43 Pinoys get high distinction in 2011 ICAS-Science

Dr. Rob Forage, chief executive officer of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) announced that out of 1158 Filipino contestants who participated in the 2011 International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS)-Science, 43 receive High Distinction, 178 Distinction and 366 Credit certificates.

Participated in by more than 1 million elementary grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils and 1st to 4th year high school students from ten countries including Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and some territories in the pacific, the Philippines showed an improved results in 2010 ICAS-Science administered simultaneously worldwide on June 9, 2011.

The ICAS provides extensive independent evaluations of students’ skills, knowledge and understanding in the core learning areas. These skills and understanding are important t indicators of success in school and beyond‘, said Dr. Sofia Kesidou, general manager -Assessment and Research at Educational Assessment Australia. She even congratulated the Filipino participants for their significant achievement in this year’s ICAS-Science.

Moreover, the results of the competition and the certificates will be sent to your respective schools. In few days time, both the results and certificates will be in your hands. Congratulations!!!

Noteļ¼šThose participants/awardees whose names of schools are not reflected in the lists are requested to email the same with their address to Mr. Ronnie Apari at ronzkie_007@yahoo.com as immediately as possible.

These are the lists of recipients of the High Distinction, Distinction and Credit certificates:

Name of ParticipantsGr/Yr LevelSchoolAward
1Ang, Clyde WesleyG 5Chiang Kai Shek CollegeHigh Distinction
2Malalis, Royce ValG 6City Central SchoolHigh Distinction
3Ramos, Aroanna SofiaG 5Colegio San Agustin - MakatiHigh Distinction
4Tiamson, Reich MichaelG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiHigh Distinction
5Asejo, Leonardo GabrielG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiHigh Distinction
6Marcojos, Rhomel IgnatiusG 4Colegio San Agustin - MakatiHigh Distinction
7Quismundo, Justin MiguelG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiHigh Distinction
8Tolentino, LuismiguelG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiHigh Distinction
9Corpuz, Frederick MatthewG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiHigh Distinction
10Hernandez, Jacob CidG 3Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asHigh Distinction
11Natividad, Justin AaronG 4Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asHigh Distinction
12Carranceja, Jason CarloHS 1Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
13Cheng, Deany HendrickHS 2Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
14Lim Tiong Soon, KelseyG 6Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
15So, Sean MarcusG 3Grace Christian CollegeHigh Distinction
16Ching, Jaymi MaeG 4Jubilee Christian AcademyHigh Distinction
17Wu, Farrell EldrianG 5MGC New Life Christian AcademyHigh Distinction
18Domingo, Allen CedrickHS 1Philippine Science High School - MainHigh Distinction
19Jose, Williard JoshuaHS 3Philippine Science High School - MainHigh Distinction
20Nogales, Emilio PaulHS 2Philippine Science High School - MainHigh Distinction
21Estampador, GabrielG 6San Beda College AlabangHigh Distinction
22Say, Vince BenedictG 6St. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
23Tan, IsabellaG 6St. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
24Uy, Mikaela Angelina2nd YrSt. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
25Chua, AustinHS 1St. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
26Lao, Czarina AngelaHS 1St. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
27Sy, Abigail LaureenHS 2St. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
28Sy, Adrian Reginald CG 6St. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
29Tan, Matthew RyanHS 1St. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
30Jaba, AndreaG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
31Sy, Andrew LawrenceG 6St. Jude Catholic SchoolHigh Distinction
32Bernardo, Isabella Maria AlisaG 4St. Paul College, PasigHigh Distinction
33Macalalad, NadineG 6St. Paul College, PasigHigh Distinction
34Reyes, Karina AndreaG 6St. Paul College, PasigHigh Distinction
35Victorino, Clara Eufracia3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigHigh Distinction
36Barrientos, Marco Alfredo JG 6UP Integrated SchoolHigh Distinction
37Lara, JimuelG 6UP Integrated SchoolHigh Distinction
38Uy, Mark Chrisopher SG 5Xavier SchoolHigh Distinction
39Chua, EthanG 6Xavier SchoolHigh Distinction
40Go, Xavier Jefferson RayG 5Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolHigh Distinction
41Aizon, Kylie DrewG 3Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolHigh Distinction
42Batungbakal, Ana KareninaHigh Distinction
43Esplana, Juan Mario LuisHigh Distinction
1Lazaro, Lorenzo ThomasG 5Ateneo de Manila Grade SchoolDistinction
2Gonzales, KennethG 6Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolDistinction
3Salasa, Lee AlecG 6Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolDistinction
4Doble, Kristine AshleyG 6Center of ExcellenceDistinction
5Ngo, Raenelle EanHS 2Chiang Kai Shek CollegeDistinction
6Ong, Andrew BrandonG 6Chiang Kai Shek CollegeDistinction
7Baja, Credenda ValerieG 4City Central SchoolDistinction
8Amalla, Bon LeifG 4Colegio San Agustin - Bi_anDistinction
