Filipino students top the ICAS- Science

 Close to a thousand young Filipino science enthusiasts were among those successful participants from over a million student entries from more than 20 countries who aced the 2014 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) – Science conducted simultaneously in the Philippines on June 21, 2014.

The Educational Assessment Australia (EAA), an education group of UNSW Global Pty Limited, announced that 88 of the participants from the Philippines will receive certificates of high distinction for being in the top 1% of the participants. Furthermore, the next 10% of the participants, totaling 247 Pinoy kids, will take hold in few days or weeks’ time their certificates of distinction while 407, belonging in the next 25%, will be awarded credit certificates, and 206 or the next 10% of the participants will receive merit certificates. The remaining participants will receive certificates of participation.

The papers covered contents on Earth and Beyond (incorporating the Earth Sciences and Astronomy); Energy and Change (incorporating Physics); Life and Living (incorporating Biology and Ecology); and Natural and Processed Materials (incorporating Chemistry).

The certificates will be sent to respective schools in October 2014.


Here are the lists of successful participants from the Philippines winning certificates of high distinction, distinction, credit and merit:

 Name of ParticipantsSchoolGradeAward
1Beltran, Julian Patrick Noel BButuan City SPED Center3High Distinction
2Bersabal, Chryss AnikaColegio San Agustin - Makati3High Distinction
3Bonifacio, Anika BettinaMother Goose Special Schools Sys - Urdaneta3High Distinction
4Chua, Kian ColinSt. Jude Catholic School3High Distinction
5Dequito, Noel StephenDe La Salle University - STC3High Distinction
6Lim, Rydel Ridley AngSt. Stephen's High School3High Distinction
7Ngo, Stacey CarylMGC New Life Christian Academy3High Distinction
8Noceda, Erin ChristenSPED G - Kalayaan3High Distinction
9Oliveros, Dana GabrielaDe La Salle University - STC3High Distinction
10Reyes, LaurenSt. Jude Catholic School3High Distinction
11Uygongco, Justin TimothyHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Main3High Distinction
12Ang, Mehriell ElliceSt. Jude Catholic School4High Distinction
13Balete, Immanuel JosiahSt. Stephen's High School4High Distinction
14Beltran, John Paul Noel BButuan City SPED Center4High Distinction
15Chua, JonahSt. Jude Catholic School4High Distinction
16Dalian, Clarissa LoisPrecious International School of Davao4High Distinction
17Dumale, Marco EranoDe La Salle University - STC4High Distinction
18Escolar-Cabana, TerrenceSouthville International School And Colleges4High Distinction
19Manlises, Maria MonicaSt. Stephen's High School4High Distinction
20Ongchua, Rene JohnSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo4High Distinction
21Palitog, Jose MiguelSan Beda College Alabang4High Distinction
22Rillera, Angela MarieSan Beda College Alabang4High Distinction
23Savilla, Rania MaxineBlessed Lights International Christian Academy4High Distinction
24Sombiro, Rikka GraceSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo4High Distinction
25Tamayo, Annika Angela MeiAteneo de Iloilo - SMCS4High Distinction
26Tan, Frederick IvanXavier School4High Distinction
27Trompeta, Seth MarchenColegio San Agustin - Biñan4High Distinction
28Yabut, Patricia NicoleHoly Rosary Academy of Las Piñas City4High Distinction
29Bagsic, Albriz MooreLilyrose School5High Distinction
30Bautista, Ralde AnuelMGC New Life Christian Academy5High Distinction
31Capito, Patricia FaithUP Integrated School5High Distinction
32Castro, Al PatrickPasig Catholic College5High Distinction
33Cheng, Sted MicahHope Christian High School5High Distinction
34Chiew, SilasAteneo De Davao University - Grade School5High Distinction
35Deodores, Ryan ChristopherColegio San Agustin - Biñan5High Distinction
36Dy, Laila DeniseSt. Jude Catholic School5High Distinction
37Gan, JessicaSt. Jude Catholic School5High Distinction
38King, Naomi AnneSt. Jude Catholic School5High Distinction
39Medina, Sophia MarionColegio San Agustin - Biñan5High Distinction
40Ng, GenrishSt. Jude Catholic School5High Distinction
41Pantaleon, Erika EmmanuelleSmall World Christian School Foundation5High Distinction
42Park, Sung HyunColegio San Agustin - Makati5High Distinction
43Pascua, Francis MatthewKAJ Play and Learn Center of Bolinao5High Distinction
44Reyes, StevenSt. Jude Catholic School5High Distinction
45Seva, Alexandra RafaelleSPED G - Kalayaan5High Distinction
46Sonon, Hugh AngeloSPED G - Kalayaan5High Distinction
47Tamayo, Lyle WenzelMother Goose Special Schools Sys - Urdaneta5High Distinction
48Tan, JustinSt. John's Institue5High Distinction
49Tiong, GregorySt. Jude Catholic School5High Distinction
50Vicerra, RicardoColegio San Agustin - Makati5High Distinction
51Wee, PaulineImmaculate Conception Academy5High Distinction
52Ang, Mehriell ElianaSt. Jude Catholic School6High Distinction
53Baterisna, Dan AldenColegio San Agustin - Makati6High Distinction
54Marquez, John HenryUP Integrated School6High Distinction
55Ong, Dion StephanAteneo De Manila Grade School6High Distinction
56Ong, Joseph RyanXavier School6High Distinction
57Ong, Stefan MarcusSt. Jude Catholic School6High Distinction
58Rillera, Jose MariSan Beda College Alabang6High Distinction
59Tamayo, Lyra WinetteMother Goose Special Schools Sys - Urdaneta6High Distinction
60Wee, PhilmonXavier School6High Distinction
61Balete, Thomas SpencerPhilippine Science High School - Main Campus7High Distinction
62Chan, Beatrice MarieAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School7High Distinction
63Chiew, SimonAteneo De Davao University - Grade School7High Distinction
64Chu, Andrew PatrickSt. Stephen's High School7High Distinction
65Cruz, Cris JerichoPhilippine Science High School - WVC7High Distinction
66Jayme, John WilsonPhilippine Science High School - CVisC7High Distinction
67Recto, Aiella AntoniaAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School7High Distinction
68Santos, Emmanuel PauloPhilippine Science High School - Main Campus7High Distinction
69So, Sean MarcusGrace Christian College7High Distinction
70Ang, Clyde WesleyChiang Kai Shek College8High Distinction
71Chan, Adam ChristopherGrace Christian College8High Distinction
72Ching, Jaymi MaeJubilee Christian Academy8High Distinction
73Keh, SedrickXavier School8High Distinction
74King, Grant AaronGrace Christian College8High Distinction
75Ofelia, Rizelin JohnPhilippine Science High School - CVisC8High Distinction
76Que, Shaquille WyanGrace Christian College8High Distinction
77Suarez, Errol JohnAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School8High Distinction
78Uy, Matthew JohannXavier School8High Distinction
79Amante, SamanthaColegio San Agustin - Biñan9High Distinction
80Chan, Sabrina RaeZamboanga Chong Hua High School9High Distinction
81Estampador, GabrielSan Beda College Alabang9High Distinction
82Hong, JungwonSt. Paul College of Pasig9High Distinction
83Lim Tiong Soon, KelseyGrace Christian College9High Distinction
84Say, Vince BenedictSt. Jude Catholic School9High Distinction
85Sy, Adrian ReginaldSt. Jude Catholic School9High Distinction
86Sy, Andrew LawrenceXavier School9High Distinction
87Wu, Farrell EldrianMGC New Life Christian Academy9High Distinction
88Ybanez, WeandPhilippine Science High School - CVisC9High Distinction
89Abad, LyonneSt. Augustine's School3Distinction
90Amurao, Edward Nathaniel HAquinas University of Legazpi3Distinction
91Ang, Eirah MehriellSt. Jude Catholic School3Distinction
