58 participants get high distinction certificates in ICAS- Science

Fifty eight of the 1227 participants in the 2012 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) -Science in the Philippines receive high distinction certificates for being in the top one percent of the participants for each year level in the Philippines.

The ICAS drew over one million student entries from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually. In addition, students from over 20 countries including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, USA and the Philippines had participated in this year’s ICAS-Science.

Dr. Rob Forage, chief executive officer of the UNSW Global Pty Limited, had commended the performance of the Filipino participants for their outstanding achievements which reaped other awards such as 202 distinction certificates and 346 credit certificates.

The ICAS- Science assesses students’ skills in the key scientific areas of: Interpreting data, including observing, measuring and interpreting diagrams, tables and graphs; applying data, including inferring, predicting and concluding and higher order skills, including investigating, reasoning and problem solving. The papers cover content on Earth and Beyond (incorporating the Earth Sciences and Astronomy); Energy and Change (incorporating Physics); Life and Living (incorporating Biology and Ecology) and Natural and Processed Materials (incorporating Chemistry).

The ICAS-Science is an independent evaluation of students’ skills and knowledge in core learning areas and provides insight into students’ understanding. The skills and understandings are tested important indicators of success in school and beyond, ‘said Nick Connolly, Test Development Manager at Educational Assessment, UNSW Global.’

Here the following winners of the High Distinction, Distinction and Credit awards:

High Distinction Awards:

 First NameLast NameSchool
2ANDREI CLYDEARELLANOPasig Catholic College_
4DAN ALDENBATERISNAColegio San Agustin Ð Makati
5SOPHIAMEDINAColegio San Agustin Ð Bi–an
6GENRISHNGSt. Jude Catholic School
7DION STEPHANONGAteneo de Manila Grade School
8DOMINICREDANIELChildren's Integrated School of Alta Tierra, Inc.
9ALEXANDRA RAFAELLESEVASpecial Educational Center for the Gifted_
11SIMON STEPHENSYPhiladelphia High School
13JINGERCHONGSt. Jude Catholic School
14LAWRENCE GABRIELDYMakati Hope Christian School
15YVES GABRIELLAZAROAteneo de Manila Grade School_
16HANS LEIGHTONLIUSt. Jude Catholic School
17DOMINIC GIANMANALOColegio San Agustin Ð Makati
20YOUNALEEColegio San Agustin Ð Makati
21ANTONIOALDEGUERColegio San Agustin Ð Makati
22THOMAS SPENCERBALETESt. Stephen's High School
23ADAM CHRISTOPHERCHANGrace Christian College
24VICENTE RAPHAELCHANZamboanga Chong Hua High School
25JAYMI MAECHINGJubilee Christian Academy
28LEONARD LUISPENAMother Goose Special School Sys, Inc.
29SHAQUILLE WYANQUEGrace Christian College
30CLYDE WESLEYANGChiang Kai Shek College
32ANDREAJABASt. Jude Catholic School
33SEDRICKKEHXavier School
38RAPHAELVILLALUZSan Beda College Alabang
39FARRELL ELDRIANWUMGC New Life Christian Academy
40SAMANTHAAMANTEColegio San Agustin Ð Bi–an
42HANS CECILIO LBOSSHARDColegio San Agustin Ð Makati
44GABRIELESTAMPADORSan Beda College Alabang
45KELSEYLIM TIONG SOONGrace Christian College
47ADRIAN REGINALDSYSt. Jude Catholic School
49ISABELLATANSt. Jude Catholic School
51JASON CARLOCARRANCEJAGrace Christian College
52AUSTIN EDRICHCHUASt. Jude Catholic School
53ALLEN CEDRICKDOMINGOPhilippine Science HS-Main
54MA CZARINA ANGELALAOSt. Jude Catholic School
55REINE JIANAREYNOSOPhilippine Science HS-Main_
56MATTHEW RYANTANSt. Jude Catholic School
57BENEDICTTIUSt. Stephen's High School
58MIKAELA ANGELINAUYSt. Jude Catholic School_

Distinction Awards:

1Agan, Michaela FrancescaSt. Paul College, Pasig
2Ajoc, DanielleButuan City SPED Center
3Almalbis, Christina LanceSan Beda College Alabang
4Amalla, Bon LeifColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
5Amancio, HoneyferGrace Christian College
6Ang, David SamuelHope Christian High School
7Ang, KarliPhilippine Institute of Quezon City
8Angkay, Curt Andrei P.Philadelphia High School
9Ao, Catriona YsabelaSt. Paul College, Pasig
10Aquino, Christi JonnCenter of Excellence
11Aquino, Solana BeatrizSt. Paul College, Pasig