9Baisas, Alodia CareyG 3Colegio San Agustin - Bi_anDistinction
10Mafe, Lord DanlyG 4Colegio San Agustin - Bi_anDistinction
11Menodiado, Nico AngeloG 5Colegio San Agustin - Bi_anDistinction
12Nunez, Kristine BernadetteG 4Colegio San Agustin - Bi_anDistinction
13Aberin, Shawi EmmanuelG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
14Agustin, RyotaG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
15Balmes, Nicolas IanG 4Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
16Bosshard, Hans CecilioG 7Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
17Dargani, AvinashG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
18De Guzman, Anna MargaritaG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
19Duran, Helene EliseG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
20Fortuno, Rose AdelaideG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
21Gosiengfiao, Vivienne MarieG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
22Manalo, Dominic GianG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
23Marcojos, Rhomel IsaacG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
24Mariano, Raeann ReneeG 4Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
25Morado, Ariel JrG 5Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
26Navarra, JaninaG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
27Pineda, JoshuaG 4Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
28Taduran, AustinG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
29Tan, SansianG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
30Tiamson, Scott Gabriel DpG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
31Tiongson, Ana PatriciaG 5Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
32Urfano, AngeloG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
33Villoria, Patricia AnneG 5Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
34Yoo, Hyeong SeonG 5Colegio San Agustin - MakatiDistinction
35Angulo, Aaron AdrianG 3Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asDistinction
36Angulo, Alwin AdrianG 4Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asDistinction
37Dela Cruz, Mark AaronG 5Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asDistinction
38Javier, TimothyG 3Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asDistinction
39Maulion, Albert JhamesG 4Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asDistinction
40Pestano, Lia FrancineG 5Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asDistinction
41Sarrosa, John CarloG 3Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asDistinction
42Turla, AlexandraG 5Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asDistinction
43Chan, Adam ChristopherG 4Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
44Ong, Hans Bryan GeremyHS 2Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
45Ong, Jonathan DanielG 4Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
46Pua, DoreenG 5Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
47Que, Shaquille WyanG 4Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
48Sy, Dominique HannahHS 1Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
49Yao, Kaye JanelleHS 1Grace Christian CollegeDistinction
50Ang, David SamuelG 5Hope Christian High SchoolDistinction
51Del Rosario, BenedictG 4Iligan City East Central SchoolDistinction
52Galvan Iii, RamonG 6Iloilo Central Commercial High SchoolDistinction
53Lizarda, PhilipG 6Integrated Montessori CenterDistinction
54Ching, DaphneG 3Jubilee Christian AcademyDistinction
55See, EngelbergG 5Jubilee Christian AcademyDistinction
56Masculino, Caryl JaneG 3Maasin Central Elementary SchoolDistinction
57Locsin, Jose IgnacioG 5Miraculous Medal Learning CenterDistinction
58Tejano, Anna MikaelaG 5Miraculous Medal Learning CenterDistinction
59Esquivel, Amanda ChristineHS 3PAREF Rosehill SchoolDistinction
60Fermo, Jalyssa BrittG 5PAREF WoodroseDistinction
61Guadalupe, Brian ChristopherG 6Pasig Catholic CollegeDistinction
62Gumilao, Thamania KeithG 6Pasig Catholic CollegeDistinction
63Maliwat, Ryan JoshuaG 6Pasig Catholic CollegeDistinction
64Segismundo, Jasper JohnG 6Pasig Catholic CollegeDistinction
65Cawai, JustineG 3Philadelphia High SchoolDistinction
66Sy, Simon StephenG 3Philadelphia High SchoolDistinction
67Tan, JulianneG 6Philadelphia High SchoolDistinction
68Aguilar, Kyle Darryl3rd YrPhilippine Cultural CollegeDistinction
69Co, Vanessa CarlHS 1Philippine Cultural CollegeDistinction
70Concepcion, FrancisHS 1Philippine Cultural CollegeDistinction
71Ang, Karli3rd YrPhilippine Institute of Quezon CityDistinction
72Tan, MicahHS 1Philippine Institute of Quezon CityDistinction
73Del Rosario, Chelsea2nd YrPhilippine Science HS - CMCDistinction
74Africa, Mikaela ReiHS 2Philippine Science High School - MainDistinction
75Montales, Lara Andrea1st YrPhilippine Science High School - MainDistinction
76Ofrasio, AngeliqueHS 1Philippine Science High School - MainDistinction
77Reynoso, Reine Jiana1st YrPhilippine Science High School - MainDistinction
78Ang, JasylineG 3Philippine Tarlac City Kian Tiak InstituteDistinction
79Lui, EmilyG 4Philippine Tarlac City Kian Tiak InstituteDistinction
80Saljay, Erica NicoleG 3Precious International School of DavaoDistinction
81Virtucio, Rian JhericoG 3Precious International School of DavaoDistinction
82Aurellano, Renz Matthew LopezG 4San Beda College AlabangDistinction
83Colasito, Katrina LauraG 3San Beda College AlabangDistinction
84Cu, Joanna Pauline3rd YrSan Beda College AlabangDistinction