92Bacomo, Hannah DeniseDe La Salle University - STC3Distinction
93Bernardo, Daphne LaurenSt. Jude Catholic School3Distinction
94Cheng, LukeGrace Christian College3Distinction
95Chua, Kaitlynne MareeSt. Jude Catholic School3Distinction
96Comaling, Pauline MaeCity Central School3Distinction
97Cura, Dasha Andre LouisAquinas University of Legazpi3Distinction
98Duran, Julian RaymundColegio San Agustin - Makati3Distinction
99Espino, Mary Grace UmalayAteneo De Davao University - Grade School3Distinction
100Fabunan, Manuel HenrykGordon Heights I Elementary School SPED Center3Distinction
101Fang, Johnny Yzekiel TanSt. Jude Catholic School3Distinction
102Flores, MarcoBestcap Career College, Inc.3Distinction
103Jao, Ethan CedricSt. Jude Catholic School3Distinction
104King, Anika GayleGrace Christian College3Distinction
105Kwan, Sigfred KerwayneZamboanga Chong Hua High School3Distinction
106Lagutang, Reniah GraceMaasin Central Elementary School3Distinction
107Lim Tiong Soon, KrystalGrace Christian College3Distinction
108Lozada, Denzelle AndreAgusan Del Sur Pilot Laboratory School3Distinction
109Mejicano, Alexa ReynSto. Domingo Elementary School3Distinction
110Naorbe, Neil FrancisSan Beda College Alabang3Distinction
111Narvaez, Shannon LouisseAquinas University of Legazpi3Distinction
112Oliva, Janna MichaellaPrecious International School of Davao3Distinction
113Pak, Mi JungColegio San Agustin - Biñan3Distinction
114Palitog, Jose MarcoSan Beda College Alabang3Distinction
115Reyes, Amiyah LeighOlongapo City Elementary School3Distinction
116Rojo, Jaime InigoSPED G - Kalayaan3Distinction
117Saavedra, Stanley KingCity Central School3Distinction
118Salvador, Sophia IsabelColegio San Agustin - Makati3Distinction
119Santelices, John PatrickSan Beda College Alabang3Distinction
120Santos, Jade LianneSt. Jude Catholic School3Distinction
121Soliva, Joshua LorenzMaasin Central Elementary School3Distinction
122Torralba, Jeremie KeonSouthville International School And Colleges3Distinction
123Umadhay, John RenzoSPED - Integrated School For Exceptional Children3Distinction
124Villanueva, Joshua Louise RLiving Spring Academy3Distinction
125Vinas, Marie Nicole AndreaSt. Mary's School3Distinction
126Wee, Riane StefiZamboanga Chong Hua High School3Distinction
127Wu, Filbert EphraimMGC New Life Christian Academy3Distinction
128Aragon, Enrique MiguelColegio San Agustin - Makati4Distinction
129Atupan, Cheyenne Symone TButuan City SPED Center4Distinction
130Atupan, Duane IsaacButuan City SPED Center4Distinction
131Ayuban, John AudricSto. Rosario Elementary School4Distinction
132Balangao, Eiz Dawn STambo Central School4Distinction
133Balila, Diana AllyssonDe La Salle University - STC4Distinction
134Banadera, John PatrickAquinas University of Legazpi4Distinction
135Baroman, Noelle Sophie UTambo Central School4Distinction
136Chua, Daphne MaurisseSt. Jude Catholic School4Distinction
137Chua, Sean EugeneXavier School4Distinction
138Comaling, Monica AltheaCity Central School4Distinction
139De Paz, Ciara PButuan City SPED Center4Distinction
140Eusebio, ElishaUniversity Of Negros Occidental - Recoletos4Distinction
141Felix, Mira ClairePrecious International School of Davao4Distinction
142Frias, Catherine OTambo Central School4Distinction
143Gallardo, Arnold JansennSan Beda College Alabang4Distinction
144Garcia, Maigela Zia LLanao Chung Hua High School4Distinction
145Grino, JezerwelSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo4Distinction
146Jose, Katryn GailPrecious International School of Davao4Distinction
147Ko, Daryll CarlstenSt. Stephen's High School4Distinction
148Lizarda, Edward MarxSan Beda College Alabang4Distinction
149Magno, Ron Raphael JWest Visayas State University - ILS4Distinction
150Mandar, Aisan BhenzMaasin Central Elementary School4Distinction
151Martinez, EnricoXavier School4Distinction
152Mayo, Jose RaymundoSt. Jude Catholic School4Distinction
153Montefrio, Eve MicahMaasin Central Elementary School4Distinction
154Orpilla, Uriel NathanLa Salle Green Hills4Distinction
155Palean, Ezekiel JoshuaHoly Rosary Academy of Las Piñas City4Distinction
156Planta, Ralph AndreiSto. Domingo Elementary School4Distinction
157Quintin, Jan CedrickMother Goose Special Schools Sys - Urdaneta4Distinction
158Regalo, Fredriech MartinPuerto Prinsesa Pilot Elementary School4Distinction
159Santos, Andrea FaithDe La Salle University - STC4Distinction
160Sia, Trisha DanielleChiang Kai Shek College4Distinction
161Strebel, Kaitlan Ingrid SabineColegio San Agustin - Makati4Distinction
162Tan, Jilliane EricaSt. Jude Catholic School4Distinction
163Uy, Robert FrederikSt. John's Institue4Distinction
164Aala, Andre Louis LButuan City SPED Center5Distinction
165Anos, Bryah ArabellaButuan City SPED Center5Distinction
166Arellano, Andrei ClydePasig Catholic College5Distinction
167Balangao, El WinzeTambo Central School5Distinction
168Bersamina, LanceDe La Salle Santiago Zobel School5Distinction
169Cheng, Jhervey EdricChiang Kai Shek College5Distinction
170Chua, John JulioZamboanga Chong Hua High School5Distinction
171Dela Cruz, Bianca Marie BSPED G - Kalayaan5Distinction
172Diones, Angel JudeSto. Domingo Elementary School5Distinction
173Duarte, Kaye RichelleAteneo De Davao University - Grade School5Distinction
174Eusoya, Marc MaureSto. Domingo Elementary School5Distinction
175Guico, Franz ChristianSt. Mary's School5Distinction
176Kue, Aiman AndreiZamboanga Chong Hua High School5Distinction
177Lemana, Mary Catherine ThereseAteneo De Davao University - Grade School5Distinction
178Limbaga, Raul Joshua DButuan City SPED Center5Distinction
179Macumbal, Mohammad Azzam RakiinaLiving Spring Academy5Distinction
180Malaki, Kaela DawnWest Visayas State University - ILS5Distinction
181Matocinos, Yvez MathrimPasig Catholic College5Distinction
182Mercado, Rico DanielKalalake Elementary School (Centex)5Distinction
183Miranda, JeraldineSPED - Integrated School For Exceptional Children5Distinction
184Montemayor, Annika NicoleIntegrated Montessori Center5Distinction
185Mortel, Bobby CarlBaguio City SPED Center5Distinction
186Odevilas, Rev BenedictItaas Elementary School - (Main)5Distinction
187Patalinghug, PatriciaSan Beda College Alabang5Distinction
188Piccio, Tom ManuelHoly Child College of Davao5Distinction
189Priete, Janford LButuan City SPED Center5Distinction
190Rivera, Ninna BeatriceSt. Paul College of Pasig5Distinction
191Sexcion, Josh AhiezerPrecious International School of Davao5Distinction
192Suzuki, Therese AyumiColegio San Agustin - Biñan5Distinction
193Sy, Lance ChristianHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Ledesco Campus5Distinction
194Tansiongkun, MatthewXavier School5Distinction
195Telosa, Francis GabrielSan Beda College Alabang5Distinction
196Tesoro, Juan CarlosIloilo Central Elementary School5Distinction
197Trifalgar, Michael RainikenAteneo de Iloilo - SMCS5Distinction
198Trinidad, WendellPasig Catholic College5Distinction
199Ty, Stephen JamesZamboanga Chong Hua High School5Distinction
200Valdez, Juliana YsabelleSt. Paul College of Pasig5Distinction
201Ajoc, Danielle RButuan City SPED Center6Distinction
202Bandiola, Katrina BiancaAntique SPED Center6Distinction
203Cadorna, Rajo ChristianPhilippine Science High School - WVC6Distinction
204Cajote, Neil RafaelCity Central School6Distinction
205Candano, Gabrielle JackieAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School6Distinction
206Cuyo, Antonio PauloColegio San Agustin - Biñan6Distinction
207Gabriel, CarmellaColegio San Agustin - Biñan6Distinction
208Juan Tong, Hanz HenrikHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Ledesco Campus6Distinction
209Lapastora, Justin MatthewSt. Paul College of Ilocos Sur6Distinction