12Arevalo, Ma. Veronica PiaColegio San Agustin - Makati
13Astorga, Mikhael ElijahSan Beda College Alabang
14Baisas, Alodia CareyColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
15Balbuena, AljanSen. Renato Cayetano Mem Sci & Tech HS
16Balete, Lesley ClariceGrace Christian College
17Basa, Vince Lennon BHC Educational Institution - La Union
18Basit, CamilleSt. Paul College, Pasig
19Batugal, Athea ClaireTuguegarao West Central School
20Bautista, YsabelColegio San Agustin - Makati
21Bernardo, Isabella MarieSt. Paul College, Pasig
22Bernardo, Luke Matthews B.Philadelphia High School
23Betonio, Athea GueneviereColegio San Agustin - Makati
24Braza, Bianca ReneeColegio San Agustin - Makati
25Cabanes, Shawn GabrielZamboanga Chong Hua High School
26Cajucom, Marie FrederiqueSt. Paul College, Pasig
27Ca–edo, Keith JonesCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
28Castro, IsabelleColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
29Chan, Ethan RileyZamboanga Chong Hua High School
30Chan, KennethIloilo Central Commercial High School
31Chan, Patrick TanyaSt. Jude Catholic School
32Chen, MonicaSt. Jude Catholic School
33Cheng, Deany HendrickGrace Christian College
34Ching, Daphne L.Jubilee Christian Academy
35Chua, Arianna EliseSt. Jude Catholic School
36Chua, Chloe KellyZamboanga Chong Hua High School
37Chua, Elijah MatthewSan Beda College Alabang
38Chua, Scott LeeXavier School
39Chuatak, John ThomasSt. Stephen's High School
40Co, Maxinne LouiseAteneo de Iloilo
41Co, Miko JohnsonSt. Stephen's High School
42Co, Randall Lewis St. Stephen's High School
43Co, RobinaPhilippine Cultural College
44Colasito, Katrina LauraSan Beda College Alabang
45Comaling, Angelika LouisseCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
46Concepcion, FrancisPhilippine Cultural College
47Cruz, Cris JerichoPuerto Princesa Pilot Elementary School
48Cruz, Dominique NadineSt. Paul College, Pasig
49Chua, Ma. Cathrynne JanellaPhilippine Yuh Chiau School
50Cua, Jerickson RodneyGrace Christian College
51Dalangin, Allen JoshuaSan Beda College Alabang
52Dancel, Smrz Kahlil AndreiSan Beda College Alabang
53Dayrit, AdrianHoly Rosary Academy of Las Pi–as City
54De Jesus, Maverick IanCenter of Excellence
55Del Rosario, BenedictIligan City East Central School
56Dela Merced, Stephanie AnneSt. Paul College, Pasig
57Deodores, Ryan ChristopherColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
58Desoyo, Queenzhee ClaireCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
59Domingo, Rani AilynaPhilippine Science HS-Main
60Dy, Laila DeniseSt. Jude Catholic School
61Dy, LouieSt. Jude Catholic School
62Embay, Sean SanderLa Salle Academy
63Embay, Szel LeevenLa Salle Academy
64Engallado, Frelean FaithSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo
65Espiritu, KathrynSt. Paul College, Pasig
66Estampador, Camille ThereseSt. Paul College, Pasig
67Estudillo, Jester Shane
68Ng, Jeremy AceSt. Jude Catholic School
69Fernandez, Jason JosephPhilippine Science HS-Main
70Francisco, Pamela IsabelSt. Paul College, Pasig
71Fronda, KarlheinzPhilippine Science High School Ð CLC
72Gabaton, Gabrielle AnnePasig Catholic College
73Gabaton, Mary BeatricePasig Catholic College
74Gaffud, Joshua AngeloColegio San Agustin - Makati
75Galvan, Ramon IIIIloilo Central Commercial High School
76Gamboa, Ma. Ann VeronicaSan Beda College Alabang
77Go, Gene Jr.Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
78Go, Xavier Jefferson Ray M.Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
79Gonzales, Lou IrishPasig Catholic College
80Gumilao, Thamania KeithPasig Catholic College
81Himig, MarcosPhilippine Cultural College
82Hingan, John Aries CeazarSan Beda College Alabang
83Huang, Trisha
84Jovellanos, GiulianaSt. Paul College, Pasig
85Juan Tong, Timothy JohnIloilo Central Commercial High School
86King, Grant AaronGrace Christian College
87Ku, Keane Mc JosefZamboanga Chong Hua High School
88Lao, FernandoPhilippine Cultural College
89Lao, Miguel BradfordPhilippine Cultural College
90Lara, JimuelPhilippine Science HS-Main
91Lazaro, Lorenzo ThomasAteneo de Manila Grade School
92Ledesma, Miguel JavierSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
93Lee, Ava CelesteSt. Jude Catholic School
94Lee, KyleBESTCAP Career College, Inc.