85Dalangin, Allen JoshuaG 5San Beda College AlabangDistinction
86Estrada, Immanuel JoshuaG 4San Beda College AlabangDistinction
87Fadri, Raymond JosephG 6San Beda College AlabangDistinction
88Gallardo, Raia AlexisG 5San Beda College AlabangDistinction
89Hingan, John Aries CeazarG 5San Beda College AlabangDistinction
90Liwanag, Beatriz IsabelG 6San Beda College AlabangDistinction
91Nunez, Louie Miguel3rd YrSan Beda College AlabangDistinction
92Tarlengco, MarvinG 5San Beda College AlabangDistinction
93Villaluz, RaphaelG 5San Beda College AlabangDistinction
94Tanno, Gen MarkG 6Southville International SchoolDistinction
95Lim, Angelie SofiaG 3St. John's InstituteDistinction
96Balolong, RistonHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
97Chan, Cary AlbertG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
98Chua, Arianna EliseG 4St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
99Chua, Kirsten Wendell AngG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
100Co, Christine NicoleHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
101Dy, LouieHS 1St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
102Gan, JamesHS 2St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
103Go, Johanna WileenHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
104Go, Nathaniel Ethan LG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
105Hui, Bianca LivyG 4St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
106Khow, Darren AnthonyHS 2St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
107Lao, Audrey CelineHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
108Leal, Jian KenzoHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
109Ngo, Matthew Ethan VG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
110Ong, Adrian CranstonHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
111Ong, Stefan MarcusG 2St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
112Ong, Willard ChaseG 6St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
113Oranga, Nathan JosephG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
114Sy, Marvin KaiserHS 2St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
115Tan, Keefe CollinHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
116Teo, Mark JoshuaG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolDistinction
117Acevedo, RoxanneG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
118Alcovendaz, Maria JennicaG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
119Aquino, Solana Beatriz1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
120Azurin, Mia Rosabel GraceG 4St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
121Banaria, Francesca HeleneG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
122Bernardo, Alyanna Maria BelenG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
123Cajucom, Marie Frederique1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
124Chiong, Nicole Regina1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
125Contreras, Amanda AnjaG 5St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
126Coronel, Annabel Soledad1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
127Dagdag, DanelaG 4St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
128De Luna, Maria Celina1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
129Dela Merced, Stephanie AnneG 3St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
130Domino, Gabrielle ThereseG 5St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
131Francisco, Pamela IsabelG 3St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
132Legaspi, Naomi ThereseG 4St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
133Mabanta, Mary AnjelicaG 5St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
134Magsajo, Theresa DeniseG 3St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
135Mahusay, Maria Lourdes3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
136Manipor, Kimberly EuniceG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
137Maog, Maria Bettina1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
138Miranda, Mariella1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
139Ocana, Jennifer Beatrice1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
140Ochoa, Michelle Marie1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
141Onglao, Andrea KristinaG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
142Pasco, Pamela BiancaG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
143Quintos, Gabrielle RoseG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
144Santos, Therese GabrielleG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
145Sayson, Frances Christine2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
146See, KatrinaG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
147Sunga, Elise GraceG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
148Sunico, Marie Louise2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
149Tambaoan, Candice FrancheskaG 6St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
150Tan Palanca, Isabel Luisa1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
151Tan, Bianca Nichole2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigDistinction
152Valdez, Justine ClarisseG 4St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
153Villarosa, Francine AngelaG 3St. Paul College, PasigDistinction
154Balete, Nathanael Joshua1st YrSt. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
155Balete, Thomas Spencer LG 4St. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
156Chuatak, John ThomasHS 1St. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
