More than 100 students selected to join the IMSO Science Camp

The Philippine Board of Studies Foundation (PBOSF) in coordination with Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines Inc. will conduct the 4-day International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) Science Selection Training Camp in Angeles City on April 6 – 9, 2018.

The invited participants are current grades 3 and 4 awardees of the High Distinction (HD) and Distinction (D) certificates in the 2017 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) –Science.

From these trainees of this IMSO Science Training Camp, PBOSF and MTG will choose the best of the best to represent the Philippines in the 15th IMSO Science Category which will be held in ZHEJIANG, CHINA in November 2018.

The interested trainees have until February 26, 2018 to send their confirmation of participation at this email address: with the subject header, “IMSO Science Training Camp” and for further inquiries, you may contact Mr. Ventus at +639266845287.

After making the confirmation, the interested trainees will receive registration procedures to be complied immediately in order to make their participation official, since the invitation is on ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

The following are the grades 3 and 4 students who are invited to join the IMSO Science Training Camp:

1Patrimonio, Cosette Sasha3High DistinctionIloilo Scholastic Academy
2Katon Guinto, Keane Mikah3High DistinctionSV Montessori Puerto Princesa City
3Rebenito, Armand Peter3High DistinctionIntegrated Montessori Center
4Te, Jerome Austin3High DistinctionJubilee Christian Academy
5Saludo, Kristner Sheyn3High DistinctionSan Beda College, Alabang
6Gomez, Mark Jr3High DistinctionTrinity Christian School
7Tan, Anika Gayle3High DistinctionZamboanga Chong Hua High School
8Reclosado, Rafhaela3High DistinctionColegion San Agustin
9Sy, Craigsabian3High DistinctionLanao Chung Hua School
10Calderon, Sebastian3High DistinctionPhilippine Institute of Quezon City
11Lao, Gabrielle Denise3High DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
12Ang, Josiah Cody3DistinctionChiang Kai Shek College
13Ababon, Iris Lexi3DistinctionColegio San Agustin
14Panelo, Catherine Anne3DistinctionImmaculate Conception Academy Greenhills
15Javellana, Jan Kenzo3DistinctionSt. Joseph College-Olongapo, Inc.
16Amper, Shawn Renfred3DistinctionTambo Central School
17Silva, Sebastian3DistinctionXavier School-San Juan
18Samson, Samantha Louise3Distinction
19Abrigo, Lance Danniel3DistinctionPasig Catholic College
20Dalian, Zuleika Lou3DistinctionPrecious International School of Davao
21Ong, Naima Clarisse3DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
22Yu, Clare Bernice3DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
23Valaquio, Lanz Francis3DistinctionSPED-Integrated School for Exceptional Children
24Leung, Andreana3DistinctionTarlac Living Faith Academy
25Chua, Aaron3DistinctionXavier School Greenhills
26Rellera, Ethan Gabriel3DistinctionChiang Kai Shek College
27Lim Un, Andrew3DistinctionChiang Kai Shek College
28Enriquez, Justine3DistinctionColegio San Agustin
29Aquino, Lemuel3DistinctionColegio San Agustin(Bi?an City,Laguna)
30Bercilla, Aiden Jomeil3DistinctionDe La Salle Lipa
31Dela Cruz, Jeschiliah Riza3DistinctionEastern Gate Christian Academy
32Cheng, Edley Stan3DistinctionGrace Chrisitian College
33Ocampo, Theodore Christophe3DistinctionGrace Chrisitian College
34Sy, Aries Ariella3DistinctionGrace Chrisitian College
35Bolivar Jr, Stanley3DistinctionIloilo Scholastic Academy