95Lee Uy, LanceXavier School
96Legurpa, Mikko P.Sto. Domingo Elementary School
97Leonora, Francis Harry ShoneSto. Domingo Elementary School
98Lim, Fedrick LanceZamboanga Chong Hua High School
99Lim, Jesse MaePhilippine Cultural College
100Limsiy, Gerrick SpencerGrace Christian College
101Liwanag, Beatrice IsabelSt. Paul College, Pasig
102Lizarda, PhilipSan Beda College Alabang
103Locsin, Jose IgnacioSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
104Logro–o, Clent JosephCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
105Lucero, Ella MarieColegio San Agustin - Makati
106Lucman, Mishari RashidMSU - IIT Integrated Developmental School
107Macalalad, NadineSt. Paul College, Pasig
108Mafe, Lord DanlyColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
109Magsajo, Theresa DeniseSt. Paul College, Pasig
110Magsayo, Lawrence JayPhilippine Science High School - CMC
111Malaluan, Robbie PaulIligan City East Central School
112Marcojos, Rhomel IgnatiusColegio San Agustin - Makati
113Marcojos, Rhomel IsaacColegio San Agustin - Makati
114Mariano, Raeann ReneeColegio San Agustin - Makati
115Martinez, Patricia NicoleSt. Paul College, Pasig
116Masba–o, Raymund CarloSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
117Matoci–os, Yvez MathrimPasig Catholic College
118Maxino, Carlin KenColegio San Agustin - Makati
119Mayo, Joaquin LuisSt. Jude Catholic School
120Menchavez, Bezaleel ManuelAteneo de Iloilo
121Mercado, Rico DanielCenter of Excellence
122Mirhan, Carlynne Erica L.Bethany Christian School
123Monsanto, Jerome
124Montales, Lara AndreaPhilippine Science HS-Main
125Musngi, ShamalaSt. Paul College, Pasig
126Napalcruz, Haley Osment S.Zambowood Elementary School
127Ng, Calvin AlexanderGrace Christian College
128Ng, Liam Sanro Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
129Ng, Steve HK Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
130Ngo, Raenelle Ean A.Chiang Kai Shek College
131Nicolas, Ralph IanColegio San Agustin - Makati
132Nismal, Janina GayleSto. Domingo Elementary School
133Olivarez, Christopher JasonColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
134Ong, Danielle MelizSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
135Ong, Hans Bryan GeremyGrace Christian College
136Ong, Stefan MarcusSt. Jude Catholic School
137Pahuyo, Carl EdwardPhilippine Science High School - CMC
138Paraiso, Austine AngelineCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
139Pastor, Karina BiancaSt. Paul College, Pasig
140Pre, Sophia FrancescaColegio San Agustin - Makati
141Pua, Gabriel JosephSt. Stephen's High School
142Que, Sean WyndellGrace Christian College
143Quismundo, Justin MiguelColegio San Agustin - Makati
144Ramos, Aroanna SofiaColegio San Agustin - Makati
145Rapisura, RikiPrecious International School of Davao
146Ravago, Kyla IsabelSt. Paul College, Pasig
147Rebong, Raymond LukeGrace Christian College
148Reyes, Madeleine TanSt. Jude Catholic School
149Reyes, Steven St. Jude Catholic School
150Reyes, Tanya NicoleColegio San Agustin - Makati
151Reyes, Trisha AnneSt. Paul College, Pasig
152Roberto, Ronnie VienceSpecial Educational Center for the Gifted
153Rodolfo, Marcela MercedesColegio San Agustin - Makati
154Rodolfo, Raphael CecilioColegio San Agustin - Makati
155Salud, NathanSt. Stephen's High School
156Salva, Joseph Karl C. Jr.Bethany Christian School
157Santos, Emmanuel PauloColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
158Santos, JasmineSt. Jude Catholic School
159Sayson, Frances ChristineSt. Paul College, Pasig
160See, Engelberg Jeremy T.Jubilee Christian Academy
161Segismundo, Jasper JohnPasig Catholic College
162Sia, Maria AngelikaPhilippine Cultural College
163Sison, Kathleen AnnIloilo Central Commercial High School
164Siy, Robin ChristenGrace Christian College
165So, Sean MarcusGrace Christian College
166So, Selena MarieGrace Christian College
167Sy, Abigail LaurenSt. Jude Catholic School
168Sy, JudyPhilippine Cultural College
169Sy, KaylliePhilippine Cultural College
170Sy, Marvin KaiserSt. Jude Catholic School
171Sy, Ryan Colin AlexanderSt. Jude Catholic School
172Tan, Bianca NicholeSt. Paul College, Pasig
173Tan, Daisylyn SennaPhilippine Cultural College
174Tan, Darrell ErickThe Master's Academy - QC
175Tan, Julianne Agatha M.Philadelphia High School
176Tan, Matthew EricSt. Stephen's High School
177Tan, SansianColegio San Agustin - Makati
178Tan, Sharlyn KayeNaga Hope Christian School
179Tanno, Gen Mark V.Southville International School and Colleges
180Tarlengco, MarvinSan Beda College Alabang
181Teo, Mark JoshuaSt. Jude Catholic School
182Tiamson, Reich MichaelColegio San Agustin - Makati
183Tiamson, Scott GabrielColegio San Agustin - Makati
184Tio, Sasha Lezah MoriePhilippine Yuh Chiau School
185Tiong, Gregory Charles KehSt. Jude Catholic School
186Tiu, Sherwin AdrienSt. Stephen's High School
187Tiu, Sterling AlvinSt. Stephen's High School
188Tobias, ChelzeaSan Beda College Alabang
189Togonon, Adrian Cahlil EizChildren's Integrated School of Alta Tierra, Inc.