157Ong Co, Miko JohnsonG 5St. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
158Sy, Julius VincentHS 3St. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
159Tiu, Sterling Alvin2nd YrSt. Stephen's High SchoolDistinction
160Lazara, Chesca Angelica3rd YrThe Quantum Academy, Inc.Distinction
161Basilio, Michael Anthony CG 6UP Integrated SchoolDistinction
162Domingo, Rani Ailyna VG 6UP Integrated SchoolDistinction
163Chua, Scott LG 6Xavier SchoolDistinction
164Keh, SedrickG 5Xavier SchoolDistinction
165Lee Uy, Kyle GarretG 5Xavier SchoolDistinction
166Uy, MatthewG 5Xavier SchoolDistinction
167Chan, Ethan Rile Y1st YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
168Chan, Sabrina RaeG 6Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
169Chan, Vicente RaphaelG 4Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
170Chua, Chloe KellyG 4Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
171Go, Gene JrG 6Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
172Ku, Keane Mc JosefG 4Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
173Kwan, Alyanna MarieG 4Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
174Lim, Aileen Mae2nd YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
175Ramos, Jinne RoevicG 3Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
176Tan, Katrina CristineG 5Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
177Torres, Cassandra RaineG 2Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
178Wee-Ebol, Keighley Shayne1st YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolDistinction
1Cael, Michelle Karen JoyG 5Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolCredit
2Fernandez, Robert AldwinG 5Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolCredit
3Nain, FaimaG 5Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolCredit
4Uy, Zedrick JohnG 5Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolCredit
5Vargas, Joshua RommelG 5Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolCredit
6Cabahug, Aeryne ChloeG 6Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolCredit
7Lim, Allan MarG 6Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolCredit
8Wong, Hans XavierG 6Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ. - Grade SchoolCredit
9Apresto, NoelG 3BESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
10Bauzon, Jam CailahG 3BESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
11Evangelista, Hanna JaneG 4BESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
12Sugue, DarellG 4BESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
13Nanasca, Danielle TammyG 5BESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
14Razalan, John BryanG 5BESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
15Beatrix Anne, DelacruzG 6BESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
16Clemente, Shiella MaeG 6BESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
17Lorenzo, Jannah AbrielleG 6BESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
18Apresto, Samantha1st YrBESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
19Castillo, Kahea Johayne3rd YrBESTCAP Career College, Inc.Credit
20Riego De Dios, Louis AngeloG 4Center of ExcellenceCredit
21Bauzon, Frances KielG 6Center of ExcellenceCredit
22Canedo, Keith JonesG 2City Central SchoolCredit
23Paraiso, Austine AngelineG 2City Central SchoolCredit
24Vitorillo, Dinah RoseG 2City Central SchoolCredit
25Alcala, Joseph AngeloG 3City Central SchoolCredit
26Arrabis, Christian JayG 3City Central SchoolCredit
27Desoyo, Queenzhee ClaireG 3City Central SchoolCredit
28Vasallo, KlarissaG 3City Central SchoolCredit
29Galanida, JayG 4City Central SchoolCredit
30Malhin, Jimberly MaeG 4City Central SchoolCredit
31Relevo, Shawn AnthonyG 4City Central SchoolCredit
32Buot, Briah BlaireG 5City Central SchoolCredit
33Comaling, Angelika LouisseG 5City Central SchoolCredit
34Zamora, JingleG 5City Central SchoolCredit
35Alcala, Jeremiah AngeloG 6City Central SchoolCredit
36Magsayo, Lawrence JayG 6City Central SchoolCredit
37Pahuyo, Carl EdwardG 6City Central SchoolCredit
38Gerodias, Maria AngelicaG 4Colegio San Agustin - Bi_anCredit
39Santos, Emmanuel PauloG 4Colegio San Agustin - Bi_anCredit
40Castro, IsabelleG 5Colegio San Agustin - Bi_anCredit
41De Torres, Jannica ClaireG 6Colegio San Agustin - Bi_anCredit
42Arevalo, Ma Patricia TheaG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
43Balayan, Maria PsalmanthaG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
44Braza, Bianca ReneeG 5Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
45Cerna, Jannina MarieG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
46Elardo, Margaret AnneG 5Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
47Fajardo, Marcen GregorG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
48Gonzalez, CarmelaG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
49Grau, Maria IsabelHS 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
50Jocom, Justine DorothyG 4Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
51Kim, Dae UkG 7Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
52Lavarias, Anno LuwalhatiG 5Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
53Manalo, Lia CariG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
54Montales, LuisG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
55Ong, Ma Korynne LeanneG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
56Orense, Jessica MaeHS 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