210Lee, Gun WooSan Beda College Alabang6Distinction
211Lim, Fedrick LanceZamboanga Chong Hua High School6Distinction
212Masbano, Raymund CarloSt. John's Institue6Distinction
213Monares, ZeidrichUP Integrated School6Distinction
214Monsanto, JeromeSan Beda College Alabang6Distinction
215Ong, CharlizeSt. Jude Catholic School6Distinction
216Ordono, BrylleBHC Educational Institution, Inc.6Distinction
217Padua, Mikhail AnthonyMaranatha Christian Academy6Distinction
218Paraiso, Austine AngelineCity Central School6Distinction
219Parra, Ma Leibniz CharisseSt. Paul College of Pasig6Distinction
220Pe, Mickel Lyle AngeloAntique SPED Center6Distinction
221Pua, Gabriel JosephSt. Stephen's High School6Distinction
222Ragudo, Jan HazelMother Goose Special Schools Systems6Distinction
223Santos, JasmineSt. Jude Catholic School6Distinction
224Sebastian, Lance KendrickZamboanga Chong Hua High School6Distinction
225Sison, Kathleen AnnHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Main6Distinction
226Sy, KaylliePhilippine Cultural College - Main6Distinction
227Tan, Matthew EricSt. Stephen's High School6Distinction
228Tiu, Sherwin AdrienSt. Stephen's High School6Distinction
229Uy, Robert GerardSt. John's Institue6Distinction
230Uygongco, Daryll KevinHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Main6Distinction
231Villano, Dana IsabelleDe La Salle University - STC6Distinction
232Argana, Ralph ErnestBHC Educational Institution, Inc.7Distinction
233Aurellano, LizetteAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School7Distinction
234Bongas, KenniceSt. Paul College of Pasig7Distinction
235Branzuela, Jeremy BrianSt. Jude Catholic School7Distinction
236Bueno, Rogene Cezar MarieSan Beda College Alabang7Distinction
237Chan, Vicente RaphaelZamboanga Chong Hua High School7Distinction
238Chieng, EuniceSt. Peter the Apostle School7Distinction
239Cionelo, Leomer AljohnManila Science High School7Distinction
240Cruz, Jan JoshuaPasig Catholic College7Distinction
241Del Rosario, Benjamin KyleColegio San Agustin - Makati7Distinction
242Gonzales, Mark EdwardSt. Paul College of Makati7Distinction
243Kyono, Aiko IvyPhilippine Science High School - CVisC7Distinction
244Liu, Gregory William JosephPhilippine Science High School - CVisC7Distinction
245Liu, Hans LeightonSt. Jude Catholic School7Distinction
246Magsajo, Theresa DeniseSt. Paul College of Pasig7Distinction
247Melchor, Jan ReynaldSan Beda College Alabang7Distinction
248Operania, Dominique AnneRegional Science High School - III7Distinction
249Paden, Alyssa MariePrecious International School of Davao7Distinction
250Petilla, Clint EldrickPhilippine Science High School - SMC7Distinction
251Seo Yeon, KimSan Beda College Alabang7Distinction
252Shao, RyanXavier School7Distinction
253Sim, Paul ElvinJubilee Christian Academy7Distinction
254Sugue, DarellBestcap Career College, Inc.7Distinction
255Tan, Jasmine KateSt. Stephen's High School7Distinction
256Valdez, Justine ClarisseSt. Paul College of Pasig7Distinction
257Aco, Elyanah MarieColegio San Agustin - Biñan8Distinction
258Agbunag, Ingrid LouiseColegio San Agustin - Makati8Distinction
259Chua, WarrenGrace Christian College8Distinction
260Co, Miko Johnson OngSt. Stephen's High School8Distinction
261Contreras, Amanda AnjaSt. Paul College of Pasig8Distinction
262Cruz, PatriciaSt. Paul College of Pasig8Distinction
263Dalangin, Allen JoshuaSan Beda College Alabang8Distinction
264Foncardaz, Jessa ViancaRegional Science High School - IX8Distinction
265Gamboa, Ma Ann Veronica GSan Beda College Alabang8Distinction
266Hernandez, Neil JheromeHoly Rosary Academy of Las Piñas City8Distinction
267Kim, So HyonSt. Paul College of Pasig8Distinction
268Ledesma, Miguel JavierSt. John's Institue8Distinction
269Limsiy, Gerrick SpencerGrace Christian College8Distinction
270Llorin, Alyssa GewellSt. Paul College of Pasig8Distinction
271Longno, MichaelXavier University High School8Distinction
272Murga, JonathanPhilippine Science High School - WVC8Distinction
273Olivarez, Christopher JasonColegio San Agustin - Biñan8Distinction
274Palmera, Thresia MyrPrecious International School of Davao8Distinction
275Pua, DoreenGrace Christian College8Distinction
276Ramos, Aroanna SofiaPhilippine Science High School - Main Campus8Distinction
277Ravago, Kyla IsabelSt. Paul College of Pasig8Distinction
278Reyes, Trisha AnneSt. Paul College of Pasig8Distinction
279Sawadjaan, David DwaynePrecious International School of Davao8Distinction
280Simbol, Jan VincentBHC Educational Institution, Inc.8Distinction
281Sombilon, Junifer JrPhilippine Science High School - SMC8Distinction
282Surla, NicoleSt. Paul College of Pasig8Distinction
283Tiamson, Reich MichaelPhilippine Science High School - Main Campus8Distinction
284Tiosejo, Isabella PatriceSt. Paul College of Pasig8Distinction
285Uy, Mark ChristopherXavier School8Distinction
286Wee, Makarios Joash YPhilippine Christian Gospel School8Distinction
287Wong, EasonPhilippine Cultural College - Caloocan8Distinction
288Acevedo, RoxanneSt. Paul College of Pasig9Distinction
289Acosta, Kate MichelleSt. Jude Catholic School9Distinction
290Agura, Samantha MariSt. Paul College of Pasig9Distinction
291Bisnar, Jasper RyanIntegrated Montessori Center9Distinction
292Candano, Adrian LanceLegazpi Hope Christian School9Distinction
293De Guzman, Jeremiah SeanHope Christian High School9Distinction
294Falsis, BernadineGrace Christian College9Distinction
295Faraon, Franceska LouiseColegio San Agustin - Biñan9Distinction
296Galvan, Ramon IIIHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Ledesco Campus9Distinction
297Go, Gene JrZamboanga Chong Hua High School9Distinction
298Guadalupe, Brian ChristopherPasig Catholic College9Distinction
299Gumilao, Thamania KeithPasig Catholic College9Distinction
300Ho, Jonas AndrewZamboanga Chong Hua High School9Distinction
301Jaba, AndreaSt. Jude Catholic School9Distinction
302Jeong, Min ChanGrace Christian College9Distinction
303Lim, ShenelleJubilee Christian Academy9Distinction
304Lim, Tonita MariZamboanga Chong Hua High School9Distinction
305Llemit, Christian LoerPhilippine Science High School - CVisC9Distinction
306Lozada, Godwyn IdrisSan Beda College Alabang9Distinction
307Macalalad, NadineSt. Paul College of Pasig9Distinction
308Mamutuk, John BonaparteWestfield Science Oriented School and Colleges9Distinction
309Mercado, Riana DanielleSt. John Academy9Distinction
310Naval, Teresa IsabelSt. Paul College of Pasig9Distinction
311Ngo, MatthewSt. Jude Catholic School9Distinction
312Nuncio, Giana MaeSt. Jude Catholic School9Distinction
313Ong, Andrew BrandonChiang Kai Shek College9Distinction
314Ong, ErikaSt. Jude Catholic School9Distinction
315Ong, WillardSt. Jude Catholic School9Distinction
316Onglao, Maria Andrea KristinaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Distinction
317Pimentel, Melchor JrBaguio City National High School9Distinction
318Respecia, LeibnizPhilippine Science High School - CVisC9Distinction
319Reyes, Mary Grace StephanieSt. Paul College of Pasig9Distinction
320Salud, NathanSt. Stephen's High School9Distinction
321Sanchez, ZeusSt. Jude Catholic School9Distinction
322See, Engelberg JeremyJubilee Christian Academy9Distinction
323Segismundo, Jasper JohnPasig Catholic College9Distinction
324Serdoncillo, Justine JohnPhilippine Science High School - Main Campus9Distinction
325Sim, Phil EldrigeJubilee Christian Academy9Distinction
326So, Selena MarieGrace Christian College9Distinction
327Soriano, Patricia DoloresSt. Paul College of Pasig9Distinction
328Tan, IsabellaSt. Jude Catholic School9Distinction
329Teo, Mark JoshuaSt. Jude Catholic School9Distinction