190Ton, DanielHope Christian High School
191Torres, Justin BryceZamboanga Chong Hua High School
192Tsai, Terence BrianChiang Kai Shek College
193Ty, Clark Steven S.Philadelphia High School
194Ty, Sean AndersonZamboanga Chong Hua High School
195Varela, NataliaSt. Paul College, Pasig
196Villanueva, John MarkChildren's Integrated School of Alta Tierra, Inc.
197Villareal, Alexa SofiaSt. Paul College, Pasig
198Villonco, Marianna DeniseSt. Paul College, Pasig
199Vi–ola, Nina PaulineColegio San Agustin - Makati
200Wee, Nicole LeanneZamboanga Chong Hua High School
201Yao, Kaye JanelleGrace Christian College
202Yu, Marc AdrianSt. Stephen's High School


1Abarquez, Abigail YsabelSt. Paul College, Pasig
2Acevedo, RoxanneSt. Paul College, Pasig
3Acut, Czarina ThereseIligan City East Central School
4Adaptar, Virgilio RoiPrecious International School of Davao
5Advento, Joseph StephenSan Beda College Alabang
6Agura, Samantha MariSt. Paul College, Pasig
7Alemania, Troy AlistherSan Beda College Alabang
8Alpanghe, Ralph NathanielSto. Domingo Elementary School
9Amador, Danielle MarieSan Beda College Alabang
10Andin, Zoe AriannaSt. Paul College, Pasig
11Andres, Paige Christianne AntoinetteSt. Paul College, Pasig
12Ang, Elaine JoycePhilippine Cultural College
13Antonio, Angela TeresaSen. Renato Cayetano Mem. Sci & Tech. HS
14Apao, AbeIligan City East Central School
15Aparici, ArchelleCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
16Arado, Irene JaelIligan City East Central School
17Araojo, Julianna LouiseColegio San Agustin - Makati
18Atega, Kyle Angelo WalshSan Beda College Alabang
19Atilano, James ChristianZamboanga Chong Hua High School
20Aurellano, Renz MatthewSan Beda College Alabang
21Badillo, Kyla ChienSt. Jude Catholic School
22Badiola, Julia MaxineSt. Paul College, Pasig
23Balayan, Christian JaredPhilippine Science HS-Main
24Balderrama, Anne NirelleSt. Paul College, Pasig
25Balete, Tomson StefanSt. Stephen's High School
26Balleza, Nathasia AlyssaPrecious International School of Davao
27Balmes, Leanne D.Colegio San Agustin - Makati
28Baluyut, Aerielle AlainaZamboanga Chong Hua High School
29Banzali, Maria YsabelPrecious International School of Davao
30Bernardo, Alyanna MariaSt. Paul College, Pasig
31Bocol, Xyanne Alex AndrienneIloilo Scholastic Academy
32Bola–os, Katrina Ysabelle T.Colegio San Agustin - Makati
33Borres, RaymondChildren's Integrated School of Alta Tierra, Inc
34Borromeo, Paul Boner
35Bra–a, Arabella ShayneChildren's Integrated School of Alta Tierra, Inc.