57Palileo, Kelcey RocheG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
58Reyes, Joselle MarieG 4Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
59Rivera, Daniela ThereseG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
60Rodolfo, MarcelaG 5Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
61Santiago, Francesca AlexisG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
62Santiago, Nico GabrielG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
63Sevilla, Martina DanielG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
64Tabud, Shannah LilyG 6Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
65Vicente, Mitchell DavidG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
66Villacorte, Maria IsabelleG 3Colegio San Agustin - MakatiCredit
67Magnaye, LorenzoG 6De La Salle - CanlubangCredit
68Magpantay, Jeremy JohnG 6De La Salle - CanlubangCredit
69Azares, Jarett CefG 3Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
70Belen, Martin CarloG 5Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
71Cabrera, Danielle AlexaG 5Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
72Cabus Ao, Kristoffer AlbertG 3Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
73Jacobsen, Christian EllisG 4Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
74Lacsamana, Jericho RusselG 4Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
75Lorenzo, Jose MariG 5Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
76Sacro, Rico RafaelG 5Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
77Samonte, John GabrielG 4Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
78Santiago, Robert UrielG 5Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
79Tamayo, Julia PaulineG 5Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
80Ty, Patricia AnneG 4Elizabeth Seton School - Las Pi_asCredit
81King, Grant AaronG 5Grace Christian CollegeCredit
82Yao, Jhereme Khyle3rd YrGrace Christian CollegeCredit
83Bonamy, JaniecaHS 1Grace Christian CollegeCredit
84Chan, Mic SheldonHS 1Grace Christian CollegeCredit
85Chan, Timothy MaximeG 4Grace Christian CollegeCredit
86Cua, Jerickson RodneyG 5Grace Christian CollegeCredit
87Ho, Hanna JillianHS 2Grace Christian CollegeCredit
88Limsiy, Gerrick SpencerG 5Grace Christian CollegeCredit
89Ong, Brycen JustinG 6Grace Christian CollegeCredit
90Que, Sean WyndellHS 2Grace Christian CollegeCredit
91Sia, LawrenceHS 2Grace Christian CollegeCredit
92So, Selena MarieG 6Grace Christian CollegeCredit
93Villamangca, KaylaHS 1Grace Christian CollegeCredit
94Yang, Jayne EuniceHS 1Grace Christian CollegeCredit
95Yu, Sean TristanHS 2Grace Christian CollegeCredit
96Carta, JohannG 6Hope Christian High SchoolCredit
97De Guzman, Jeremiah SeanG 6Hope Christian High SchoolCredit
98De Guzman, Joshua SeanG 6Hope Christian High SchoolCredit
99Ong, Chelsea AnneHS 3Hope Christian High SchoolCredit
100Tiu, ChristianaG 3Hope Christian High SchoolCredit
101Ton, Ruth AnneG 5Hope Christian High SchoolCredit
102Acut, Czarina ThereseG 4Iligan City East Central SchoolCredit
103Apao, AbeG 4Iligan City East Central SchoolCredit
104Malaluan, Robbie PaulG 4Iligan City East Central SchoolCredit
105Baroman, Noelle FaithG 4Iligan City East High SchoolCredit
106Fernan, MeganG 6Iligan City East High SchoolCredit
107Juan Tong, Timothy John1st YrIloilo Central Commercial High SchoolCredit
108Marfil, Paul Mackey1st YrIloilo Central Commercial High SchoolCredit
109See, Trina Alyza1st YrIloilo Central Commercial High SchoolCredit
110Sison, Kathleen AnnG 4Iloilo Central Commercial High SchoolCredit
111Yao, Hubert3rd YrIloilo Central Commercial High SchoolCredit
112Cajandig, Mary Monique2nd YrIloilo National High SchoolCredit
113Calledo, Jean AntonG 6Living Spring AcademyCredit
114Orejudos, Jen RaeG 6Living Spring AcademyCredit
115Yanong, David JamesG 6Living Spring AcademyCredit
116Aguilar, Ghervic KyleG 4Maasin Central Elementary SchoolCredit
117Bacongallo, Rienyl AikenG 4Maasin Central Elementary SchoolCredit
118Fernandez, Zethel MayG 3Maasin Central Elementary SchoolCredit
119Mendoza, Shayne Arlei GailG 4Maasin Central Elementary SchoolCredit
120Colanse, James BryanG 3Miraculous Medal Learning CenterCredit
121Abulencia, Sophia MarieG 5Mother Goose Special School System, Inc.Credit
122Ragudo, Jan HazelG 3Mother Goose Special School System, Inc.Credit
123Legacion, Neal Emerson1st YrNaga City Science High SchoolCredit
124Cruz, Jan JoshuaG 4Pasig Catholic CollegeCredit
125Gonzales, Lou IrishG 5Pasig Catholic CollegeCredit
126Pardinas, ClarenceHS 2Pasig Catholic CollegeCredit
127Angkay, Curt AndreiG 3Philadelphia High SchoolCredit
128Bernardo, Luke MatthewsG 4Philadelphia High SchoolCredit
129Chua, EricaG 4Philadelphia High SchoolCredit
130De Joya, Anton JaieHS 3Philadelphia High SchoolCredit
131Jacinto, JandreG 3Philadelphia High SchoolCredit
132Lim, Jiana MarieG 3Philadelphia High SchoolCredit
133Ngo, Ryan Alexis NigenG 5Philadelphia High SchoolCredit
134Tanpoco, Kyle TristanG 5Philadelphia High SchoolCredit
135Yap, DanielG 5Philadelphia High SchoolCredit
136Chua, Jervis2nd YrPhilippine Cultural CollegeCredit
137Marcos, Himig2nd YrPhilippine Cultural CollegeCredit
138Que, Don Richson3rd YrPhilippine Cultural CollegeCredit
139Ang, Elaine JoyceG 6Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
140Arcenal, Frances EuniceHS 2Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
141Chan, AndreaG 6Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
142Chan, BrandonHS 3Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
143Chen, Lance WilsonG 4Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