330Tiu, Christian DanielGrace Christian College9Distinction
331Tomas, Joshua SydneySt. John's Institue9Distinction
332Valencia, Carl VincentMarcelo H. Del Pilar High School9Distinction
333Velonta, Junelie AnthonyPhilippine Science High School - CVisC9Distinction
334Yu, Robi NicholasAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Distinction
335Aquino, RichardInformation & Communication Technological HS10Distinction
336Aberas, Mary Alpha OribelGordon Heights I Elementary School SPED Center3Credit
337Alinsug, Waw KeyanSto. Domingo Elementary School3Credit
338Ardiente, Yzshaylle YullanGordon Heights I Elementary School SPED Center3Credit
339Argame, Denise PauleenPrecious International School of Davao3Credit
340Bacot, Sofia MargaretCity Central School3Credit
341Balsamo, NanzrineHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Ledesco Campus3Credit
342Borbe, MiguelSt. Jude Catholic School3Credit
343Borbe, Mikhail StefanSt. Jude Catholic School3Credit
344Calubaquib, Kiersten GeneColegio San Agustin - Makati3Credit
345Caluya, Gabriel Matthew LHoly Rosary Academy of Las Piñas City3Credit
346Caniezo, Hans LougeneAntique SPED Center3Credit
347Cao, Daniela Almarie LlTambo Central School3Credit
348Carandang, Luisa YsabelaSan Beda College Alabang3Credit
349Casbadillo, Janus NathanielSto. Domingo Elementary School3Credit
350Chua, Jay MiguelSt. John's Institue3Credit
351Chua, Keith XanderDe La Salle University - STC3Credit
352Chua, Marc MatthewLegazpi Hope Christian School3Credit
353Chua, Yosh GabrielPhilippine Cultural College - Main3Credit
354Deles, Ma Rea DominiqueSto. Domingo Elementary School3Credit
355Demonteverde, JaredDingle Central Elementary School3Credit
356Dorado, Louise MarielleMaasin Central Elementary School3Credit
357Dy, NathanSt. John's Institue3Credit
358Enad, Ernest DwyaneCity Central School3Credit
359Escalante, Diodel AlexisKalalake Elementary School (Centex)3Credit
360Espiritu, Margherita NinonSt. Paul College of Pasig3Credit
361Estoque, Alyssa JustineSPED G - Kalayaan3Credit
362Estrella, Aeron ZedrickSan Beda College Alabang3Credit
363Eusoya, Merl BernadethSto. Domingo Elementary School3Credit
364Fernandez, John Nathan TeSt. Stephen's High School3Credit
365Geneblazo, Maria YzabelleSan Beda College Alabang3Credit
366Geraldoy, ThereseSt. John's Institue3Credit
367Gochian, Alexandra BrianneSt. Jude Catholic School3Credit
368Haresco, Sofia SoleilSto. Domingo Elementary School3Credit
369Hautea, Thomas NathanHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Ledesco Campus3Credit
370Jimenez, Gianna PatriciaSan Beda College Alabang3Credit
371Jose, Elisha LouiseSan Beda College Alabang3Credit
372Lascano, Jan Mei ClariceHoly Rosary Academy of Las Piñas City3Credit
373Letran, Walsh NicoSt. Jude Catholic School3Credit
374Lim, Kate BernadetteSt. Stephen's High School3Credit
375Limbaga, Jahaziel DButuan City SPED Center3Credit
376Llenos, Aaliyah Lyzl MaristaireCity Central School3Credit
377Lo, Royce EthanielLegazpi Hope Christian School3Credit
378Lopez, RaisaColegio San Agustin - Makati3Credit
379Mabunay, Miguel PaoloCity Central School3Credit
380Madrazo, Angelene ErikaZamboanga Chong Hua High School3Credit
381Malate, Riannon AlexaColegio San Agustin - Makati3Credit
382Manansala, Hannah GabrielleColegio San Agustin - Makati3Credit
383Marzan, Aliah JoySan Beda College Alabang3Credit
384Montales, CelineColegio San Agustin - Makati3Credit
385Ong, AyishaSt. Jude Catholic School3Credit
386Pena, Janssen ReignMother Goose Special Schools Sys - Urdaneta3Credit
387Penullar, Kathleen GabrielleKalalake Elementary School (Centex)3Credit
388Razo, Julienne SamanthaIntegrated Montessori Center3Credit
389Recomite, Carlos MiguelSan Beda College Alabang3Credit
390Reteracion, Stephanie MaeMaasin Central Elementary School3Credit
391Rillera, Ramon EnriqueSan Beda College Alabang3Credit
392Rocat, Maria MelizaCity Central School3Credit
393Rompe, Kaye MarieSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo3Credit
394Santos, JianSt. Jude Catholic School3Credit
395Seva, Maria Antonina AnaielleSPED G - Kalayaan3Credit
396Silao, Justine MarcoCity Central School3Credit
397Tagapulot, Nathaniel DaveCity Central School3Credit
398Tansiongkun, MarcusXavier School3Credit
399Tiamson, RalphColegio San Agustin - Makati3Credit
400Ting, Hans Ethan KRainbow Of Angels Learning Center Inc.3Credit
401Tolentino, JhezraAsinan Elementary School - Olongapo3Credit
402Trestiza, Irlan ManuelSto. Domingo Elementary School3Credit
403Valaquio, Ziron JohnSPED - Integrated School For Exceptional Children3Credit
404Valenciano, Arianna FrancescaSt. Paul College of Pasig3Credit
405Vinluan, Angelo MiguelDe La Salle University - STC3Credit
406Vinluan, Anton MarieDe La Salle University - STC3Credit
407Xu, Man ChingPhilippine Cultural College - Main3Credit
408Yu, Chrisander ErvinHope Christian High School3Credit
409Aala, Marie Katerina Grace OButuan City SPED Center4Credit
410Aguana, Kaeya MoriaSPED G - Kalayaan4Credit
411Ang, Fredelyn TishaZamboanga Chong Hua High School4Credit
412Ang, Vince DexterPhilippine Cultural College - Main4Credit
413Arsenal, Mary PrincessSPED - Integrated School For Exceptional Children4Credit
414Atencion, CharlizeAteneo de Iloilo - SMCS4Credit
415Atinon, AmeryXavier School4Credit
416Balagtas, Angelo ChristianSPED G - Kalayaan4Credit
417Banaag, Jullianne FrancescaSan Beda College Alabang4Credit
418Bautista, Euan GabrielSPED G - Kalayaan4Credit
419Belino, Martin ReySPED G - Kalayaan4Credit
420Braza, Belinda Iris QColegio San Agustin - Makati4Credit
421Cabrera, Liam Gene ALiving Spring Academy4Credit
422Calubayan, PhyllineBHC Educational Institution, Inc.4Credit
423Castillo, Clarence Nathan JobeColegio San Agustin - Makati4Credit
424Chan, CharlesSt. Jude Catholic School4Credit
425Chua, Frances NicoleLegazpi Hope Christian School4Credit
426Chua, Ken ColinZamboanga Chong Hua High School4Credit
427Cruz, RaphaelSan Beda College Alabang4Credit
428Dela Cruz, AlyssaAntonio G. Llanas Elementary School4Credit
429Delacruz, Julianna LeeBestcap Career College, Inc.4Credit
430Diolola, Princess Ariane VTambo Central School4Credit
431Dy, Bernabe IIIMother Goose Playschool And Grade School4Credit
432Emboltura, Altair MizarSto. Domingo Elementary School4Credit
433Espiritu, Ariana YsabelSt. Paul College of Pasig4Credit
434Estimo, Phoebe GailSPED G - Kalayaan4Credit
435Flores, MiguelBestcap Career College, Inc.4Credit
436Gutana, Hans RaphaelSan Beda College Alabang4Credit
437Holipas, Mary ThereseMaasin Central Elementary School4Credit
438Hortelano, Santiago VTambo Central School4Credit
439Ilagan, KylaSt. Jude Catholic School4Credit
440Julio, Vanessa RyanneSt. Jude Catholic School4Credit
441Libranda, Fiona Aaronica HopeOlongapo City Elementary School4Credit
442Lim, Eliana MariZamboanga Chong Hua High School4Credit
443Lim, Jannica AllisonZamboanga Chong Hua High School4Credit
444Lomibao, Isabela GabrielleSan Beda College Alabang4Credit
445Manlangit, Art AlandayleOlongapo City Elementary School4Credit
446Marqueses, Ma Maxine EzekielSt. Paul College of Pasig4Credit
447Marquez, James LuisHoly Rosary Academy of Las Piñas City4Credit
448Morenos, Paolo MiguelSan Beda College Alabang4Credit
449Naquita, KaizenSPED - Integrated School For Exceptional Children4Credit
450Ngo, Sofia ArianneSt. Jude Catholic School4Credit
451Nismal, Gyla JaneSto. Domingo Elementary School4Credit
452Ojastro, Yahshua UrielBlessed Lights International Christian Academy4Credit
453Padon, Karylle RainPuerto Prinsesa Pilot Elementary School4Credit
454Pari-An, Francine DawnSto. Domingo Elementary School4Credit
455Priete, Aljeryk LButuan City SPED Center4Credit