36Bucalan, Grae AustinHope Christian High School
37Bucao, Fred JamesSan Beda College Alabang
38Bueno, Rogene Cezar MarieSan Beda College Alabang
39Cadiz, Alyaija Mari YzabelSan Beda College Alabang
40Cajandig, Mary MoniqueIloilo National High School - SSC
41Cajote, Neil RafaelCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
42Cano, Anton MiguelColegio San Agustin - Makati
43Capayas, Adama BeatrizColegio San Agustin - Makati
44Carpio, Joseph BenedictSan Beda College Alabang
45Carta, JohannHope Christian High School
46Casano, HannaSan Beda College Alabang
47Castro, Adriane PaulPasig Catholic College
48Castro, Al PatrickPasig Catholic College
49Castro, BlytheSan Beda College Alabang
50Cayanan, Ira LouiseGrace Christian College
51Chan, Alvin HeinrichPhilippine Cultural College
52Chan, Audrey CatherineSt. Paul College, Pasig
53Chan, Kevinn FriedrichIloilo Scholastic Academy
54Chan, Sabrina RaeZamboanga Chong Hua High School
55Chang, Nichola Mharie AlabastroSt. Jude Catholic School
56Chang, Nikka KellyGrace Christian College
57Cheng, Jean BernadetteGrace Christian College
58Cheng, Kenisha AverylGrace Christian College
59Ching, Kate NicolePhilippine Cultural College
60Chong, Justin BryanGrace Christian College
61Chua, Alyanna DeniseSt. Jude Catholic School
62Chua, Angela GabrielleSt. Jude Catholic School
63Chua, Avery Hannah CoSt. Jude Catholic School
64Chua, Charl Daniel L.Bethany Christian School
65Chua, Hannah Kimberly G.Philadelphia High School - Xerox
66Chua, JanellePhilippine Cultural College
67Chua, JervisPhilippine Cultural College
68Chua, Kimberly LouissePhilippine Cultural College
69Chua, Kirsten NicoleGrace Christian College
70Chua, Kirsten WendellSt. Jude Catholic School
71Chua, Nathaniel ReinierSt. Jude Catholic School
72Chua, Nicole Joyce O.Philadelphia High School - Xerox
73Co, Ma. Samantha YsabelAteneo de Iloilo
74Co, Nelson ChristianSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
75Co, Vanessa CarlPhilippine Cultural College
76Comaling, Angelica NicoleCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
77Contreras, Amanda AnjaSt. Paul College, Pasig
78Cordova, Lanel RoseSto. Domingo Elementary School
79Cornel, Emmanuel MatthewSantiago Cultural Institute
80Corpin, Khyla KatrinaColegio San Agustin - Makati
81Creayla, PaulineCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
82Cruz, Alyssa NicoleSan Beda College Alabang
83Cruz, Jan JoshuaPasig Catholic College
84Cruz, Patricia-AnneSt. Paul College, Pasig
85Cunanan, Rufa AizhaZamboanga Chong Hua High School
86Daclan, Maria GwynethPrecious International School of Davao
87Dalian, Clarissa LoisPrecious International School of Davao
88Daniel, Ian C.Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
89De Guzman, JeremiahHope Christian High School
90De Guzman, JoshuaHope Christian High School
91De la Cruz, Jermae RoyceDingle Central Elementary School
92De Leon, Phoebe YsabelleSt. Paul College, Pasig
93De Luna, Marie CelinaSt. Paul College, Pasig
94Deiparine, Jesmae AnrilSan Beda College Alabang
95Dela Cruz, Cris MagdaleneBolinao Integrated School
96Dela Rosa, Ryan JoshuaSan Beda College Alabang
97Diaz, Jairus NeilSpecial Educational Center for the Gifted
98Duran, Justine William Colegio San Agustin - Makati
99Dy, Natalia BeatriceSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
100Escalante, Christine JoyColegio San Agustin - Makati
101Escoto, Maria Louisse FrancesSan Beda College Alabang
102Escueta, Dewy RoseDavao Central High School
103Espano, Alexander - Xerox CopyPhilippine Cultural College
104Evanculla, John DanielOlongapo City Elementary School
105Fajardo, Marcen GregorColegio San Agustin - Makati
106Falsis, BernadineGrace Christian College
107Fernandez, Robert Aldwin
108Ferrer, Louis DanelleSt. Paul College, Pasig
109Ferrer, Matthew JosephGrace Christian College
110Fastejo, Anne MargaretPhilippine Cultural College
111Floresca, Edgar Kristian LoiuePrecious International School of Davao
112Fortuno, Rose Adelaide MarieColegio San Agustin - Makati
113Gabaldon, JaimeelynGrace Christian College
114Gallardo, Raia AlexisSan Beda College Alabang
115Galvan, Kim LawrenceIloilo Central Commercial High School
116Garcia, CaraHoly Rosary Academy of Las Pi–as City
117Garcia, Phinam JethroHoly Rosary Academy of Las Pi–as City
118Garridos, CharleneCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
119Geraldino, GeraldineSt. Paul College, Pasig
120Gerodias, Maria AngelicaColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
121Gerona, RusjonellHoly Rosary Academy of Las Pi–as City
122Ginez, Isabelle Beatriz D.Colegio San Agustin - Makati
123Go, HaroldPhilippine Cultural College
124Gobenciong, Myrrh JosephSan Beda College Alabang
125Gomos, Katrina MarieSan Beda College Alabang
126Gorospe, Gwyneth ImmanuelBESTCAP Career College, Inc.