144Ching, Kate NicoleG 6Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
145Co, David AndrewHS 1Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
146Co, Ian PatrickHS 2Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
147Cu, Mary Angelica SG 5Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
148Dela Cruz, Jiera MarieG 6Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
149Espano, Alexander ClintonHS 1Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
150Fernando, LaoG 3Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
151Go, HaroldG 4Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
152Jao, Brian VincentHS 3Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
153Ko, Bhing-BhingHS 1Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
154Koon, JeffreyHS 3Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
155Kotah, KarljanG 6Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
156Lim, Jesse MaeHS 2Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
157Lozano, FrancheskaHS 2Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
158Lungay, LeaG 3Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
159Ong, JustinHS 1Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
160Ong, Richmond Lance LG 5Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
161Shi, CarlosG 4Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
162Sia, Maria Angelika YG 5Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
163Sy, JensonG 3Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
164Sy, JudyHS 2Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
165Xu, AbigailHS 1Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
166Yulo, Chelsea RobinaG 3Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
167Zapanta, Richard AlvinG 4Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
168Zhao, Raymond KG 5Philippine Cultural CollegeCredit
169Yu, Janine MichelleG 6Philippine Institute of Quezon CityCredit
170Dee, Cecille NatalieHS 3Philippine Institute of Quezon CityCredit
171Dy, Charlton PaulHS 3Philippine Institute of Quezon CityCredit
172Manuel, Frances MikaelaG 6Philippine Institute of Quezon CityCredit
173Ong, Michelle RizzaG 6Philippine Institute of Quezon CityCredit
174Ratilla, DanielHS 3Philippine Institute of Quezon CityCredit
175Sy, David ChristianHS 2Philippine Institute of Quezon CityCredit
176Yu, Joanna NicoleHS 1Philippine Institute of Quezon CityCredit
177Biacora, Danica Mitchell3rd YrPhilippine Science HS - CMCCredit
178Ranido, Danielle Ann2nd YrPhilippine Science HS - CMCCredit
179Amistad, Lorenz MiguelHS 1Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
180Laserna, Rodesto MishaelHS 2Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
181Mendoza, Joan LisebethHS 1Philippine Science High School - MainCredit
182Co, SophiaG 4Philippine Tarlac City Kian Tiak InstituteCredit
183Que, Adrian NicollesG 5Philippine Tarlac City Kian Tiak InstituteCredit
184Adaptar, Virgilio RoiG 5Precious International School of DavaoCredit
185Dela Victoria, Myriel AthenaG 5Precious International School of DavaoCredit
186Obedencio, Kc AnthonyG 4Precious International School of DavaoCredit
187Quintos, Kristian MikkoG 4Precious International School of DavaoCredit
188Sumagang, Rande1st YrPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
189Toreno, Frances Ina2nd YrPrecious International School of DavaoCredit
190Atega, KarlG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
191Atienza, Celianne JaddG 6San Beda College AlabangCredit
192Aurellado, PhoebeG 5San Beda College AlabangCredit
193Briagas, AbigailG 5San Beda College AlabangCredit
194Bueno, Rogene Cezar MarieG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
195Cadiz, Lorenzo RioG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
196Cartagena, Karel2nd YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
197Casano, Hanna1st YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
198Cu, Martin IvanG 5San Beda College AlabangCredit
199Dancel, Smrz Kahlil AndreiG 5San Beda College AlabangCredit
200El Debbar, Hanna3rd YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
201Fadri, Joan LynG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
202Gamboa, Ma Ann VeronicaG 5San Beda College AlabangCredit
203Lizarda, Mary Claire2nd YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
204Lozano, Augustine Gerard3rd YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
205Melo, Katrina Maria2nd YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
206Melo, Teresa Maria NG 6San Beda College AlabangCredit
207Monsanto, JeromeG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
208Penas, Carlos Jan1st YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
209Pil, Isabella FracescaG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
210Rabaya, Shiela Marie3rd YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
211Ramos, Derryck2nd YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
212Rojas, Jose LorenzoG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
213Roxas, Yule Matthew1st YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
214S Casano, AndreaG 3San Beda College AlabangCredit
215Salvilla, Carr FaustineG 5San Beda College AlabangCredit
216Santamaria, Bea ThereseG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
217Santos, ArianaG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
218Santos, Wynona Kate3rd YrSan Beda College AlabangCredit
219Tarriela, Julian TroyG 5San Beda College AlabangCredit