36Pecson, Rien Lewis3DistinctionIntegrated Montessori Center
37Gan Ong, Giliane Dominique3DistinctionPangasinan Universal Institute
38Chen, Wins3DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
39Tan, Quirsten Xantina3DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
40Wong, Jayce Preston3DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
41Tongson, Michael Gerard3DistinctionStonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat
42Gonzaga, Katrina Cassandra3DistinctionTambo Central School
43Mancao, Alexie Guia3DistinctionTarlac Living Faith Academy
44Untalan, Hermogenes Eurie3DistinctionAgoo Kiddie Special School
45Dormal, Leanne Joy3DistinctionBethel International School
46Obina, Karylle3DistinctionBlessed Lights International Christian Academy
47Escorpiso, Rik Anton3DistinctionCity Central School-CDO
48Sacramento, Lucas Miguel3DistinctionDiliman Preparatory School
49Saw, Azenneth Jane3DistinctionHope Christian High School
50Mendoza, Von Mark3DistinctionMother Goose Special School System ,Inc.
51Laforteza, Emmanuel James3DistinctionMother Goose Special Schools System Inc.
52Seco, Kenneth3DistinctionPhilippine Cultural College
53Chu, Anthony3DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
54Matuba, Reigne Nadine3DistinctionSaint Paul College-Pasig
55Rosario, Zea Micole3DistinctionSaint Paul College-Pasig
56Tirona, Carmela Marie3DistinctionSaint Paul College-Pasig
57Domingo, Luis Antonio T3DistinctionSan Beda College, Alabang
58Kaw, Jom Riley3DistinctionStonyhurst Southville International School
59Cortez, Rocco Alonso3DistinctionTrinity Christian School
60Bono, Jillian Rose3DistinctionColegio San Agustin(Bi?an City,Laguna)
61Joseph, Rika Giana3DistinctionColegio San Agustin(Bi?an City,Laguna)
62Bautista, Naomi Hayden3DistinctionColegio San Agustin-Makati
63Buena, Marcus Joaquin3DistinctionColegio San Agustin-Makati
64Felix, Reuben Joseph3DistinctionDe La Salle Lipa
65Morata, Gian Hendrich3DistinctionHoly Rosary Academy of Las Pi?as
66Lai, Samantha Rae3DistinctionImmaculate Conception Academy
67Ong, Sophia Joyce3DistinctionJubilee Christian Academy
68Arcalas, Frances Debborah3DistinctionPasig Catholic College
69Ang, Iva Solen3DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
70Pua, Zachary Thomas3DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
71Quin, Simon Nigel3DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
72Buaquena, Bernice Marie3DistinctionSan Beda College Alabang
73Arellano, Martina Farida Bagaforo3DistinctionSan Beda College, Alabang
74Luya, Aurelio Nicolas3DistinctionSan Beda College, Alabang
75Tunguia, Sophia Kirsten3DistinctionSPED-Integrated School for Exceptional Children
76Bayate, Gideone Rey3DistinctionSPED-Integrated School for Exceptional Children
77Guiuo Diaz, Jayden Elysze4High DistinctionLanao Chung Hua School
78Angsanto, Ghenelle Melanie4High DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
79Bautista, Ervin Joshua4High DistinctionSouthville International School and Colleges
80Martinez, Marie Emmanuelle4High DistinctionUniversity Of The Philippines Integrated School
81Arias Yap, Shaun Mannix4High Distinction
82Panganiban, Periel Matthew4High DistinctionAteneo De Naga University Grade School
83Vargas, Chantal Paige4High DistinctionAteneo De Zamboanga University
84Palada, Juliene Nissi4High DistinctionBHC Educational Institution, Inc.
85Uy, Naomi Ashley4High DistinctionDe La Salle Lipa
86Esquivel, Ryle Benedict4High DistinctionIMUS Pilot Elementary School-Cavite
87Gapuz, Jeanne Venice4High DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