127Gregorio, Adrienne KishyaSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo
128Guadalupe, Brian ChristopherPasig Catholic College
129Guevara, AlyssaDe La Salle Zobel School
130Guevarram Aenix AmadorAquinas University of Legazpi Ð Elem Dept.
131Guico, Franz ChristianSt. Mary's School - Cagayan de Oro
132Gustilo, Angelikah DeniseSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
133Guting, John Sivert AndreBESTCAP Career College, Inc.
134Hernandez, Neil JheromeHoly Rosary Academy of Las Pi–as City
135Hernandez, Paul SimonHoly Rosary Academy of Las Pi–as City
136Hizon, Renee MarieSt. Paul College, Pasig
137Ho, Jonas AndrewZamboanga Chong Hua High School
138Ho, Shannon GailZamboanga Chong Hua High School
139Ho, Steven FrancisSt. Jude Catholic School
140Hugo, George Anna AlexaColegio San Agustin - Makati
141Hui, Bianca LivySt. Jude Catholic School
142Hung, Cenalyn SedeniaPhilippine Cultural College
143Hung, Maria Aaliyah NicoleAquinas University of Legazpi Ð Elem Dept.
144Insua, Sofia FrancheskaSan Beda College Alabang
145Jacinto, Jandre M.Philadelphia High School - Xerox
146Javier, Katerina AngelicaSt. Paul College, Pasig
147Javier, Marie NathanaelSt. Paul College, Pasig
148Javier, Ysabelle AngelicaSt. Paul College, Pasig
149Khow, Darren AnthonySt. Jude Catholic School
150Kim, Dae UkColegio San Agustin - Makati
151King, Alyssa GwynethGrace Christian College
152King, William Joshua G.Bethany Christian School
153Ko, Gene PaoloSantiago Cultural Institute
154Kotah, KarljanPhilippine Cultural College
155Labayani, Kyla PatriciaColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
156Lachaona, Denise RenzSan Beda College Alabang
157Lagat, Reynette MicahPrecious International School of Davao
158Lagos, IvanColegio San Agustin - Makati
159Laguer, Jan JozefColegio San Agustin - Makati
160Lanot, Allany GaileSt. Paul College, Pasig
161Lao, Maybeline BernadettePhilippine Cultural College
162Lapastora, Justin MatthewSt. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
163Ledesma, Timothy S.Bethany Christian School
164Lee Uy, KyleXavier School
165Legaspi, Angela DanielleSt. Paul College, Pasig
166Legurpa, Marius P.Sto. Domingo Elementary School
167Lim, Aaron GerardSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
168Lim, Anton RaphaelSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
169Lim, Jeanne Faith T.Philippine Tong Ho Institute
170Lim, Jiana Marie D.Philadelphia High School - Xerox
171Lim, Margaux FrancescaZamboanga Chong Hua High School
172Lim, Micah RobinZamboanga Chong Hua High School
173Lim, Tonita MariZamboanga Chong Hua High School
174Linsangan, BettinaSt. Paul College, Pasig
175Lo, Megan GraceMother Goose Special School System, Inc.
176Lopez-Vito, Nemi DaneZamboanga Chong Hua High School
177Lualhati, Rae VictorinetteSan Beda College Alabang
178Luna, Anna ThereseSt. Paul College, Pasig
179Mabanta, Mary AnjelicaSt. Paul College, Pasig
180Macadamia, Neeka AngeliBESTCAP Career College, Inc.
181Madamba, Julia Beatrice St. Paul College, Pasig
182Magallanes, Elgard RojanSto. Domingo Elementary School
183Malate, Adriot ReubenColegio San Agustin - Makati
184Maliwat, Ryan JoshuaPasig Catholic College
185Mallari, Cristina BeatriceSt. Paul College, Pasig
186Mallari, Cristina BiancaSt. Paul College, Pasig
187Mallorca, Jeah LinnChildren's Integrated School of Alta Tierra, Inc.