456Rotairo, Kathryn DeniseColegio San Agustin - Biñan4Credit
457Salas, MikaelaKalalake Elementary School (Centex)4Credit
458Sy, Jet LancePhilippine Cultural College - Main4Credit
459Teo, Syd SpencerZamboanga Chong Hua High School4Credit
460Tolentino, Ryan CedricSan Beda College Alabang4Credit
461Trinidad, KevinColegio San Agustin - Biñan4Credit
462Veracruz, Sean RileyDe La Salle University - STC4Credit
463Von Hofsten, Julia ThereseMaasin Central Elementary School4Credit
464Agudo, Mia AngelicaSan Beda College Alabang5Credit
465Aguilos, France MatthewSto. Domingo Elementary School5Credit
466Agura, Gabriel DaxWest Visayas State University - ILS5Credit
467Ahhi, Neriah KryselleIloilo Scholastic Academy5Credit
468Andres, Ericka Grace VButuan City SPED Center5Credit
469Apuya, AdalbertAquinas University of Legazpi5Credit
470Aquino, Christi JonnKalalake Elementary School (Centex)5Credit
471Aragoza, Ian RafaelSPED G - Kalayaan5Credit
472Azarcon, Mary Alyenne JosephineBHC Educational Institution, Inc.5Credit
473Baccay, Shawn SpencerLegazpi Hope Christian School5Credit
474Bermudo, Nujael IrishMaasin Central Elementary School5Credit
475Bola, CedricKalalake Elementary School (Centex)5Credit
476Borra, Gene MartinSto. Domingo Elementary School5Credit
477Cadiz, Alyana Mari YzabelSan Beda College Alabang5Credit
478Cagano, Neilry Elizabeth CButuan City SPED Center5Credit
479Cahiles, Eloisa Marie GButuan City SPED Center5Credit
480Cardano, Hannah Martina AngelieWest Visayas State University - ILS5Credit
481Celestial, Mariama LoisWest Visayas State University - ILS5Credit
482Chen, Ya-WeiKalalake Elementary School (Centex)5Credit
483Chua, Ethan GarettSt. Jude Catholic School5Credit
484Cubero, Carl Jason PButuan City SPED Center5Credit
485Daclan, Kristin Mari FLiving Spring Academy5Credit
486Dela Cruz, Samantha Joy BSPED G - Kalayaan5Credit
487Dela Torre, Von RycPuerto Princesa Pilot Elementary School5Credit
488Dicen, Joseph ChristianSPED G - Kalayaan5Credit
489Domingo, Ann Margareth CTambo Central School5Credit
490Encanto, Faye AndreaSto. Domingo Elementary School5Credit
491Escultero, Hannah JadeSto. Domingo Elementary School5Credit
492Espino, PolinaSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo5Credit
493Fuentes, Victoria JillMaasin Central Elementary School5Credit
494Gallardo, Rianna GabrielleSan Beda College Alabang5Credit
495Gonzales, Joanne ClaireIntegrated Montessori Center5Credit
496Gregorio, Adrienne KishyaSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo5Credit
497Guanzon, Antonia Olivia MSt. Paul College of Pasig5Credit
498Jumapao, JeffersonPuerto Prinsesa Pilot Elementary School5Credit
499Kee, Shakira LyzaBacolod Tay Tung High School5Credit
500Kohchet-Chua, CameronSt. Jude Catholic School5Credit
501Lopera, Louise AngeloMaasin Central Elementary School5Credit
502Lu, Andre GiancarloPace Academy5Credit
503Lustica, Kyle MarieWest Visayas State University - ILS5Credit
504Manderico, Geamaika MarisseUniversity Of Negros Occidental - Recoletos5Credit
505Marcos, HirayaPhilippine Cultural College - Main5Credit
506Martinez, JanellaBlessed Lights International Christian Academy5Credit
507Mascarenas, Renee MargarethSt. Paul College of Pasig5Credit
508Medina, Angelique MaeAntique SPED Center5Credit
509Medina, Florigayle MarieAntique SPED Center5Credit
510Molina, Cyrene FranchescaBlessed Lights International Christian Academy5Credit
511Neri, Hannah Angela GraceSto. Domingo Elementary School5Credit
512Ng, Jeremy AceSt. Jude Catholic School5Credit
513Nietes, HalleberryAntique SPED Center5Credit
514Occeno, John DaxenSto. Domingo Elementary School5Credit
515Omapas, Karl DemetriCity Central School5Credit
516Orpilla, Kai ChenaniahIntegrated Montessori Center5Credit
517Palomo, GlennOlongapo City Elementary School5Credit
518Pitogo, Christian AndreTuguegarao West Central School5Credit
519Reyes, MadeleineSt. Jude Catholic School5Credit
520Saavedra, HailieCity Central School5Credit
521Salise, Prince Gerald PeterCity Central School5Credit
522Salmorin, Cydric JadeAntique SPED Center5Credit
523Salvador, Luis AntonioColegio San Agustin - Makati5Credit
524Santos, Cyd NicolasSan Beda College Alabang5Credit
525Serrano, AlessandreaPangasinan Universal Institute5Credit
526So, Sofia MarianneGrace Christian College5Credit
527Sy, Kyron WalshPace Academy5Credit
528Sy, Ryan IerichoChiang Kai Shek College5Credit
529Taleon, Enrico FernandoSan Beda College Alabang5Credit
530Tiao, Raphael RichdanZamboanga Chong Hua High School5Credit
531Tobias, ChelzeaSan Beda College Alabang5Credit
532Tolentino, Antonio JoseSan Beda College Alabang5Credit
533Torres, Cassandra RaineZamboanga Chong Hua High School5Credit
534Tumulak, Jose Nell AndrewAteneo De Davao University - Grade School5Credit
535Villanueva, Bea JessicaPrecious International School of Davao5Credit
536Acosta, Tricia DanaSt. Jude Catholic School6Credit
537Almalbis, Christina LaneSan Beda College Alabang6Credit
538Bagsic, Jeanne SophiaLilyrose School6Credit
539Baisas, Alodia CareyColegio San Agustin - Biñan6Credit
540Bobadilla, RileyOlongapo Wesley School6Credit
541Bonifacio, Regina BeatriceMother Goose Special Schools Systems6Credit
542Cabanlig, Lydia Vittoria TFalcon School6Credit
543Calderon, Ashley GabrielleSPED - Integrated School For Exceptional Children6Credit
544Canedo, Keith JonesCity Central School6Credit
545Duran, Helene EliseColegio San Agustin - Makati6Credit
546Espiritu, Kathryn VictoriaSt. Paul College of Pasig6Credit
547Evangelista, Adrian NikolaiPasig Catholic College6Credit
548Festejo, Anne MargaretPhilippine Cultural College - Main6Credit
549Gemina, Benjie MelCity Central School6Credit
550Hingan, John Ian LenixSan Beda College Alabang6Credit
551Ileto, MaxineColegio San Agustin - Makati6Credit
552Julio, Veronica RaeSt. Jude Catholic School6Credit
553King, William Joshua GBethany Christian School6Credit
554Musngi, ShamalaSt. Paul College of Pasig6Credit
555Narvarte, Rwen JoshOlongapo City Christian School6Credit
556Ortega, Lance AdrielMGC New Life Christian Academy6Credit
557Ortiz, Manuel Vito IIISolomon Integrated School de Iloilo6Credit
558Ramirez, Shine AldrichSt. Peter the Apostle School6Credit
559Ruiz, Reysonn Joss LeighPhilippine Science High School - CMC6Credit
560Santos, Anjela GailHope Christian High School6Credit
561Simbol, Ronn DerickBHC Educational Institution, Inc.6Credit
562Tan, BrianSt. Stephen's High School6Credit
563Tena, Jenn KeizhaSt. Paul College of Pasig6Credit
564Ting, Lance ChristianSt. Stephen's High School6Credit
565Villareal, Alexa SofiaSt. Paul College of Pasig6Credit
566Abdurahman, MichiyoFilipino - Turkish Tolerance School7Credit
567Bueno, Martie AngelicaSen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano MSTHS7Credit
568Butcon, Ashley MaiveSen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano MSTHS7Credit
569Cabigting, Aleja KatrynRegional Science High School - III7Credit
570Casugbo, Shannen MarlHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Main7Credit
571Choco, Pamela AntoinetteSan Beda College Alabang7Credit
572Chua, Chloe KellyA.E. Memorial Science High School7Credit
573Chua, Irina Natasha CSacred Heart School - Ateneo De Cebu7Credit
574Comia, Adrian KleinSen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano MSTHS7Credit
575Del Valle, Pamela DeniseSt. Paul College of Pasig7Credit
576Dela Merced, Stephanie AnneSt. Paul College of Pasig7Credit
577Dy, Marverick MyronPhilippine Cultural College - Caloocan7Credit
578Entico, Cassandra MarieAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School7Credit
579Estoya, AbigailColegio San Agustin - Biñan7Credit
580Fernandez, Mary EloiseSt. Paul College of Pasig7Credit
