy23536
69Ting, Andrea Janelle Grade 11Immaculate Conception Academy3317
70Tan, Cayenne AudreyGrade 6Immaculate Conception Academy23139
71Ting, Amanda Lexine G.Grade 6Immaculate Conception Academy23141
72Tan, Charlize Audrey C.Grade 8Immaculate Conception Academy23425
73Ang, Azriel John E.Grade 10Jubilee Christian Academy2347
74Ching, Jaymi Mae L.Grade 10Jubilee Christian Academy23412
75Go, Vinz Keenan K.Grade 10Jubilee Christian Academy23420
76Lee, John Michel C.Grade 10Jubilee Christian Academy23421
77Tee, Madeline L.Grade 10Jubilee Christian Academy3312
78Lim, Shenelle Pamela B.Grade 11Jubilee Christian Academy23522
79See, Danielle JoyGrade 11Jubilee Christian Academy23533
80See, Engelberg Jeremy T.Grade 11Jubilee Christian Academy23534
81Sim, Phil Eldrige U.Grade 11Jubilee Christian Academy23535
82Ong, Cate JasmineGrade 5Jubilee Christian Academy23231
83Ching, Lyonel Justin L.Grade 6Jubilee Christian Academy23113
84Dy, Journey ChristianGrade 6Jubilee Christian Academy23117
85Tee, Marcelline L.Grade 6Jubilee Christian Academy23140
86Ang, Jershon Ainsleigh E.Grade 7Jubilee Christian Academy23226
87Shu Too, Kaitlyn L.Grade 7Jubilee Christian Academy23329
88Siajuat, Janrich Colbert L.Grade 7Jubilee Christian Academy23330
89Ang, Gwendolyn Joyce L.Grade 9Jubilee Christian Academy23439
90Ching, Daphne L.Grade 9Jubilee Christian Academy2352
91Sim, Paul Elvin U.Grade 9Jubilee Christian Academy23537
92Abara, Theodore D.Grade 4La Salle Greenhills23131
93Orpilla, Uriel Nathan D.Grade 6La Salle Greenhills23128
94Sunga, Raphael Vincent Grade 6La Salle Greenhills23138
95Fadri, Joan LynGrade 9Makati Science High School23514
96Capito, Princess Valerie PaulineGrade 9Miriam College23441
97Yeo, Sean Kendrick N.Grade 4Pace Academy23214
98Sy, Mikkel Bennett T.Grade 5Pace Academy23233
99Lu, Andre GiancarloGrade 7Pace Academy23315
100Chua, Richelle AubreyGrade 8Pace Academy23311
101Sy, Kylee Wiona V.Grade 9Pace Academy23539
102Suguitan, Isaiah EmmanuelGrade 10Pasig Catholic College23434
103Castro, Arwin Peter C.Grade 3Pasig Catholic College2319
104Dancel, Johannes RaphaelGrade 4Pasig Catholic College23135
105Dela Cruz, Rovi GabrielGrade 4Pasig Catholic College23136
106Maliwat, Ralph JustinGrade 4Pasig Catholic College2324
107Gomez, Michael Jeremy C.Grade 5Pasig Catholic College23220
108Cruz, JermainneGrade 6Pasig Catholic College23116
109Lati, Cyril Reignelle L.Grade 6Pasig Catholic College23125
110Cruz, Gennelle Kyla D.Grade 7Pasig Catholic College23238
111Gualberto, Jacob JosefGrade 7Pasig Catholic College23241
112MatociƱos, Yvez MathrimGrade 7Pasig Catholic College23317
113Trinidad, Wendell M.Grade 7Pasig Catholic College2343
114Evangelista, Adrian NikolaiGrade 8Pasig Catholic College23322
115Santos, Rainier AndrewGrade 8Pasig Catholic College23415
116Yapan, Miguel CarloGrade 8Pasig Catholic College23430
117Ancermo, Vincent JohnGrade 9Pasig Catholic College23438
118Castro, Adriane Paul C.Grade 9Pasig Catholic College23442
119Cruz, Jan JoshuaGrade 9Pasig Catholic College2355
120Gabaton, Mary BeatriceGrade 9Pasig Catholic College23516
121Bernal, Ulysses PhilipGrade 10Philadelphia High School2349
122Tan, Mark LenardGrade 10Philadelphia High School3311
123Chan, AnnikaGrade 3Philadelphia High School23110
124Cimanes, Courtney AlexandriaGrade 4Philadelphia High School23134
125Cailles, HannahGrade 5Philadelphia High School23211
126Cailles, DavidGrade 6Philadelphia High School2314
127Uy, James KennethGrade 6Philadelphia High School2333
128Yap, Shane KyleGrade 6Philadelphia High School2334
129Yeo, KendrewGrade 6Philadelphia High School2335
130Sy, Simon StephenGrade 8Philadelphia High School23418
131Ty, Frank SmithGrade 8Philadelphia High School23428
132Cawai, Justin MarieGrade 9Philadelphia High School2351
133Gonzales, JojereneGrade 9Philadelphia High School23518
134Pascual, Jared TristanGrade 10Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23424
135Shi, Kenneth G.Grade 10Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23432
136Uy, Dannylle Danikka IyyarGrade 10Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan3314
137Wong, Eason UGrade 10Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan3316
138Cua, Aston Jim Y.Grade 11Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23512
139Tiu, Janelle S.Grade 11Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan3318
140Yeung, Carl Joshua M.Grade 11Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan33111
141Ang, Eunice StephanieGrade 5Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan2327
142Auyong, Nick JustinGrade 5Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan2328
143Co, Justin KennethGrade 5Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23212
144Cua, Hans Kenneth Y.Grade 5Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23219