188Manuel, Enrique JoaquinColegio San Agustin - Makati
189Maog, Maria BettinaSt. Paul College, Pasig
190Mara–on, Anne BeatriceSen. Renato Cayetano Mem. Sci & Tech. HS
191Mariazeta, Francine MoninaSt. Paul College, Pasig
192Mendoza, Alessandra JayneGordon Heights I Elementary School
193Mendoza, Joan LisebethPhilippine Science HS-Main
194Mendoza, Marie Nicole JadeSan Beda College Alabang
195Mercado, Kristine Kaitlyn MarianneSt. Paul College, Pasig
196Miranda, AlexisSan Beda College Alabang
197Mirhan, Carl Kevin L.Bethany Christian School
198Moneda, Charity MarieBlessed Lights International Christian School
199Moneda, Christian MichaelBlessed Lights International Christian School
200Mortel, Bobby Carl Jr.Special Educational Center for the Gifted
201Murga, JonathanPhilippine Science High School - WVC
202Musngi, MegSt. Paul College, Pasig
203Naval, Teresa IsabelSt. Paul College, Pasig
204Navarra, JaninaColegio San Agustin - Makati
205Navarro, Julianna MaeSt. Paul College, Pasig
206Navarro, MigoCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
207Ngo, Matthew EthanSt. Jude Catholic School
208Nitcha, King ZeusSt. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
209Nueva, Lou Andrea BelleCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
210Nunez, Celin AudreySan Beda College Alabang
211Ocampo, JeffersonBESTCAP Career College, Inc.
212Ocampo, LanceZamboanga Chong Hua High School
213Ocana, Jennifer BeatriceSt. Paul College, Pasig
214Ochoa, Michelle MarieSt. Paul College, Pasig
215Oclarit, HeartCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
216Ofilada, BencynnetBHC Educational Institution - La Union
217Olalia, Ma. Bianca IsabelleHope Christian High School
218Omapas, Karl DemetriCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
219Ong, Andrew BrandonChiang Kai Shek College
220Ong, Barron Brandon ConroySt. Jude Catholic School
221Ong, Charlize JoSt. Jude Catholic School
222Ong, Daniel MiguelSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
223Ong, Richmond LancePhilippine Cultural College
224Ongchinke, JaysonPhilippine Cultural College
225Ordonia, Louise AngelaSt. Paul College, Pasig
226Ortiz, Manuel Vito IIISolomon Integrated School de Iloilo
227Pacis, Julianna FayeSt. Paul College, Pasig
228Palomo, GlennOlongapo City Elementary School
229Pangan, Patricia RoseSan Beda College Alabang
230Paraiso, Shekinah Ni–aCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
231Payino, Katherine Anne M.Colegio San Agustin - Makati
232Pe–as, Carlos JanSan Beda College Alabang
233Peregrino, John AndrewSan Beda College Alabang
234Perez, Chelsey JanSt. Paul College, Pasig
235Perez, Sophia ElenSt. Paul College, Pasig
236Picart, Nicole MaeAquinas University of Legazpi Ð HS Dept.
237Pimentel, Jed AbbieSt. Paul College, Pasig
238Pollentes, DanielSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
239Pongol, Christianne RoseCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
240Pontanal, Joanna EricaSen. Renato Cayetano Mem. Sci & Tech. HS
241Quintos, Gabrielle RoseSt. Paul College, Pasig
242Quinzon, ChristianSan Beda College Alabang
243Rabena, John AlfredSt. Paul College of Ilocos Sur
244Ragudo, Jan HazelMother Goose Special School System, Inc.
245Ragudo, John DominiqueMother Goose Special School System, Inc.
246Ramos, Francesca AnneSt. Paul College, Pasig
247Rance, Kenneth UlricColegio San Agustin - Makati
248Rayos del Sol, AngelaSt. Paul College, Pasig
249Recaido, Nicole DeszherieHoly Rosary Academy of Las Pi–as City
250Recio, KailaPhilippine Institute of Quezon City
251Reserva, Marcell JoshuaIligan City East Central School
252Revilla, Zachary BlakeColegio San Agustin - Makati
253Reyes, Hazel ElaineSt. Paul College, Pasig
254Reyes, Jonathan GabrielPasig Catholic College
255Rivera, Patrick Dale Angelo
256Rodriguez, CySen. Renato Cayetano Mem. Sci & Tech. HS
257Rojas, Jose LorenzoSan Beda College Alabang
258Ruiz, Reysonn Joss LeighCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
259Rupisan, Eunice NicoleSt. Paul College, Pasig
260Saavedra, HailieCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
261Salise, Prince Gerald PeterCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
262Salistre, Eunice LynSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo
263Saljay, Erica NicolePrecious International School of Davao
264San Jose, Ma. Christine AnneSan Beda College Alabang
265San Pablo, Alyssa MarieSt. Paul College, Pasig
266Sandigan, GillianSt. Paul College, Pasig
267Santiago, Francesca AlexisColegio San Agustin - Makati
268Santiago, ShairaGrace Christian College
269Santos, ArianaSan Beda College Alabang
270Santos, Conrigo BoyaZamboanga Chong Hua High School
271Santos, Ian NoelColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
272Santos, Therese GabrielleSt. Paul College, Pasig
273Sarza, Victoria AthenaSan Beda College Alabang
274Sebastian, Lance KendrickZamboanga Chong Hua High School
275Segundo, Alyssa JoyceSPED Center for Fast Learners and Talented
276Sexcion, Junno AngeloPrecious International School of Davao
277Silos, Ana GabrielaSt. Paul College, Pasig
278Siy, Benjamin Myron
279So, Janine AbigailHope Christian High School
280Solis, Christian Bernabe MariSan Beda College Alabang
281Solito, Jocyph AdrielSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo
282Sombiro, Nico AngeloSolomon Integrated School de Iloilo
283Songalia, AyeshaSt. Paul College, Pasig
284Sonon, Hugh AngeloSpecial Educational Center for the Gifted
285Sontillano, Riane Beatrice
286Subong, Reinald JanSto. Domingo Elementary School
287Sugue, DarellBESTCAP Career College, Inc.