581Galvan, Kim LawrenceHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Ledesco Campus7Credit
582Geonzon, Tg GilesPhilippine Science High School - CVisC7Credit
583Grecia, Daniella GraceColegio San Agustin - Biñan7Credit
584Jumawan, Ivan Richmond TPhilippine Science High School - CMC7Credit
585Jumilla, Von AndreiPrecious International School of Davao7Credit
586Kyle Louie, FranciscoPhilippine Cultural College - Main7Credit
587Lao, FernandoPhilippine Cultural College - Main7Credit
588Lee, Hylene JulesSt. Peter the Apostle School7Credit
589Malate, Adroit ReubenColegio San Agustin - Makati7Credit
590Moneda, Christian MichaelCamarines Sur National High School7Credit
591Naorbe, Angelo GabrielSan Beda College Alabang7Credit
592Navarro, Julianna MaeSt. Paul College of Pasig7Credit
593Ong, Sanielle MelizSt. John's Institue7Credit
594Pacetes, Antonio MiguelPrecious International School of Davao7Credit
595Sandigan, GillianSt. Paul College of Pasig7Credit
596Santos, ArianaSan Beda College Alabang7Credit
597Sigaya, Kathryn MarieSt. Mary Mazzarello School7Credit
598Singson, Rene LouisRegional Science High School - III7Credit
599Sy-Reyes, DenicaAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School7Credit
600Sy, Patricia BreanneHope Christian High School7Credit
601Tabing, Dana AngeliSan Beda College Alabang7Credit
602Tiamson, Scott GabrielColegio San Agustin - Makati7Credit
603Torrejos, John KylePhilippine Science High School - CVisC7Credit
604Ty, Sean AndersonZamboanga Chong Hua High School7Credit
605Valenciano, Bianca Isabel RSt. Paul College of Pasig7Credit
606Villavito, Athea NicoleSt. Paul College of Pasig7Credit
607Wee, Francine Beryl IsabelGrace Christian College7Credit
608Yam, Andrea PaulinePhilippine Cultural College - Caloocan7Credit
609Ylagan, Mariane DominiqueSt. Paul College of Pasig7Credit
610Yu, Bryne AlricPhilippine Science High School - CVisC7Credit
611Yu, Danielle NicoleAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School7Credit
612Yu, Jae Hennesie GPhilippine Christian Gospel School7Credit
613Yulo, Chelsea RobinaPhilippine Cultural College - Main7Credit
614Zantua, Roelle AngelaAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School7Credit
615Adaptar, Virgilio RoiPrecious International School of Davao8Credit
616Ang, David SamuelHope Christian High School8Credit
617Argana, Jose PeregrineSan Beda College Alabang8Credit
618Atienza, Celianne JaddSan Beda College Alabang8Credit
619Balderrama, Anne NirelleSt. Paul College of Pasig8Credit
620Bantol, JohannaPhilippine Science High School - CVisC8Credit
621Bernal, Loreine AdrianaSt. Paul College of Pasig8Credit
622Bernardo, Luke MatthewsPhiladelphia High School8Credit
623Betinol, Kristian ElvinIntegrated Montessori Center8Credit
624Blaya, LemuelPrecious International School of Davao8Credit
625Chan, Audrey CatherineSt. Paul College of Pasig8Credit
626Chua, AriannaSt. Jude Catholic School8Credit
627Chua, JanellePhilippine Cultural College - Main8Credit
628Chua, Rupert Stephen CharlesTarlac Montessori School8Credit
629Cruz, Joannah PaulinePhilippine Science High School - CVisC8Credit
630Cua, Jerickson RodneyGrace Christian College8Credit
631Dalan, GeraldSt. Joseph College - Olongapo8Credit
632Daniel, IanZamboanga Chong Hua High School8Credit
633Florendo, Veronica DanielleSt. Paul College of Pasig8Credit
634Fuentes, NoelPhilippine Science High School - CVisC8Credit
635Gallardo, Raia Alexis TSan Beda College Alabang8Credit
636Galvez, Rita RosarioSt. Paul College of Pasig8Credit
637Go, Janna MarieIloilo Scholastic Academy8Credit
638Go, Xavier Jefferson RayZamboanga Chong Hua High School8Credit
639Gomez, Mar JuliusRegional Science High School - III8Credit
640Hingan, John Aries CeazarSan Beda College Alabang8Credit
641Ho, Shannon GailZamboanga Chong Hua High School8Credit
642Jaurigue, CarlaSt. Paul College of Pasig8Credit
643Kim, Ji HoonSt. Peter the Apostle School8Credit
644Ku, Keane Mc JosefZamboanga Chong Hua High School8Credit
645Lim, AaronSt. John's Institue8Credit
646Lim, Jarrett IanPhilippine Academy of Sakya8Credit
647Lopez, Emil JohnRegional Science High School - III8Credit
648Mabanta, Mary AnjelicaSt. Paul College of Pasig8Credit
649Manalo, Lia CariColegio San Agustin - Makati8Credit
650Manaloto, Adrianne Alexis ASt. Paul College of Pasig8Credit
651Mc Coy, Keana MayRegional Science High School - III8Credit
652Melendrez, Romeo DaneRegional Science High School - III8Credit
653Mendoza, Mekaella JaneSan Beda College Alabang8Credit
654Muana, Peter GabrielPhilippine Science High School - CVisC8Credit
655Ocampo, LanceZamboanga Chong Hua High School8Credit
656Ong, EiraSt. Jude Catholic School8Credit
657Ragudo, John DominicPhilippine Science High School - Main Campus8Credit
658Ramos, Hannah MelissaSt. Paul College of Pasig8Credit
659Rapisora, Shanda MarieIntegrated Montessori Center8Credit
660Regorgo, Jude EricssonAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School8Credit
661Rodriguez, Jean NicoleSen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano MSTHS8Credit
662Sarmiento, Lanz VievghSen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano MSTHS8Credit
663Shi, KennethPhilippine Cultural College - Caloocan8Credit
664Suminguit, Sylvane QSacred Heart School - Ateneo De Cebu8Credit
665Sy, Alvin LyndonIloilo Scholastic Academy8Credit
666Tech, Lorenz MatthewPasig Catholic College8Credit
667Tuazon, Angelie BernadetteAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School8Credit
668Wee, Filbert HeinrichGrace Christian College8Credit
669Abarquez, Abigail YsabelSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
670Abraham, MikeeSt. Augustine's School9Credit
671Alcovendaz, Maria JennicaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
672Amparado, Denzelle Marie CarmelAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Credit
673Andes, Joshua FranzAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Credit
674Balete, LesleyGrace Christian College9Credit
675Barago, DarlenePhilippine Science High School - CVisC9Credit
676Basit, CamilleSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
677Braganza, Aimee GizelleBHC Educational Institution, Inc.9Credit
678Calimlim, Jen NicoleSt. Augustine's School9Credit
679Cayanan, Ira LouiseGrace Christian College9Credit
680Cesa, Dana KatherineSt. Joseph College - Olongapo9Credit
681Chan, AndreaPhilippine Cultural College - Caloocan9Credit
682Chan, Patrick AdrianSt. Jude Catholic School9Credit
683Chen, Monica MaeSt. Jude Catholic School9Credit
684Chiang, Nicole SeanSt. Jude Catholic School9Credit
685Choa, Francis JrSt. Jude Catholic School9Credit
686Chua, Kirsten WendellSt. Jude Catholic School9Credit
687Dapat, Eman NuellitoSan Beda College Alabang9Credit
688De Guzman, Joshua SeanHope Christian High School9Credit
689Dela Cruz, Beatrix AnnePhilippine Cultural College - Main9Credit
690Ferrer, Marie ChristineSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
691Gaerlan, Samara FrancineHope Christian High School9Credit
692Go, Maxine KaraSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
693Gonzales, Andrea BiancaPrecious International School of Davao9Credit
694Hung, Cenalyn SedeniaPhilippine Cultural College - Main9Credit
695Isip, Lance PatrickAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Credit
696Jazmines, Maria MichaelaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
697Juan Tong, Heinz AlfredHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Ledesco Campus9Credit
698Kalaw, Marianna IsabelSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
699Labios, EnriqueSan Beda College Alabang9Credit
700Laurel, Mariya HannaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