145Huang, RecheiGrade 5Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23221
146Lin, Kyle JoyceGrade 5Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23224
147Go, Tiffany GeraldineGrade 6Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23118
148Natividad, LanceGrade 6Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23126
149Zuela, AngeloGrade 6Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan2336
150Co, NicoleGrade 7Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23237
151Gozun, Charles FrancisGrade 7Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23240
152Hsu, KevinGrade 7Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23242
153Lin JiaxinGrade 7Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23314
154Lu, ElijahGrade 7Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23316
155Sy, Kim AngeloGrade 7Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan2342
156Cho, Lloyd MatthewGrade 8Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23310
157Ragasa, Marion ArrheniusGrade 8Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23413
158Shi, Charles Justin Grade 8Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23416
159Yap, Gabriel ReeverGrade 8Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23429
160Dy, Marverick MyronGrade 9Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23513
161Go, Kyle Patrick EGrade 9Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23517
162Gozun, John ChristopherGrade 9Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23525
163Martinez, Margareth VictoriaGrade 9Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23526
164Pascual, Denise SereneGrade 9Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23529
165Tiu, Jericka S.Grade 9Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan23541
166Sy, Kyla Nicole C.Grade 10Philippine Institute of Quezon City23435
167Tan, Caleb Paolo D.Grade 10Philippine Institute of Quezon City23436
168Maniulit, PaulaGrade 11Philippine Institute of Quezon City23524
169Wong, Samantha LouiseGrade 11Philippine Institute of Quezon City33110
170Calderon, Sebastian B.Grade 2Philippine Institute of Quezon City2317
171Shih, Keaton Theodore C.Grade 6Philippine Institute of Quezon City23137
172Calderon, Ysabel B.Grade 7Philippine Institute of Quezon City23228
173Tiamson, Reich Michael D.Grade 10Philippine Science High School - Main3313
174Bagsic, Albriz Moore C.Grade 7Philippine Science High School - Main23227
175Capito, Patricia FaithGrade 7Philippine Science High School - Main23229
176Carles, Zulieka Ariel D.Grade 7Philippine Science High School - Main23230
177Fadri, Vincent PaulGrade 7Philippine Science High School - Main23239
178Medina, Sophia MarionGrade 7Philippine Science High School - Main23318
179Olmillo, Rosette S.Grade 7Philippine Science High School - Main23325
180Pantaleon, Erika EmmanuelleGrade 7Philippine Science High School - Main23326
181Seva, Alexandra Rafaelle S.Grade 7Philippine Science High School - Main23328
182Balete, Tomson Stefan L.Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main2337
183Cabanlig, Lydia Vittoria T.Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main2338
184Colasito, Katrina Laura G.Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23312
185De Ocampo, Matthew S.Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23319
186Duran, Helene Elise T.Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23320
187Lapastora, Justin MatthewGrade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23323
188Lazaro, Yves Gabriel M.Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23324
189Marquez, John Henry T.Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23331
190Monares, Zeidrich M.Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23332
191MontaƱez, Marjana Ysabella O.Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23333
192Roque, Karl RaymondGrade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23414
193Tropicales, Bert Joseph A. Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main23427
194Balete, Thomas Spencer L.Grade 9Philippine Science High School - Main23440
195Okubo, Christine Joy C.Grade 9Philippine Science High School - Main23528
196Albo, Aeram Clester A.Grade 9Quezon City Science High School23437
197Chua, Kian Rey S.Grade 9Quezon City Science High School2354
198Motos, Francine Mariah G.Grade 9Quezon City Science High School23527
199Tan, Justin M.Grade 9Quezon City Science High School23540
200Ong, Eira P.Grade 10St. Jude Catholic School23422
201Ong, Erika P.Grade 11St. Jude Catholic School23531
202Ferrer, Darylle S.Grade 9The Master's Academy23515
203Martinez, Marie Emmanuelle B.Grade 3UP Integrated School23119
204Pablico, Andrei Nicholas D.Grade 4UP Integrated School2325
205Talabucon, Phoemela AshleyGrade 5UP Integrated School23234