88Mestidio, Hans Mathew4High DistinctionSPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children
89Dalangin, Gadriel Symone4High DistinctionStonyhurst Southville International School
90San Agustin, Renato Alberto R4DistinctionAteneo De Zamboanga University
91Sahagun, Shekinah Sheena4DistinctionCenter For Excellence Kalalake Elemntary School
92Chuatoco, Jasmine Athena4DistinctionColegio San Agustin(Makati)
93Santelices, Angela4DistinctionDe La Salle Lipa
94Llantero, Alysa Corinne4DistinctionDe La Salle University -Integrated School
95Doromal, Reysheil Anne4DistinctionHua Siong College of Iloilo
96Dy Sy, Sydney Kaede4DistinctionLanao Chung Hua School
97Ramos, Hannah4DistinctionMother Goose Special Schools System Inc.
98Foronda, Carla Josephine4DistinctionPasig Catholic College
99Madrid, Sid Matthew4DistinctionPasig Catholic College
100Asperin, Elaiah4DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
101Gomos, Jose Ma Alfonso4DistinctionSan Beda College, Alabang
102Tamayo, Alfonso Luis4DistinctionColegio San Agustin(Makati)
103Kasilag, Franco4DistinctionDiliman Preparatory School
104Sy, Luke4DistinctionGrace Chrisitian College
105Sy, Sandrene4DistinctionMGC New Life Christian Academy
106Uygongco, Ashley Nicole4DistinctionPhilippine Science High School-WVC
107Fluri, Patrick Anthony4DistinctionPrecious International School of Davao
108Bernardo, Casey Lauren4DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
109Chua, Joshua Peyton4DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
110Co, Gabrielle4DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
111Chua, Celine Angelie4DistinctionSt. Stephen's High School
112Duran, Danielle Maria Mikaella4Distinction
113Panganiban, Joseph Angelo Caldito4Distinction
114Hadjirul, Khyra Shazaadee4DistinctionAteneo De Zamboanga University
115Nabo, Julia Zoie4DistinctionAteneo De Zamboanga University
116Tan, Katrina4DistinctionAteneo De Zamboanga University
117Antonio, John Markiel4DistinctionBlessed Lights International Christian Academy
118Aparici, Arch Angel4DistinctionCity Central School-CDO
119De Ramos, Aea Zach4DistinctionColegio San Agustin
120Atienza, Ixchel Rain4DistinctionColegio San Agustin(Bi?an City,Laguna)
121Mendoza, Theya Moriah4DistinctionColegio San Agustin(Bi?an City,Laguna)
122Balmes, Andrea Chloe4DistinctionDe La Salle Lipa -Integrated School
123Ables, Aydan Gabriel4DistinctionDiliman Preparatory School-Main Campus
124Cheng, Icarus4DistinctionHope Christian High School
125Ong, Kayla Angela4DistinctionImmaculate Conception Academy-Greenhills
126Custodio, Joshua Allen4DistinctionKalalake Elementary School- Centex
127Delos Santos, Tristan Jade4DistinctionKalalake Elementary School-Centex
128Tiu, Rhiannon Kassia4DistinctionLanao Chung Hua School
129Carambas, Ron4DistinctionMorning Star Montessori School, Inc-Calamba City
130Uy, Stan Martin4DistinctionPhilippine Cultural College
131Bool, Reinald Arne4DistinctionSaint Bridget College
132Lei, Tracy Lauren4DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
133Siaco, Danielle Anne4DistinctionSaint Jude Catholic School
134Villadolid, Isabella Kristen L4DistinctionSan Beda College, Alabang
135Sendico, Bea Reyjoyce4DistinctionSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo
136Del Rosario, Kryzlyn Lora4DistinctionSpecial Education Center for the Gifted
137Regencia, Yuan Carlos4DistinctionSpecial Education Center for the Gifted
138Rongo, Alec Nathan4DistinctionSt. John's Institute
139Monzon, Sean Elliott4DistinctionSt. Stephen's High School
140Jumawan, Edward Isaac4DistinctionSuarez Central School
141Chan, Sophia Monique4DistinctionZamboanga Chong Hua High School