701Li, Hazel BeatriceGrace Christian College9Credit
702Lim, CianaSt. Stephen's High School9Credit
703Linsangan, BettinaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
704Lizarda, Mary ClaireSan Beda College Alabang9Credit
705Lugtu, Gilene ChristelleWestfield Science Oriented School and Colleges9Credit
706Maliwat, Ryan JoshuaPasig Catholic College9Credit
707Malonzo, Marietta Kristina PaolaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
708Malvecino, Arken JuneRegional Science High School - CDO9Credit
709Mamaril, Katrina MarieSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
710Mangaoang, Kaye DanescaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
711Mendoza, JanikaRegional Science High School - III9Credit
712Murillo, Ann QuincyAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Credit
713Nullar, Lovely AnneBHC Educational Institution, Inc.9Credit
714Nunez, Celin AudreySan Beda College Alabang9Credit
715Ong, Richmond LancePhilippine Cultural College - Main9Credit
716Pasco, Pamela BiancaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
717Peregrino, John AndrewSan Beda College Alabang9Credit
718Polancos, RyannaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
719Quintos, Gabrielle RoseSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
720Reoma, Jhasphaire PrincessColegio San Agustin - Biñan9Credit
721Reyes, Jonathan GabrielPasig Catholic College9Credit
722Rutor, Unagh RoseWestfield Science Oriented School and Colleges9Credit
723Sanchez, Ma Ave VirginiaPhilippine Science High School - CVisC9Credit
724See, Danielle JoyJubilee Christian Academy9Credit
725So, Janine AbigailHope Christian High School9Credit
726Sy, Fritz JeremySt. Peter the Apostle School9Credit
727Tan, Christine JoySt. Jude Catholic School9Credit
728Tan, Georgette Sammantha BPangasinan Universal Institute9Credit
729Tan, Monica AlexisSt. Paul College of Pasig9Credit
730Tan, VincentPhilippine Institute of Quezon City9Credit
731Tanmanuel, DavidSt. Peter the Apostle School9Credit
732Tanno, Gen MarkSouthville International School And Colleges9Credit
733To, Frances RobinaSt. Jude Catholic School9Credit
734Ton, DanielHope Christian High School9Credit
735Tuquero, LorebenAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Credit
736Yu, AndrewSt. John's Institue9Credit
737Benignos, Charity JustineTrinity Christian School10Credit
738Gaza, Arianna LouiseRegional Science High School - III10Credit
739Nodora, Clyde JustinBHC Educational Institution, Inc.10Credit
740Rodriguez, ZofiaSen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano MSTHS10Credit
741Santos, Daryl JoeSen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano MSTHS10Credit
742Sy, Justin VitoSt. John's Institue10Credit
743Aguirre, Sophia MarrieColegio San Agustin - Makati3Merit
744Ang, Celine JadePhilippine Cultural College - Main3Merit
745Avecilla IV, Jesus AlonsoSPED G - Kalayaan3Merit
746Baldamor, Kurt Ian RazlCity Central School3Merit
747Bernardo, CaseySt. Jude Catholic School3Merit
748Carballo, Alia JoySPED G - Kalayaan3Merit
749Cartagena, Willard DanielCity Central School3Merit
750Dalangin, Michelle AntoinettePrecious International School of Davao3Merit
751David, Heather EnihkelaSPED G - Kalayaan3Merit
752De La Paz, Joey EmmanuelSPED G - Kalayaan3Merit
753Haro, Grechelle FayeUniversity Of Negros Occidental - Recoletos3Merit
754Kikui, KeiPrecious International School of Davao3Merit
755Maquiling, Aess AnndeePrecious International School of Davao3Merit
756Maroma, John VincentMaasin Central Elementary School3Merit
757Pama, Lance GavinHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Main3Merit
758Ragadio, Julian AlexanderSPED G - Kalayaan3Merit
759Sacramento, Bianca MarieSPED G - Kalayaan3Merit
760Salado, CalebSto. Domingo Elementary School3Merit
761Torreon, Ambrose James GarciaRainbow Of Angels Learning Center Inc.3Merit
762Vidal, Lemuel JohnSt. Joseph College - Olongapo3Merit
763Alicias, Eunice PatriciaSt. Paul College of Pasig4Merit
764Amper, Kirk Exequiel OTambo Central School4Merit
765Apale, Maria VenetziaColegio San Agustin - Makati4Merit
766Benitez, Macky EmersonSt. Augustine's School4Merit
767Bernas, Francis AdrianSan Beda College Alabang4Merit
768Bregaudit, Jerzey MandiSan Beda College Alabang4Merit
769Bulquerin, AzrrySPED G - Kalayaan4Merit
770Caballes C, Lara MonicaLiving Spring Academy4Merit
771Calacday, KeithSt. Peter the Apostle School4Merit
772Casugbo, MarianneHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Main4Merit
773Co, Clehyr MeiobyHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Main4Merit
774Collao, ColeenBlessed Lights International Christian Academy4Merit
775Doliente, Nino Marl PTambo Central School4Merit
776Encabo, Francis JamesSt. John's Institue4Merit
777Galilea, Christian HenryMaasin Central Elementary School4Merit
778Go, Jared BrienZamboanga Chong Hua High School4Merit
779Harder, UrielleMaasin Central Elementary School4Merit
780Jardin, Joanna MaeOlongapo City Elementary School4Merit
781Jover, Kenshin JaySto. Domingo Elementary School4Merit
782Lagat, Reynette MicahPrecious International School of Davao4Merit
783Lati, Cyril ReignellePasig Catholic College4Merit
784Lee, Hershel JuddSt. Peter the Apostle School4Merit
785Magto, Ron Christian YTambo Central School4Merit
786Mateo, Laurein MarielleSt. Paul College of Pasig4Merit
787Maullon, Carlos JaysonColegio San Agustin - Makati4Merit
788Oberio, KateMaasin Central Elementary School4Merit
789Pepito, Dianne Earl LTambo Central School4Merit
790Ponce, John PaulPrecious International School of Davao4Merit
791Ramos, Jhann Rainey FZamboanga Chong Hua High School4Merit
792Rueda, Raisa IsabelaSan Beda College Alabang4Merit
793Salak, Marion JoyBlessed Lights International Christian Academy4Merit
794Salazar, Angel Rose VTambo Central School4Merit
795Sales, Justine NicoleSPED G - Kalayaan4Merit
796Saljay, Egimela KylaPrecious International School of Davao4Merit
797Tagumpama, Charlize GabrielleAquinas University of Legazpi4Merit
798Teng, John RaphaelPhilippine Cultural College - Main4Merit
799Uy, Mikhail AndrewSt. Jude Catholic School4Merit
800Aguila, Phillip DodgeAquinas University of Legazpi5Merit
801Alidon, Joseph EdrielInternational British Academy - Cavite5Merit
802Almoro, Rafael LuisColegio San Agustin - Biñan5Merit
803Anglo, Ella MarieSt. John's Institue5Merit
804Antequisa, Athena Courage SLiving Spring Academy5Merit
805Aparici, ArchelleCity Central School5Merit
806Bacolor, Andrea YsobelBestcap Career College, Inc.5Merit
807Bana, John Jbrail Khalil A City Central School5Merit
808Besares, Mary ClarisseSto. Domingo Elementary School5Merit
809Bueno, Marie VictorieneColegio San Agustin - Makati5Merit
810Capacia, Nicole Linzy MaeColegio San Agustin - Biñan5Merit
811Carballo, Arl EdrianSPED G - Kalayaan5Merit
812Cesa, Daemian Johan GravinaSt. Joseph College - Olongapo5Merit
813De La Cruz, Jermae RoyceDingle Central Elementary School5Merit
814Debalucos, Althea Marie LLiving Spring Academy5Merit
815Del Fierro, KristianSt. Augustine's School5Merit
816Del Rosario, Alec AndreaColegio San Agustin - Makati5Merit
817Engallado, Frelean FaithSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo5Merit
818Fernando, Ashley RojeBestcap Career College, Inc.5Merit
819Gervero, Erika LynnSto. Domingo Elementary School5Merit
820Jimenez, Andrien Michael BLiving Spring Academy5Merit
821Laqui, Nina IsabelaSan Beda College Alabang5Merit
822Lim, Robyn ShainaSt. Jude Catholic School5Merit
823Mariano, Jewel EveKalalake Elementary School (Centex)5Merit
824Marjes, KylaKalalake Elementary School (Centex)5Merit
825Neri, Jaline Love RLiving Spring Academy5Merit
