Announcement: IMSO science camp

The invited grades 4 and 5 participants of the current school year (2016-17) who confirmed to join the 4-day IMSO Science Selection Training Camp in Tagaytay City on March 24-27, 2017 must submit the following requirements:

a. Parental Consent;
b. Medical Certificate; and
c. Form 137 (2016-17) duly signed by the registrar and approved by the school principal.

Please send the said documents on or before Friday, January 13, 2017 to

Philippine Academy of Sakya
1463 G. Masangkay St., Manila

After the validation of the Form 137 (SY 2016-17) and other documents, the official list of qualified participants will be posted in the website. Thus, the invited students are advised to hold on from making any premature and unwarranted registration steps until official names of participants are released and posted in the website.