220Tria, Bianca MargaretG 3San Beda College AlabangCredit
221Villaluz, Renee BernadetteG 3San Beda College AlabangCredit
222Viloria, Pamela ThereseG 4San Beda College AlabangCredit
223Aluk, Nuruh-RainaG 6St. Augustine's SchoolCredit
224Calimlim, Jen NicoleG 6St. Augustine's SchoolCredit
225Maraddag, Rea MaeG 5St. Augustine's SchoolCredit
226Zantua, Jazreen DanielleG 6St. Augustine's SchoolCredit
227Co, Nelson Christian3rd YrSt. John's InstituteCredit
228Gamboa, Raphael NicolaiG 4St. John's InstituteCredit
229Lim, Aaron GabrielG 6St. John's InstituteCredit
230Lim, Anton2nd YrSt. John's InstituteCredit
231Lo, MeganG 5St. John's InstituteCredit
232Uy, Robert GerardG 4St. John's InstituteCredit
233Branzuela, Jeremy BrianG 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
234Branzuela, Kevin BrianG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
235Calalang, Jill RomaineHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
236Chan, Francine EugenieHS 1St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
237Chan, Patrick AdrianG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
238Co, Joshua FrancisG 4St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
239Ko, Szarina KrishaHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
240Ng, Dianne Chrisley ChanG 5St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
241See, Anne RachelHS 2St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
242Sy, Ryona AllisonG 4St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
243Tan, Christine Joy LG 6St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
244Te, Sherry Aine CG 6St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
245Yeo, Clarence FarandHS 3St. Jude Catholic SchoolCredit
246Lapastora, JustinmatthewG 3St. Paul College of Ilocos SurCredit
247Agan, Michaela FrancescaG 4St. Paul College, PasigCredit
248Alcala, Samantha GailG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
249Alfaro, Marie Monse3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
250Bacar, Jariel Naomi2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
251Baldado, Isabella MareseG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
252Basit, CamilleG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
253Bautista, Arianna Christine3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
254Bongas, Kennice AngelaG 4St. Paul College, PasigCredit
255Capule, Gabrielle AlexandraG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
256Clemente, Patricia MaeG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
257Cruz, Ana Felicia1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
258Cruz, Maria Isabela3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
259Cruz, Rianna Patricia2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
260De Leon, Joanne1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
261De Luna, Colleen Marie1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
262Deguzman, Thea EliseG 4St. Paul College, PasigCredit
263Demetria, Olivia Jan Louville3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
264Dimalibot, Simone Martine Marie3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
265Doctora, Kristina Joy1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
266Estampador, Camille Therese1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
267Felizarta, Ellysha KristenG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
268Fernandez, Mary EloiseG 4St. Paul College, PasigCredit
269Flores, Franses KamilleG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
270Fugen, Jaya Araceli1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
271Gaspar, Gillianne RiannaG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
272Gohh, Katerina Ysabel3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
273Javier, Ysabella Angelica2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
274Joaquin, Michelle Maureen3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
275Lanot, Allany GaileG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
276Laurel, Mariya HannaG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
277Mallari, Cristina BeatriceG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
278Mallari, Cristina BiancaG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
279Mallari, Elena Gyra1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
280Malonzo, Marietta Kristina PaolaG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
281Manlapaz, Patricia Camille M2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
282Maranan, Maria BiancaG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
283Marquez, Marinela Andrea2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
284Mercado, Johanna Patricia1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
285Mercado, Kristine KaitlynG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
286Mirafuentes, Chanel Diane3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
287Morales, Beatrice SoleilG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
288Musngi, Meg1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
289Muyco, Camille Austine3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
290Naval, Teresa IsabelG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
291Navarro, Julianna MaeG 4St. Paul College, PasigCredit
292Navarro, Louisa Angelique1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
293Ocampo, Mikaela Estela3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
294Onagan, Therese Anne1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