826Nobleza, Aaron XavierLittle Angel Study Center, Olongapo5Merit
827Olmillo, RosetteUP Integrated School5Merit
828Ong, Daniel MiguelSt. John's Institue5Merit
829Orbina, Gydel FaithWest Visayas State University - ILS5Merit
830Oxales, Dhea MaeGordon Heights I Elementary School SPED Center5Merit
831Palizada, Kyla YzabelleLittle Angel Study Center, Olongapo5Merit
832Sarmiento, Katrina CassandraOlongapo City Elementary School5Merit
833Sowy, Indira AnneSt. Paul College of Pasig5Merit
834Talip, NathanielCity Central School5Merit
835Tan, Gaile StephaniePangasinan Universal Institute5Merit
836Tan, Keith RyanZamboanga Chong Hua High School5Merit
837Tipolo, Gianne MaeSto. Domingo Elementary School5Merit
838Uygongco, Cassey JulesHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Main5Merit
839Velarde, Rose Ann ElizabethPrecious International School of Davao5Merit
840Abdurahman, YoshiroFilipino - Turkish Tolerance School6Merit
841Aizon, KylieZamboanga Chong Hua High School6Merit
842Alcobilla, John OneilSPED - Integrated School For Exceptional Children6Merit
843Amante, Joaquim LorenzoColegio San Agustin - Biñan6Merit
844Ang, Renz GhesterIloilo Scholastic Academy6Merit
845Caluya, Angelica IsabellHoly Rosary Academy of Las Piñas City6Merit
846Chan, John WallaceIloilo Scholastic Academy6Merit
847Dolendo, Joelian MarieIloilo Scholastic Academy6Merit
848Dordas, Franxen Angela MarieSPED - Integrated School For Exceptional Children6Merit
849Herida, Hazel LorraineUniversity Of Negros Occidental - Recoletos6Merit
850Insigne, EwemizSPED - Integrated School For Exceptional Children6Merit
851Lim, Vince EisenhowerSt. Jude Catholic School6Merit
852Maxino, Carlin KenColegio San Agustin - Makati6Merit
853Mayuga, Andrei RaphaelColegio San Agustin - Makati6Merit
854Nuega, Alan PaulSt. John's Institue6Merit
855Pahuyo, Cayle EdwardCity Central School6Merit
856Patoc, Samuel EnriqueGoa Central School6Merit
857Rivera, Sandra NicoleSan Beda College Alabang6Merit
858Rodriguez, Rianne DominiqueSan Beda College Alabang6Merit
859Serdoncillo, Jansen NinaPhilippine Science High School - Main Campus6Merit
860Villonco, Marianna DeniseSt. Paul College of Pasig6Merit
861Yambot, Krishna Manuel DButuan City SPED Center6Merit
862Acol, EzraSan Beda College Alabang7Merit
863Alarilla, Samantha NicoleSt. Paul College of Pasig7Merit
864Bartolome, CarissaSt. Paul College of Pasig7Merit
865Calvi, Ayesha DaniaRegional Science High School - IX7Merit
866Dy, Natalia BeatriceSt. John's Institue7Merit
867Gonzales, Romiane GraceColegio San Agustin - Makati7Merit
868Juantong, JeremiahIloilo Scholastic Academy7Merit
869Lee, Alyssa AlexandraHua Siong College Of Iloilo - Main7Merit
870Lora, Carl Leann ASan Beda College Alabang7Merit
871Luna, Anna ThereseSt. Paul College of Pasig7Merit
872Macario, RojanRegional Science High School - IX7Merit
873Mallari, Cristina BiancaSt. Paul College of Pasig7Merit
874Pandangan, Elssa MatlynRegional Science High School - IX7Merit
875Rojas, Jose LorenzoSan Beda College Alabang7Merit
876Santos, Mikaela Gail DilagMakati Science High School7Merit
877Solis, Sireen XandriaPrecious International School of Davao7Merit
878Wan, AbigailSt. Paul College of Pasig7Merit
879Arellano, Isabelle LouiseAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School8Merit
880Bantug, Earl HumpreyRegional Science High School - IX8Merit
881Bravo, Bianca YsabelleSt. Paul College of Pasig8Merit
882Cabigao, Margaret DeniseSt. Paul College of Pasig8Merit
883Calderon, NinaInternational British Academy - Cavite8Merit
884Chen, ErwinPhilippine Cultural College - Main8Merit
885Chu, David AnthonySt. Stephen's High School8Merit
886David, Ma Julia CatherineSt. Paul College of Pasig8Merit
887Dela Rosa, AngelouIntegrated Montessori Center8Merit
888Diadio, Johnna IzzaSt. Mary Mazzarello School8Merit
889Domantay, PatrickZamboanga Chong Hua High School8Merit
890Domino, Gabrielle ThereseSt. Paul College of Pasig8Merit
891Enriquez, Jeric CesarRegional Science High School - IX8Merit
892Fajarito, Joanna MarieSan Beda College Alabang8Merit
893Gacosta, Maria VictoriaColegio San Agustin - Makati8Merit
894Gustilo, Angelikah DeniseSt. John's Institue8Merit
895Mendoza, Miguel Christian AnthonyAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School8Merit
896Olesco, Paul EdgarAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School8Merit
897Pardinas, Ma BeatrizAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School8Merit
898Patricio, Acel MackenzieSen. Renato "Compañero" Cayetano MSTHS8Merit
899Rico, Claire ThereseAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School8Merit
900Sy, CamilleZamboanga Chong Hua High School8Merit
901Sy, Sheirese IraIloilo Scholastic Academy8Merit
902Tee, MadelineJubilee Christian Academy8Merit
903Yu, ShaunZamboanga Chong Hua High School8Merit
904Abando, AlexeaPrecious International School of Davao9Merit
905Almazan, Carl JobinRegional Science High School - IX9Merit
906Ang, Elaine JoycePhilippine Cultural College - Main9Merit
907Ante, Denise AndreiAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Merit
908Atilano, James ChristianZamboanga Chong Hua High School9Merit
909Aviso, Kate LouiseAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Merit
910Chan, Andrew JohnHope Christian High School9Merit
911Chan, Justin PhillipLegazpi Hope Christian School9Merit
912Corsino, MarianneSan Beda College Alabang9Merit
913Daclan, Maria GwynethPrecious International School of Davao9Merit
914Doctolero, Paolo YvesRegional Science High School - IX9Merit
915Fernandez, Danielle AnnSt. Paul College of Pasig9Merit
916Flores, FranchescaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Merit
917Gepulla, Karisa HannahHope Christian High School9Merit
918Gesilva, KristineSt. Paul College of Pasig9Merit
919Gordola, Kathleen MayAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Merit
920Lim, Marielle FrancescaZamboanga Chong Hua High School9Merit
921Longasa, Adrian BaliloAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Merit
922Lopez-Vito, Nemi DaneZamboanga Chong Hua High School9Merit
923Lorenzo, Jose MariBestcap Career College, Inc.9Merit
924Mamaril, Rizaldy JrSt. Augustine's School9Merit
925Obusan, George MiguelWestfield Science Oriented School and Colleges9Merit
926Pardinas, Juan CarlosAquinas University of Legazpi Science High School9Merit
927Park, DabinDe La Salle University - STC9Merit
928Rabaya, David CarlSan Beda College Alabang9Merit
929Roque, Carmela LilianSt. Paul College of Pasig9Merit
930Samson, Monica Rose BiancaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Merit
931Santos, Therese GabrielleSt. Paul College of Pasig9Merit
932Saret, Lemuel GavinManila Science High School9Merit
933So, Clyde JarvisGrace Christian College9Merit
934Sy, JanellePhilippine Cultural College - Main9Merit
935Tambaoan, Candice FrancheskaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Merit
936Tan, Hazel JasminGrace Christian College9Merit
937Tan, Mary JoycePhilippine Cultural College - Caloocan9Merit
938Tang, Angelica NicoleSt. Paul College of Pasig9Merit
939Ver, Kathryn NicoleHope Christian High School9Merit
940Wee Ebol, Zeilord KentZamboanga Chong Hua High School9Merit
941Wong, JustinPhilippine Cultural College - Caloocan9Merit
942Yongco, Vincent MarvinSt. Peter the Apostle School9Merit
943Yu, Stephanie GayleGrace Christian College9Merit
944Zamora, AnnikaSt. Paul College of Pasig9Merit
945Caramoan, Ina FrancescaNaga City Science High School10Merit
946Cruz, Jake MichaelBataan National High School10Merit
947Dagatan, FrancisRegional Science High School - III10Merit
948Prestoza, Bert JosephBHC Educational Institution, Inc.10Merit