288Sunga, Elise GraceSt. Paul College, Pasig
289Supe–a, Nancy NicoleSto. Domingo Elementary School
290Suson, Ferelle GaleCity Central School - Cagayan de Oro
291Suzuki, Therese AyumiColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
292Sy, Alvin LyndonIloilo Scholastic Academy
293Sy, JensonPhilippine Cultural College
294Sy, Ryona AllisonSt. Jude Catholic School
295Taasan, Jasmine FionaColegio San Agustin - Bi–an
296Tan, Charmaine FrancesPhilippine Cultural College
297Tan, Hector TinchinGrace Christian College
298Tan, Justin St. John's Institute, Bacolod City
299Tan, Justine AbigailGrace Christian College
300Tan, Katrina CristineZamboanga Chong Hua High School
301Tan, Keith RyanZamboanga Chong Hua High School
302Tan, Kyla Mae Y.Philadelphia High School - Xerox
303Tech, Lorenz MatthewPasig Catholic College
304Tee, Madeline L.Jubilee Christian Academy
305Telosa, Francis GabrielSan Beda College Alabang
306Teng, Nika GabriellePhilippine Cultural College
307Terania, Joshua DavidIloilo Scholastic Academy
308Teruel, Ma. Katrina ShaneOlongapo City Elementary School
309Tiampong, Jian KyleIloilo Scholastic Academy
310Ting, Lance ChristianSt. Stephen's High School
311Tio, DanielSt. Stephen's High School
312Tio, Dielle TanSt. Stephen's High School
313Tiongson, Ana PatriciaColegio San Agustin - Makati
314Tiu, Danielle ColleenSt. Jude Catholic School
315Tomas, Joshua SydneySt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
316Toreno, Frances InaPrecious International School of Davao
317Torre–a, Sanny JunPrecious International School of Davao
318Torres, Cassandra RaineZamboanga Chong Hua High School
319Torres, Julienne ThereseSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
320Trinidad, PaoloColegio San Agustin - Makati
321Trinidad, WendellPasig Catholic College
322Triol, Cheril B.Sto. Domingo Elementary School
323Tsoi, Stefanie RoseSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
324Tungol, JanverSan Beda College Alabang
325Uy, Robert FrederickSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
326Uy, Robert GerardSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
327Uygongco, Cassey JulesIloilo Central Commercial High School
328Uygongco, Daryll KevinIloilo Central Commercial High School
329Valenzuela, Joseph MariusColegio San Agustin - Makati
330Vargas, Joshua Rommel
331Ver, Kathryn NicoleHope Christian High School
332Villaflores, RaisaColegio San Agustin - Makati
333Villaluz, Renne BernadetteSan Beda College Alabang
334Villanueva, Bea JessicaPrecious International School of Davao
335Virtucio, Rian JhericoPrecious International School of Davao
336Vistro, Janine IsabelSt. Paul College, Pasig
337Warren, Joaquin VictorColegio San Agustin - Makati
338Wee-Ebol, Keighley ShayneZamboanga Chong Hua High School
339Xu, AbigailPhilippine Cultural College
340Yang, Jayne EuniceGrace Christian College
341Yu, Andrew ThomasSt. John's Institute, Bacolod City
342Yu, Janine MichellePhilippine Institute of Quezon City
343Yulo, Chelsea RobinaPhilippine Cultural College
344Zamora, AnnikaSt. Paul College, Pasig
345Zhang, RaymondGrace Christian College
346Zhao, RaymondPhilippine Cultural College

These are the following 2012 ICAS Science participants who do not have school names. Please send us your school names and addresses to this email address, ronzkie_007@yahoo.com or before October 10, 2012, the date where we shall start sending the certificates to schools.