295Pablo, Celina1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
296Papera, Anna Mikhaela1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
297Paras, GabrielleG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
298Pastor, Karina BiancaG 5St. Paul College, PasigCredit
299Pimentel, Jed AbbieG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
300Piramide, Lei EmmanuelleG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
301Piramide, Nicole MikaelaG 4St. Paul College, PasigCredit
302Polancos, RyannaG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
303Quebral, Mia Nicole3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
304Ragaza, Marissa InessG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
305Ramos, Francesca AnneG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
306Ramos, Hannah MelissaG 5St. Paul College, PasigCredit
307Ramos, Kristine Angelica1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
308Ravago, Kyla IsabelG 5St. Paul College, PasigCredit
309Raymundo, Jenina Katrina1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
310Rayos Del Sol, Angela2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
311Reyes, Hazel Elaine2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
312Reyes, Trisha AnneG 5St. Paul College, PasigCredit
313Rinon, Marzella CieloG 3St. Paul College, PasigCredit
314Rivas, Yulia Mariel3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
315Roque, Samantha1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
316Roxas, Anna Francesca2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
317Ruiz, Bea Camille1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
318Sanchez, Guadalupe MariaG 6St. Paul College, PasigCredit
319Sandico, Ariana Fidelis1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
320Santos, Ann Denise Patricia2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
321Santos, Louise Angela2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
322Surla, NicoleG 5St. Paul College, PasigCredit
323Surtida, Sofia2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
324Tibi, Angela Midori Olivia1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
325Tiosejo, Isabella PatriceG 5St. Paul College, PasigCredit
326Urbano, Angelu3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
327Uson, Alyssa Danette3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
328Varela, Natalia1st YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
329Varela, Sofia2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
330Villareal, Alexa SofiaG 2St. Paul College, PasigCredit
331Villarosa, Dea Marie Isabel3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
332Wong, Michelle Ann2nd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
333Yap, Roanne Clarice3rd YrSt. Paul College, PasigCredit
334Tan, Matthew EricG 3St. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
335Tio, Dielle2nd YrSt. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
336Tiu, Benedict1st YrSt. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
337Balete, TomsonG 3St. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
338Ong Kee, Renie AngelaG 5St. Stephen's High SchoolCredit
339Gayoso, Jayvee Clarence GG 6UP Integrated SchoolCredit
340Clement, Josh ThomasG 5West Visayas State University - ILSCredit
341Keh, Spencer Shaun SG 6Xavier SchoolCredit
342Justiniano, Kyra KimG 6Youngster Christian Learning PlaceCredit
343Baluyut, Aerielle Alaina1st YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
344Cabanes, Shawn Gabriele1st YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
345Domantay, PatrickG 5Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
346Ho, Shannon GailG 5Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
347Kong, Janel Antonellie3rd YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
348Lim, Ian Chesterson3rd YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
349Lim, Margaux FrancescaG 3Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
350Lim, Mycah Robin1st YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
351Lim, Tonita MariG 6Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
352Ng, Liam SanroG 6Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
353Ng, Steve Hk1st YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
354Que, Chelsea3rd YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
355Ramos, Jhosh RhaynnG 3Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
356Rojo, Rachel2nd YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
357Santos, Conrigo Boya2nd YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
358Sebastian, Lance KendrickG 3Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
359Sy, CamilleG 4Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
360Tan, Carlo Patrick3rd YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
361Tan, Eldric RoelG 5Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
362Torres, Justin Bryce2nd YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
363Wee, Nicole Leanne1st YrZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolCredit
364Nuyda, DominiqueCredit
365Salasain, Gabriel GyanCredit
366Villarias, RjCredit
1Chan, KennethParticipation
2Chiong Wong, Mariana DanicaG 4Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolParticipation
3Domingo, Maurius DannParticipation
4Hufano, MaritheaParticipation
5Li, JosephParticipation
6Manzano, Bryan GeorgeParticipation
7Ngo, ShannenParticipation
8Samio, RoxanneParticipation
9Uy, PaoloParticipation
10Vargas, Bea JoyParticipation